Shakespeare And Pantaloons And ‘Waiting For Godot’ And Furby’s And Bow-wow’s (Canine and Human) And A Very Large Mortgage Loan. All The ‘Little Shits’ – The Absentee Landlords Of Babydom Or Babydum – At The Old Infant School – Germoody & Co Won’t Pay For Anything – Siding & Colluding With The (Wicked) Absentee Landlords; Pretending To Be Socialists Having Porsche’s And Expensive BMW’s – The ‘Little Shits In The Country’ Are Trying To Pull A Fast One – ‘In The Country’ With Cheating And Tricking – ‘Country House’ Blur. Imminent – ‘The Marriage Perspectives’ Are Now On The Rocks. Abused By My Girlfriend And To Be Bullied By So Many Others – Ageist And Ageism’s, Cross Questioning (Bollocks Talk Tests To See If I’m Still Sane Like Everyone Else – Sure, ‘Young Rats’, You Are, Of Course – By An Authoritarian (Thinks He Is A Fathead F***k) But A ‘Shit Head’ – Next Door – The Taxi And A ‘Car Parking Slot’ Addicted Freak And I am Poisoning A Dog By ‘Anti Killing Of Domestic Garden Weeds Freak’. No Thanks For The Drains And A The Gate Called ‘Private’ – Repaired And Wall. A Crappy And Very Silly Dog – In Any Case, And A Dreadfully ‘Screwed Up Person’. The Latest Bullying Attempts By “The Irresponsible Infantiles”. The Very Annoying Poisoning And Control Freaking Psycho Active Younger Shits – Living Next Door – Protecting Ro And Co’s – The Silly Little “Ltd Company” With No Shares In It, Held. – No Baby’s – The Compulsive Liar’s And Cheats And The Spreading Of Hate And Jealousy. All Documented For For The Neighbours – Per-Amusements – It All Started Three Years Ago – Our ‘Roofs Money’. The Wind In The Trees – I Can Now See The Wood From The Trees – Our Roof And Windows Are Secure – At Last – In September UK 2019.

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Biking 2019

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