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I don’t think any ‘aliens’ would take up the offer, but I could be wrong!

utm_source=browser&utm_medium=aplication_chrome&utm_campaign=chrome Also the ‘great’ alien explorer of the universe/cosmos

Alien Baptism! “Pope Francis would welcome Martians to the church”. Note, ‘The problem of evil is that it refuses to stay in its box marked evil. It keeps on coming out to play ‘Mr Nice Guy’, or at least, ‘Mr Average’ ‘The Gulag Archipelago’ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Superb TV –…/the-search-for-life-the-drake…BBC iPlayer – The Search for Life: The Drake Equation – Signed
Film about the equation used to estimate the number of extra-terrestrial civilisations.
  • E (energy)=M (matter) xC (speed of light) squared i.e, Cx2 – The two (above) equations, probably, the most important cosmological ones, I can think of. ‘The Republic Of Plato’ Chapter X1X p,184, 1941 Edition ( Philodoxical – ‘Mankind’ or ‘Humankind’)“But what of those who contemplate the realities themselves as they are for ever in the same unchanging state? (regarded as static in Plato’s time) Shall we not say that they have, not mere belief, but knowledge”? “That too follows”. “And, further, that their affections goes out to the objects of knowledge, whereas the others set their affections on the objects of belief; for it was they, you remember, who had a passion for the spectacle of beautiful colours and sounds, but would not hear of beauty being a real thing”.“I remember”.“So we may fairly call them lovers of belief rather than that of wisdom – not philosophical, in fact, but ‘philodoxical’ (now, philological?). Will they be seriously annoyed by that description”? “Not if they will listen to my advice. No one ought to take offence at the truth”.The Four Stages Of Cognition. Highest to the lowest. ‘The Structuralised Levels of Consciousness’, or, ‘The Structuralized Levels of Consciousness’. Ref, ‘The Proper Structuralised View of the World’, or, ‘The Proper Structuralized View of the World’ Erich Fromm. And, ‘The Structural World View’ Dawkins.

    Ofsted, SACRE, NASACRE – Education For ‘Extremism’ In The UK – A National Disgrace, “Dispatches goes undercover to question the role of faith communities in our schools. The programme hears from those at the heart of the ‘Trojan Horse’ controversy in Birmingham, and films undercover in a primary school where clapping and whistling are described as ‘satanic’ practices. But this is an issue that isn’t just about Islam; elsewhere Dispatches uncovers a network of illegal schools where more than 1000 boys are being taught suspicion of the outside world, and the only subject is religion” And,

    Getting, on the ‘route’ to a ‘Progressive Family Philosophy’; the way for your children, as they grow up, from the ‘State Indoctrinated Religion’: especially, in our Nursery Education, to that of Humanism (atheism & secularism) The “Playground” For Faith and Belief. Religion UK. ‘The War for Children’s Minds’ Stephen Law – “Pupils are not being protected from extremist views at a Birmingham school named in the Trojan Horse inquiry, according to leaked Ofsted reports. Golden Hillock School in Sparkhill was described as inadequate by inspectors. Another leaked report claims the governing body at Saltley School “paid private investigators to interrogate the emails of senior staff”. Ofsted began inspections after claims that hard-line Muslims were trying to take over Birmingham schools. The inquiry has sparked a government row in Cabinet between ministers about how extremism in schools is handled” ‘We are (all) in the UK Cultural Christians’ Richard Dawkins – My opinion, ‘So long, as it is not done, with (captured/compulsory) ‘great authority’, as in, our ‘State Religion’ in UK Schools/Churches/Homes. Lots of time, when ‘grown up’ to realize, all is, ‘mostly bunkum and deceit’, the (psycho) shock shouldn’t be too bad, for anyone; it is when not realised, by some people, and authorities, that it can cause so much trouble, or taken in, ‘a light hearted manner’: tepid enthusiasm, maybe, is the answer’. “Richard Dawkins: Telling kids about Christmas could damage them, claims Richard Dawkins (Daily Mail)”. Lots, of his ‘stuff’ is taken out of context, for sensation, mostly, his books, if you read them, are (scientifically) quite brilliant! What is really damaging, and is potentially so very dangerous, are this lot, of our own ‘home grown extremists’ – too many have died already! And, “I wonder what we shall learn about the curriculum. Was evolutionary biology taught? Were any dancing or singing classes allowed? Were classes sexually segregated, with girls at the back, not allowed to ask questions? How were non-Muslim teachers, parents and pupils treated? Were there cultural exchange visits to Mecca and did these exclude non-Muslim pupils? Were religious education classes on Christianity contrived specially for external visitors. We have now become accustomed, unfortunately, to the painful discovery that children were abused in the state system – in some schools, hospitals, children’s homes. When these things are exposed, we all agree how disgraceful it was that the authorities turned a blind eye. The danger from Islamist extremism is comparable. It too is an abuse of children, and yet we still dare not face it” And, And, My own @ How appalling, and terrible, even, terrifying at times, it must be, to bring up a secular, and humanist family; with Britain’s (UK) (past, ‘heritage and tradition’, this in itself, pretty appalling; hopefully, now, is the beginning, of the ending of [fundamentalist] Religious School Ethoses, Faith Schools and Church Schools, in ‘The Playground For Faith And Belief UK / GB’). I know so personally, from my children, being threatened, with, ‘if they both, the twins, did not believe in ‘God’ (Christian) that ‘they could not be a ‘member’ of, their present School Class: the one Class that they were so devoted to’; heartbreaking, at that young time, they are older now, and so am I. Unfortunately the UK / GB is still growing up (slowly), as they have had a very big shock. “A culture of fear and intimidation has taken grip” in Birmingham schools caught up in the Trojan Horse claims, says Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw. Head teachers have been “marginalised or forced out of their jobs”, said Sir Michael, as he delivered his findings on claims of hard-line Muslim takeovers. The Ofsted chief said there was evidence of an “organised campaign to target certain schools”  They are at it again, in your/children’s ‘playground’ SACRE! ‘The’ Philosophy, if you like Appalling, ‘brainwashing’ of our children, ‘The school taught Accelerated Christian Education (ACE), a curriculum imported from the USA, which is taught in about 50 independent schools across the UK’ – 50 schools are signed up to this ‘rubbish’ in Britain Creationism (Creation Myths, taught as a real fact) in ‘Science Lessons’ to be made illegal in Britain UK  Humanism / Atheism, to be included all schools, as an alternative to religion, for, to include, ‘non-believers as equals’, by Law – about time! And, “The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) is holding a “replenishment” summit in Brussels on 25 June, where it will ask world leaders to provide funds for another four years. It has become one of the most influential international education organisations – channelling billions of dollars from more than 20 donor countries to support education systems in 59 developing countries. Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia and now chairwoman of the GPE, will be pressing the message that it is enlightened self-interest to invest in education. Her “hard-headed argument” will be that anyone who is serious about wanting to promote economic growth and to tackle extremism should start by building classrooms and training teachers”

    “In the modern world of drones (mechanical killing, with a less than 2% success rate, the 98% are civilians, women, and children) nuclear warheads, and the huge growing apparatus of destruction, peace is a necessity for humanity. The people of the world rightly want peace, but the United States and its allies will simply not allow it” And, “It is a more general uprising by large groupings of disaffected communities throughout north-western Iraq and a product of years of social exclusion, poor governance and corruption by the Iraqi government.

    Iraqi volunteers wearing their new uniforms on 16 June 2014 in the central Shiite Muslim Shrine city of KarbalaISIS militants have consistently out-performed more established military forces in IraqOn the military front, the key giveaway is the relatively strong performance of Isis militants against more established military forces. Officials I have spoken to in the Kurdish Peshmerga forces have indicated that the level of training is high and that their own forces have at times struggled to hold key positions around the city of Kirkuk. “For the most part we’ve been able to hold our positions, but it hasn’t been easy. They [Isis] are well armed and well trained,” one Kurdish security official told me on Tuesday. And, Or, our countries UK GB ‘clubtocracy’ – This must make you really ‘sick’, to your heart; children, living in an area scared out of their minds (and without this toy), playing with this doll (the plastic face peels down to reveal a frightening, middle-ages type ‘demon’), and for you/me, to even, possibly, think again, when an/the ‘Election’ comes around, most people, wont though. So, we/you have paid for the War in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in ‘Other Theatres’, some with their lives; trusted our Governments, and not ‘thrown’ them out, even after Snowdon’s and all the Wiki-leaks revelations. Sat-back, and not caused any real trouble. Seen most of our ‘countries wealth’ go to bailing out the ‘gambling bankers’ – this beats the lot – the ‘Osama Doll’ ‘On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin remarks on the CIA’s ridiculous plan to work with toy-maker Hasbro to create a Bin Laden action figure with a removable demon face”…/breakin…/167468-bin-laden-democracy-cia/
    “There is a new class of planet out there that astronomers are calling the “mega-Earth”. It is an object with a hard surface like our own world but much, much bigger. The necessity for the new designation follows the discovery of a planet which has a mass some 17 times that of Earth. Known as Kepler-10c, it orbits a star about 560 light-years away. Scientists described its properties at an American Astronomical Society meeting in Boston”

    “Some 23 million light years away, a nearby spiral galaxy is spinning like a pinwheel in space, putting on a fireworks display of truly galactic proportions. The galaxy NGC 4258 (also known as Messier 106 or M 106) is much like our galaxy, with the addition of two extra spiral arms that glow in X-ray, optical and radio light. These features, rather than aligning with the galactic plane, intersect with it, giving it an anomalous shape”

  • Objects States of Mind
    The Good!
    Intelligible World Forms Knowledge*
    Mathematical objects Thinking
    Visible Things Belief
    World Of Appearances Imagining
    *”The Being of Platonic philosophy – except that Plato seems to have made the enormous, the grotesque mistake of separating Being from becoming, and identifying it with the mathematical abstraction of the Idea” (‘poor fellow’)” Huxley. (Becoming human is a process, not some event.) And, Tolstoy – “As soon as man reaches the highest degree of development (in Tolstoy’s case it was just 32 years of age), he sees that all is bunkum and deceit; and that the truth, which he values above all, is terrible: that when you look at it well and clearly you awake with horror”.

    Who, and whom, we all should be ‘boycotting’ – Lets all, ‘boycott’, to bring in ‘Inclusive Capitalism’ – ‘We do have the power, we just have to use it’ – “In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss all systems fail due to too big to jail as the governor of the Bank of England claims jailing banksters won’t stop them from committing crimes in the future. Max also tells John Kerry to get his swift boat out. In the second half, Max interviews investment activist, Ronnie Moas, about the six companies in the S&P500 that he is blacklisting”. Also, If you/we haven’t the time; just a quick read will do. Spread it around!  RT – and its ‘short-cut’: the very best news service, with some really amazing, and young reporters that are outside the ‘club-tocracy’ and the ghastly current ‘klept-tocracy’, of the UK, Euro-land, USA, and so on… At last, and some fun news. Left to hang; Y fronts required, or ‘fair game’, for the ‘purity-leaguers’? And, ” The policy of the emperors and the senate, as far as it concerned religion, was happily seconded by the ‘reflections of the enlightened’, and by the habits of the superstitious part of their subjects. The various modes of worship which prevailed in the Roman world were all considered by the people as equally true; by the philosopher as equally false; and by the magistrate as equally useful. And thus toleration produced not only mutual indulgence, but even religious concord”. Edward Gibbon, ‘The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire’.

    “A new theory suggests that our male ancestors evolved beefy facial features as a defence against fist fights. The bones most commonly broken in human punch-ups also gained the most strength in early “hominin” evolution. They are also the bones that show most divergence between males and females. The paper, in the journal Biological Reviews, argues that the reinforcements evolved amid fighting over females and resources, suggesting that violence drove key evolutionary changes” And, “Diet has been suggested as one of the reasons for the Neanderthals’ extinction, some 30-40,000 years ago. As meat-eaters, the explanation goes, they were out-competed by the more adaptable Homo sapiens”

    “A scientist who predicted the Higgs boson – and another who helped to find it – have been knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list. Prof Tom Kibble of Imperial College London was one of six researchers whose work in the 1960s led to the eventual discovery of the Higgs. The elusive particle was finally detected in 2012 at Cern by two giant experiments – Atlas and CMS. CMS was designed by Prof Tejinder Jim Virdee, also of Imperial”

    ‘Huge amounts of water found under the Earth’s mantle’

    ‘In The Garden – A Moth On A Wild Patch. My Reply To A (younger) Lady – A Date Declined’. “Oh no; completely, utterly, heartbroken. And, I’m an ‘old-hippie’, as well; willing to run off, into a “patch” of wildness. I must get some much better credentials, but I’m, probably, barking (mad – it’s the ‘blooming’ time of year, is it not?) up the wrong tree. For a most ‘attractive lady’ (that will do me know good), maybe, ‘bright lady’ (could help). You have no sympathy, for pathetic, boring, old gits; like all the ‘young ones’ (that could help: a lot!). A new poem by Dylan Thomas, has just been found; the master of bawdy-ness, emotion, and love. Amelia and Christopher, think poetry boring, aren’t they doing any ‘good stuff’ at School, at least something to stir their blood – how very silly schools are (today). The Greeks, were really great, at my Prep School, with all those suitors being murdered, so on…, suppose, it’s not really, quite, PC today. Might, end up with them challenging the status quo; like we (all) did, in the 1960’s. Or, Plato (4th Century BC?); ‘corrupting’ the youth of Athens, no mean feat, in those times, and in Athens. Mediocrity, and conformity; the ‘enemies of all mankind’. The Government, wants our schools to follow, all the awful ghastliness of the schools in China, and some of the dreadful Asian schools – the last ‘bloody’ thing we want, but the kids won’t revolt – mine are ‘completely stuck’; so very saddening. Try And And, My comment – All our kids, turning to the ‘right’, ‘towing the line’ and Status-quo, of ‘government propaganda’, true, or false; to survive (demo’s, are out) – how pathetic, for our generation, to behold; but so very much easy/easier for parents, and for now: how long will this/it last? Conservative youth, Y Generation, and, Kirsty Walk BBC News Night

    The Summer Solstice at Stonehenge GB, UK – Any one else going? Off your asses, all you ‘young parents’? We are leaving at 2.30 am, Sunrise at 4.50 am, perfect weather, for (us) heathens/sun worshippers, and Pagans. Taking cameras, and a bunch of teenagers; how exciting! Notes – Latest science – 9,000 yrs ago (they) started building on the Stonehenge site, then BC 2,300-1,900 as a principal (healing) attraction for the people of Europe and possibly much further afield; blue stones, the small ones, could be chipped (with permission from the ‘guards’, one possible young thief, was found with several arrow marks on his skeleton, and buried with 3 blue stone amulets, around 2,000BC) to make (healing) amulets. Why? “In every primitive (anthropological anomie/anomy – anomic, bricoleurs or Bricolage and pre-logical) tribe we find the medicine man in the centre of society and it is easy to show that the medicine man (sometimes: a leader, politician, doctor, celebrity, or royal, or as; the ‘archer’s’ body and came from the Alps, uncovered at Stonehenge, he recovered from a nasty tooth abscess, was close to death, thus; could show ‘others’ the way to healing; he was buried with the ‘full honours’, with some beautiful grave goods, maybe, people with deformities, could hold the same power over others – ‘one who knows what is best for all others’) is either, a neurotic or a psychotic or at least that his art is based on the same mechanisms as a neurosis or a psychosis. Human groups are actuated by their group ideals, and these are always based on the infantile situation. The infancy situation is modified or inverted by the process of maturation, again modified by the necessary adjustment to reality, yet it is there and supplies those unseen libidinal ties without which no human groups could exist. The medicine men are the leaders in this infantile game and the lightning conductors of common anxiety. They fight the demons so that others can hunt the pray and in general fight reality.” Dr Geza Roheim, ‘The Origin and Function of Culture’. And, the progress/history of humankind – 1) Episodic Stage – Primate cognition 2) Mimetic Stage – 4 million to 400,000 years (peaking with Homo erectus) 3) Mythic Stage – first use of complex language – 500,000 years to the present (peaking with Homo sapiens) 4) Material Symbolic Stage. Leslie White recognised this as defining the ‘importance in human culture’ (icons of religious faith, amongst the many other symbols) 5) Theoretic Stage. Donald calls this ‘institutionalised paradigmatic thought’ (writing – ‘massive external memory storage’). A better and more detailed explanation can be found in Colin Renfrew’s fascinating book ‘Prehistory’. Writing this to try and clarify it in my own mind, as it must be (and in my great ignorance), the ground breaking formation of a basis (and) origin for (all our own) leaning! – stunning! ‘Lucy’ our ancestor – at more than 3 million yrs, ago. And, “Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss the Sun. The object that gives the Earth its light and heat is a massive ball of gas and plasma 93 million miles away. Thanks to the nuclear fusion reactions taking place at its core, the Sun has been shining for four and a half billion years. Its structure, and the processes that keep it burning, have fascinated astronomers for centuries” With, Carolin Crawford-Gresham Professor of Astronomy and Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Yvonne Elsworth-Poynting Professor of Physics at the University of Birmingham. Louise Harra-Professor of Solar Physics at UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory. Producer: Thomas Morris.

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