Who’s afraid of the euro crisis?

“After two major bailouts and a change in government, Greece is still struggling to reduce its debt mountain. But how might the crisis in Greece spread out across Europe and what are the main fears for each economy?” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-18284747 “Tens of thousands of people have marched in protest at the government’s austerity measures. Labour leader Ed Miliband, among dozens of speakers who addressed crowds at the biggest march in London, received a mixed reaction. Other rallies took place in Glasgow and Belfast. The government says austerity measures are vital to cutting the deficit. Away from the rally, the Met Police said it was responding to anti-social behaviour in the Oxford Street area. Organiser Trades Union Congress (TUC), which said workers and campaigners from across the UK were involved with the demonstration, estimated that more than 150,000 people took part while the Met Police has not released an estimate” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-20007496 And, “Exactly a year ago Europe’s leaders came together in Brussels for an emergency summit aimed at solving the Eurozone crisis once and for all. With banks at risk and Greece about to go bust, the president of the European Council said the economic climate “threatened the stability of the eurozone as a whole”. However, it is the austerity drive and deepening business recession which are currently posing greater challenges, as Nigel Cassidy reports” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20092607

“New computer models suggest there could be many more habitable planets out there than previously thought. Scientists have developed models to help them identify planets in far-away solar systems that are capable of supporting life. Estimates of habitable planet numbers have been based on the likelihood of them having surface water. But a new model allows scientists to identify planets with underground water kept liquid by planetary heat. The research was presented at the British Science Festival in Aberdeen” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-19545186

“Papers in the Middle East and beyond are pessimistic about the relationship between the West and the Muslim world after a film that mocks Islam sparked violent protests in the Middle East and North Africa. There is renewed talk of a “clash of civilizations” and even of a possible World War III. “Looking for causes, some question the US policy of supporting pro-democracy movements in the Arab Spring, while others believe that the violence is the latest manifestation of deep-rooted anger in the Muslim world” (about itself and its God, and the progress in the culture of the humanities, which will take a much wider educational environment)  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-19600346 Religion (two-thirds are un-educated, or very poorly educated) – Politics (corruption) are all the same thing in most of the Muslim world! Teach your Teachers – https://charleslizzy.com/2007/09/02/the-prehistoric-mind-how-did-prehistoric-man-think-the-primitive-mind-2/

“This year’s Nobel prize in physics has been awarded to two researchers for their work with light and matter at the most fundamental level. Serge Haroche of France and David Wineland of the US will share the prize, worth 8m Swedish kronor (£750,000; $1.2m). Their “quantum optics” work on single photons and charged atoms has opened up a whole new field of study in physics. It could lead to advanced modes of communication and computation. The Nobel citation said the award was for “ground-breaking experimental methods that enable measuring and manipulation of individual quantum systems” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-19879890

BHA responds to consultations on RE We responded to two recent consultations on religious education calling for RE to be inclusive of a wide range of religions and non-religious beliefs, including Humanism.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkPoDnLgdco Richard Dawkins’ Services to Humanism Award Acceptance Speech 2012

“What explains the extraordinarily fast rate of evolution in the human lineage over the past two million years? A leading human origins researcher has come up with an idea that involves aggression between groups and the boom-bust cycles that have punctuated our spread into new environments” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-19598980 And, http://cid-a18bf3fcc5e126a2.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Daddys%20Space%20The%20Gutter%20Or%20The%20Stars%20-%20Journal%20^0%20Book/The%20Prehistoric%20Mind.%20How%20did%20Prehistoric%20Man%20Think.%20The%20Primitive%20Mind^2docx And, https://charleslizzy.com/2007/09/02/the-prehistoric-mind-how-did-prehistoric-man-think-the-primitive-mind-2/ “It is the final day at the Prehistoric Autopsy HQ in Glasgow http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/b01nlzsh/ Anatomist Professor Alice Roberts and biologist Dr George McGavin continue their journey back into our evolutionary past. They meet probably the most famous of all our early ancestors. She is called Lucy from the species Australopithecus afarensis and she lived 3.2 million years ago. Lucy’s species had traded life in the trees for life on the ground, but this ability to routinely walk upright came at a price and it is one we are still paying today. Once again with the help of a team of international experts, this follows the rebuilding of this iconic prehistoric ancestor from the bones up. To make the reconstructions as accurate as possible Alice and George have travelled the globe, gathering evidence from the world’s leading scientists. In the lab at the Prehistoric Autopsy HQ, scientists put the latest theories to the test to see how similar or different we really are to our ancient ancestors, while experimental archeologists look for clues as to how they lived. All the research has been fed to a team of model makers who have spent months painstakingly reconstructing skeletons, muscles, skin and hair. At HQ, the team studies evidence that reveals how Lucy and her kind walked, what they ate and even how they gave birth. They also examine the fossilised remains of the world’s oldest child to see what clues it can reveal about Lucy’s species and the origins of childhood. At the end of this extraordinary evolutionary journey the team will have travelled back nearly four million years. On the way they will have come face to face with a Neanderthal, a Homo erectus and finally one of our earliest prehistoric ancestors – Lucy http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01nlzsh/Prehistoric_Autopsy_Lucy/

“The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) has produced one of its most extraordinary views of the Universe to date. Called the eXtreme Deep Field, the picture captures a mass of galaxies stretching back almost to the time when the first stars began to shine. But this was no simple point and snap – some of the objects in this image are too distant and too faint for that. Rather, this view required Hubble to stare at a tiny patch of sky for more than 500 hours to detect all the light” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-19728375 (Hubble helped astronomers calculate the age of the Universe, which is about 13.7
billion years old)

There is renewed talk of a “clash of civilizations” and even of a possible World War III (‘War Against Terror’ – ‘The Never Ending War’)  – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-19600346 “The ultra-conservative Salafist movement, which is said to be the fastest growing branch of Islam, has been blamed for being behind many of the recent violent protests over an anti-Muslim film which appeared on the internet. Jenny Cuffe investigates the spread of Salafism across the countries of the Arab Spring. She asks what threat it poses to democracy in the whole region and also examines concerns in Europe that Salafists now represent a significant security risk. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01nb1sc Presenter: Jenny Cuffe. Producer: Ian Muir-Cochrane”

“The UK has experienced its “weirdest” weather on record in the past few months, scientists say. The driest spring for over a century gave way to the wettest recorded April to June in a dramatic turnaround never documented before. The scientists said there was no evidence that the weather changes were a result of Man-made climate change. But experts from three bodies warned the UK must plan for periodic swings of drought conditions and flooding. The warning came from the Environment Agency, Met Office and Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) at a joint briefing in London” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-19995084

BBC Magazine. Burning times! Halloween and All Saints Day. A Week of Horrors! “Witches remain a significant cultural presence centuries after thousands of women, and men, accused of sorcery were burned at the stake. But what caused the craze for burning witches, and why did it stop? https://charleslizzy.com/2009/11/07/bbc-magazine-burning-times-halloween-and-all-saints-day-a-week-of-horrors/ http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/8334055.stm ‘Pardon or Not to Pardon (the Witches)’ And,  ‘Living with the Modern Day Jesters’ – “Six Italian scientists and an ex-government official have been sentenced to six years in prison over the 2009 deadly earthquake in L’Aquila. A regional court found them guilty of multiple manslaughter. Prosecutors said the defendants gave a falsely reassuring statement before the quake ( https://charleslizzy.com/2008/05/19/pardon-or-not-to-pardon-the-witches-living-with-the-modern-day-jesters/ ) while the defence maintained there was no way to predict major quakes. The 6.3 magnitude quake devastated the city and killed 309 people. Many smaller tremors had rattled the area in the months before the quake that destroyed much of the historic centre. It took Judge Marco Billi slightly more than four hours to reach the verdict in the trial, which had begun in September 2011″ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-20025626

MY, ACROMEGALY (Polio Vaccination, made by: Monkey kidney, virus, Merk, SV-40 Polio Vaccination, 1950’s – at fault? Adenomas)  ( http://www.pituitary.org.uk/component/option,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/ And, http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LUt1xXASm_s Thanks – only noticed it (probably) as I am a first aider (like in the film)! I had been overdoing it all down at the holiday house with all the jobs, and in a muck sweat – pain only 5 out of ten, then wasn’t going to call 999, as I put myself into recovery position, pain went to 3, then thought about it, and told Lizzie to call 999, as I went grey and broke out in sweat like a horse delayed sweat after exercise. They arrived in 10 mins, blood pressure went to 0 – lifted legs and aspirin, which I had forgotten – blood pressure went up again, only dead for a second or so (a bit scary and in baby land) no big damage to heart, ECG and other work done in ambulance. No morphine or adrenaline (I said that I wanted to keep awake), then into DCH with a blue light flashing; a stent into heart through mini hole in my wrist by a wire. Pain to 0, and chatting to the surgeon throughout – amazing! Another 2 stents going in – day surgery on Monday! I know what I’ve had’ Doctor? The ‘Unholy Trinity’ (whiskey, cigarettes, philosophy) or, ‘a very bad cold virus, upper respiratory tract infection, (maybe, as a few days earlier, possible?) ‘I wasn’t wearing a dust mask, for some DIY sanding project, so, that I had this very bad throat!’ Or, three days earlier my visit to my Dentist, where a virus may have been picked up. And, a combination of, slow, drawn out and great fab sex; because of my cold’ delaying climax https://charleslizzy.com/2006/01/12/vaclav-havel-stasi-state-police-and-the-un-holy-trinity/ “A remarkable cross-section of distinguished  physicians – cardiac specialists, public health specialists, and infectious  disease specialists – met in Houston last week for the First Symposium on  Influenza and Cardiovascular Disease: Science, Practice, and Policy. The purpose of the symposium was to disseminate  the growing body of evidence that the flu causes heart attacks – and that flu  shots are a highly effective means of reducing the risk of heart attacks. Doctors have long noticed that many heart attack  victims will have recently had an upper respiratory tract infection.  As  doctors at the Symposium pointed out, a review of the medical literature  suggests that up to 35% of heart attacks are preceded by a flu-like illness.   This observation begins to make sense now that it is well-understood that  inflammation is one of the triggers of the sort of vascular instability that can  cause coronary arteries to suddenly become occluded – the fundamental mechanism  of the heart attack. Indeed, new research shows that infection with the  influenza virus can cause all sorts of biochemical and cellular changes that can  lead to inflammation in coronary artery plaques. A recent study published in the New England  Journal of Medicine indicates that receiving the influenza vaccine can  significantly reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and all-cause mortality. As a result of these findings, doctors at the  symposium are urging cardiac specialists and other physicians to begin pushing  their patients with heart disease – or an increased risk of heart disease – to  receive the influenza vaccine each year.  Doing so, they estimate, can  lower the risk of heart attack and stroke by as much as 25%” http://heartdisease.about.com/library/weekly/aa050503a.htm Also, “How to Wear a Disposable Dust Mask” –  Kathryn Hatter is a veteran home-school educator  and regular contributor to “Natural News.” She is an accomplished gardener,  seamstress, quilter, crocheter, painter, cook, decorator and digital graphics  creator and she enjoys technical and computer gadgets. Hatter’s Internet  publications specialize in natural health and she plans to continue her formal  education in the health field, focusing on nursing. By Kathryn  Hatter, eHow Contributor http://www.ehow.com/how_5584898_wear-disposable-dust-mask.html A disposable dust  mask is invaluable for protecting the wearer from airborne environmental hazards  associated with agriculture work, wood dust and other potential allergens in the  air. A disposable dust mask will not provide complete protection from every harmful substance, but it will lessen a person’s exposure in potentially dangerous situations. Follow the recommended procedure for wearing a disposable  dust mask to ensure proper fit and protection. Read more:  How to Wear a Disposable Dust Mask | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5584898_wear-disposable-dust-mask.html#ixzz28dOC8fWg “There’s no denying that regular physical activity and a healthy sex life are good for your heart. But if you’ve ever huffed and puffed your way through a jog or a particularly strenuous bout of lovemaking, you might have wondered whether the exertion was actually stressing, rather than strengthening, your  heart” Read more: http://healthland.time.com/2011/03/22/occasional-sex-or-exercise-can-trigger-heart-attacks-%e2%80%94-so-do-it-more-often/#ixzz29riXR84G “The question is a valid one. Doctors have long known that extreme strain in the form of physical (or psychological) stress can trigger heart attacks. Now, the latest study on the matter — a review paper analyzing 14 previous studies — confirms that the risk of heart attack does indeed spike in the hour or so after an episode of physical or sexual activity. In the new meta-analysis, which included data on heart attack rates and occasional physical activity — everything from having sex to running to climbing stairs — researchers found that during exercise, heart attack risk can rise 3.5 times higher than during periods of non-activity. During sex, the risk is 2.7 times higher than at other times. And the risk of dying from a heart-related event during or immediately after bouts of physical activity is five times that when you’re not active” Acromegaly http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/derbyshire/5315432.stm

My Doctor is never a liar, at least, never on behalf of the employer, in the UK – NHS the state run national health service (we all had our tonsils out 1950’s) – “Children admitted to hospital with throat infections have increased by 76% over the past 10 years, according to a study from Imperial College London” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-20002115  – ‘A nightmare of repeated visits and cajoling to the Doctors; we have found out the best way of trying to get (third world) antibiotics for your children in the UK, NHS, is to go after hours (NHS) to the Duty (D) Doctor, with the obvious throat infections OR chest infections, UK: these Doctors are under greater pressure (fail-safe) to prescribe ordinary antibiotics!’

“As many as one in 12 young people in the UK carry out self-harm, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-20039008 according to a study by a mental health charity. Young Minds found the majority of parents, teachers and GPs did not know how to support those who turn to them for help. Graham Satchell has been to meet one young woman who has struggled for years to cope with self-harm” https://charleslizzy.com/2008/02/20/bridgend-mass-suicides-wales-uk-children-and-vulnerable-adults-self-harming/

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My First family, second marriage, bringing up my 18-year-old twins, boy, and girl. I am a third generation Humanist, who has some old handwritten information and notes; collected over many years. Someone may find the articles interesting, or helpful. They could bring back a little ‘reality’, after being ‘shocked’ and ‘brainwashed’, by some malicious group, or institution (REBT Therapy). People should know better, than to do this, to our very young, and the ‘obviously’ vulnerable! Go to easily accessible, non-superstitious knowledge that is not charlatanism! https://charleslizzy.com/2011/08/06/independent-schools-inspectorate-isi-marketing-spirituality-buzzword-or-maybe-even-for-you-to-shiver-at-the-something/ The blog has given me an incentive to order my thoughts, learn, and read up again, after a few non-thinking years of (very silly) imagination and passion. Why not, get your own key to a ‘door’, customise it to suit you, and it can be, all of your very own! Don’t believe, or be led by someone else’s; inherited, stupid, and a very likely (past, and not of today’s) ‘totally preposterous reality’s’. Only some interest in the ‘really big questions’, keeps life above the level of a farce, and very little else! KEEP THINKING! Some of the posts may need some correcting. Interests: REBT Counselling, Atheism, Secularism, Humanism, Psychology, Reading, Popular Science, School Ethos, Philosophy, History, Family, Parenting, Psychology, Horse Riding, Sailing, Rescue Boat Driver, Skiing (Teppichswinger), TV Documentaries, Motorbike Cross Country Riding, Volunteer Sports Stewarding, Writing, Primitive Man, Pre-history, Social Anthropology, British Humanist Association, BHA, Meaning of Life, The Big Questions, Where am I, What am I, Why am I, Hippie Love, Knowledge, Education, Globalisation. Favorite quote: “The world belongs to those who, at least to some degree, have figured it out.” Carl Sagan, ‘The Demon Haunted World’, ‘Contact’, and other famous books DVD ‘Cosmos’. The warning of another and horrendous, “Age of Superstition”. “Isn’t there something deeply absurd in the presumption that children ought to inherit beliefs from their parents. It can be deeply damaging, even lethally divisive. A ‘them’, with an ‘against us’, mentality” – Professor Richard Dawkins. “The will to believe is stronger than mere reason in the vast majority of people” – Dr J.Brown, Army Psychologist of the 1960′s. Humans will believe in almost anything, in fact, they seek it! Why? “98% of us, trained to be just good consumers, let’s train our children to be the 2% who have their very own creativity and discernment”; quote by a famous surreal artist. “The lack of reason brings forth monsters”. “Global interconnectedness is lethal against mass religion, nationalism, racism, and other destructive memeplexes. Let us connect everybody they hate it in restrictive regimes”; from the ‘meme learning group’, Richard Brodie’s book, ‘Virus Of The Mind’ (Richard Brodie a designer for ‘Microsoft Word’). Following on, J.Bronowski, and ‘The Ascent Of Man’ TV series, and a book http://www.bbcshop.com/science+nature/the-ascent-of-man/invt/9781849901154/ with the last DVD in this series, ‘The Long Childhood’ being especially revealing. ‘Prehistory’ and the ‘Making of the Human Mind’ by Colin Renfrew, with P.Wilson’s, ‘The Domestication of the Human Species’, and Nigel Spivey’s, TV series and book, ‘How Art Made The World’, offers some further explanations. Latest reading: Jared Diamond http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jared_Diamond
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