BOSS: Dark Energy and the Geometry of Space – Without (some sort of) a map (your own! – through: stages of life) navigation is almost impossible. Or as, ‘Dull as ditch water’.

“This is an incredibly exciting time to be working in cosmology, and we’re all privileged to be part of the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS),” said Prof Will Percival from the University of Portsmouth – a UK member of the international research group. “What we’ve done is measure the 3D positions for just over 250,000 galaxies, covering the largest volume of the Universe ever surveyed. That gives us an amazing map that we can then analyse to try to understand how and why the Universe’s expansion is accelerating,” he told BBC News Prof Percival was speaking here in Manchester at the UK National Astronomy Meeting (NAM).

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is operating again after its winter break. “The increase in energy is all about maximising the discovery potential of the LHC,” said Cern Research Director Sergio Bertolucci. “And in that respect, 2012 looks set to be a vintage year for particle physics”

“Without a map, navigation is almost impossible” – make your map, now  “Today in Capitalist and Communist society, many consider that the only knowledge worth having is that which will help them achieve some economic or bureaucratic goal, which they happen to think important. In Capitalist States this attitude of mind relegates the neo-cortex, that wondrous instrument of unimaginable sophistication to a near full time cash register. In Totalitarian Nations concentration on climbing the dangerous and slippery bureaucratic ladder, leads to fanaticism and religious fervour (fundamentalism) reminiscent of the Middle Ages. The brain becomes the humble servant of the state ideology. The individual counts for nothing. Thus, cruelty knows no bounds. The balanced individual who worships neither money or power, needs a map of the natural and historical environment, which he inhabits. Without a map, orientation is impossible, the trivial appears to be important and the mundane becomes profound.

Do “human rights” really exist, when they can be so easily taken away, asks Will Self – example, enslaved by the Euro – “Take the human right not to be enslaved – it’s a noble aspiration, but looks pretty threadbare in a world in which there are more slaves than ever, many of whom are debt peons created by the operations of powerful multinational corporations who cannot even be accused of hypocrisy, since they aren’t signatories of that ringing declamation” Ref, ‘Anti Globalization’ (beware of)  – “The world is losing its human dimension,” he says, “Self-propelling mega-machines, large-scale enterprises, faceless governments and other juggernauts of impersonal power represent the greatest threat to our present day world: Totalitarianism is no more than an extreme expression of this threat” – “Vaclav Havel, the Czech Republic’s first president after the Velvet Revolution against communist rule, has died at the age of 75″ And, Feb 3 2010 Reality Check

Russell writes, “A man should be aware of the minuteness of himself and his environment, in relation to the world in time and space. He should see his own age in relation to the past and the future. He should be conscious of the vastness of geological epochs and astronomical abysses. He should be aware of all this as a vast panorama, which enlarges the mind that contemplates it”. Without this panorama the individual may function with successful efficiency, but remains imprisoned in a machine, which he does not understand, but must pretend to himself that he does. Only, “Useless Knowledge” is capable of exposing the purpose and nature of the machine to rational enquiry about the life support machine in which he and his children live, breathe, and have their being! IT SURELY MERITS SOME ATTENTION! (internet maps)  ‘The Natural Navigator’ Tristan Gooley, favourably reviewed by Sir Ranulph Fiennes – “Colonel Richard Dod in his 1883 book, ‘33 Years Among Our Wild Indians’, noted, in a way that might cause riots if published today, ‘I have never yet seen an Indian who had mounted the ladder of human progress sufficiently far to have observed that there is one star which never perceptibly changes its place.’ The fact that so few people today are able to point out the North Star in the night sky proves that its place in popular awareness is not dictated by a mounting of ‘the ladder of human progress’, but rather by cultural priorities and necessity.” The Senses – ‘we got it all so very wrong and do so now’! ‘Love, Sex, and God’ – “The only thing we can do is to hazard a hypothesis, to create a mythological figure, call it Human Personality, and hope that circumstances will not, by destroying us, prove our imaginative guesswork too hopelessly wrong. But myth for myth, Human Personality is preferable to God. We do at least know something of Human Personality, whereas of God we know nothing and, knowing nothing, are at liberty to invent as freely as we like. If men had always tried to deal with the problem of love in terms of known human rather than of grotesquely imagined divine interests, there would have been less `making of eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake, less persecution of ‘sinners’, less burning and imprisoning of the heretics of ‘unnatural’ love, less Grundyism, less Comstockery, and, at the same time, less dirty Don-Juanism, less of that curiously malignant and vengeful love-making so characteristic of the debauchee under a Christian dispensation. Reacting against the absurdities of the old mythology, the young have run into absurdities no less inordinate at the other end of the scale. A sordid and ignoble realism offers no resistance to the sexual impulse, which now spends itself purposelessly, without producing love, or even, in the long run, amusement, without enhancing vitality or quickening and deepening the rhythms of living. Only a new mythology of nature, such as, in modern times, Blake, Robert Burns, and Lawrence have defined it, an untranscendental and (relatively speaking) realistic mythology of Energy, Life, and Human Personality, will provide, it seems to me, the inward resistances necessary to turn sexual impulse into love, and provide them in a form which the critical intelligence of post-Nietzschean youth can respect. By means of such a conception a new fashion in love may be created, a mode more beautiful and convenient, more healthful and elegant, than any seen among men since the days of remote and pagan antiquity.” ‘Do What You Will’ (1929) Aldous Huxley

Children and Bonkersdom (Ref, Dawkins, silly ness to fairy fancy)  ‘The sensational, macabre, fascinations of quite preposterous, and feministic (mother fetish) and romantic (love) tribalistic lore, including that of religiosity’ – “Rowan Williams (dull as ditch water) has warned against “downgrading” religious education in secondary schools in his last Easter sermon as Archbishop of Canterbury”. But he said the ultimate test of Christianity was not whether it was beneficial to the human race, but whether the resurrection of Jesus Christ actually happened. He said that for Christians a vision of reconciled love between people “is there only because God raised Jesus” and that the answer was not in scientific proof, but by the way believers lived with and in their faith” Ref, dangers of; Literal truth of the Bible that ‘locks some children in a dungeon’ – In his essay What Shall We Tell the Children? theoretical psychologist Nicholas Humphrey writes about the importance of words to children: how harmful ideas are designed precisely to take away a child’s ability to attack, and question them. And so words, more than being shadows of thought, are precisely what gives them weight in flesh and bone: they are the weapons of (beastly, UK – a major weapon of the State controlling the behaviour of children in school, by ideologically outdated and religious Ethoses: breeding, bigotry, hatred, and sectarianism: (increasing in 2012; the social divisions, and inequalities, of today) indoctrination. Religious Schools of the  UK – In the playground for faith and belief of bigotry and hatred, vicious ideology, and sexism, sectarianism and exclusion, lying to children and charlatanism – “Education Secretary Michael Gove is to examine claims the Catholic Education Service (CES) broke impartiality rules on the topic of gay marriage” “Earlier this week, reported that students at St Philomena’s Catholic High School for Girls in Carshalton were “encouraged” to sign the anti-equality pledge by the school’s headmistress. “In our assembly for the whole sixth form you could feel people bristling as she explained parts of the letter and encouraged us to sign the petition,” a pupil was quoted as saying. “She said things about gay marriage and civil partnerships being unnatural. It was just a really outdated, misjudged and heavily biased presentation.” An Example  – Religious Studies, UK, children faced daily with a grossly unfair (for their own good or for others, and highly enforced) conundrum, catch 22, oxymoron: an indoctrination, or ‘brainwash’ (for some, vulnerable persons), or particularly, as my own daughter sees it, ‘Why I continue with my Religious Studies, or my Religious Education’, is, and because, ‘I would like to be very nice to others’ (as a child – it could be any: very suspect ideology; or any subject matter, of course Being nice to those people, or teachers (they wouldn’t teach it, would they, if they, ‘didn’t believe it, or thought that it was good or necessary for the  children in some way; would they – really? (note: be liars, to themselves, and the children, and all ‘others’) Literal Bible belief, or believers, school ethos’s, and teachers, Christians; or, for all the other faiths, beliefs, or many religions: the opinions of others (for their, often core, faith or belief) – “God is good and friendly, because he wants to share the beauty of the world with us – God is the creator because he made/created the world as it shows us in Genesis 1 (Revision RS). Can we all be so very cruel to children and to let this carry on, in the full light of all our modern knowledge: and to their the children and vulnerable; great confusion, and at the great neglect of todays knowledge? “Yes we are, and we can be, very, very, easily – we are all trained at a very young age: which makes it quite inexcusable – the corruption is at the top of the money and social tree, and hangs in there!” An alternative, Last broadcast yesterday, 23:30 on BBC Radio 4 (see all broadcasts). Synopsis – “Mark Tully meditates on the art of being still, and the benefits of quiet contemplation, as medical science borrows from the practices of religious traditions. He talks to Mark Williams, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Oxford who teaches ‘Mindfulness’ techniques and whose research has shown that daily meditation can reduce the occurrence of severe depression at least as much as anti-depressants do. Featuring music by Edward Elgar, Arvo Part and Jules Massenet, and words by Rainer Maria Rilke and Octavio Paz, this programme looks at how else regular contemplative sessions can enrich our lives in an increasingly busy world. For some it is a way of experiencing God, for others a means of coming to terms with their own failures, and for many it can produce profound changes in their lives. As Mark Tully perceives, through the practice of Mindfulness people can drink from the well of religious insight whether they have a religious faith or not. He even accepts in the end that he should, perhaps, overcome his own reluctance to make the commitment that meditation requires, and curb the distractions that can make our minds rampage, ‘like an untrained elephant’. The readers are Emily Raymond and David Holt. Producer: Adam Fowler A Unique production for BBC Radio 4″

Bank bailout money (quantitive easing) does not help the ordinary people, you and me; why we all have to suffer the appalling government failures, “It’s not every day that someone writes down an equation that ends up changing the world. But it does happen sometimes, and the world doesn’t always change for the better. It has been argued that one formula known as Black-Scholes, along with its descendants, helped to blow up the financial world. You try to fly, you fly too close to the sun, the wax holding your wings on melts and you fall down to the ground. My personal view is that it’s not just tempting to do that but there is actually a certain amount of truth in that way of thinking. I think the bankers’ hubris did indeed beget nemesis. But the big problem is that it wasn’t the bankers on whom the nemesis descended – it was the rest of us”

UK – Monarchy, State Religion, and (its questionable) Parliamentary Democracy. Poundbury in Dorchester – Potentates (Royals, and Duchy of Cornwall, Greek Colonel’s, Oil Rich – Near East Mid East, the Mega Rich, Military or Police States – Totalitarian Regimes), at home, and abroad, (the social experiments of toy and model towns, or villages, and some grand palaces or homes) that can be categorized as ‘non-evolutionary property development’ (their social impact in times of austerity, deprivation and/or mass poverty) “How often have successive administrations been told they need to get a grip of ‘the housing crisis’ to prevent an entire generation from being, in effect, priced out of the market?” And, Welcome to Charlieville (Royal Property Development) – “Wander round the neat streets and old-fashioned squares of Poundbury and you could be in an ancient Tuscan town – though nothing is more than 10 years old. There’s an organic market, signs are hidden and ball games aren’t allowed.  Andy Beckett  visits the village in Dorset which is fast becoming a metaphor for the man behind it” – Or, like it – Take action today on Bishops in Parliament “On Monday the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Draft House of Lords Reform Bill reported supporting the Government’s proposals to keep reserved seats for Bishops in reform of the Lords. This will maintain and effectively strengthen the influence of the Church in Parliament. There is no disguising that it is a blow to hopes for a fair reform.  The Government’s Draft House of Lords Reform Bill proposes to increase the proportion of the Bishops from 3% of appointed peers to anything between 12% and 17% of appointed peers, depending on the eventual size of a reformed chamber. If the Government’s proposals were enacted, Anglican Bishops would likely outnumber SNP, Plaid Cymru, DUP, SDLP, Sinn Fein and Green Peers combined – Our new campaign website” –

Corruption & Politics – “A new survey for the BBC World Service has found widespread perceptions of economic unfairness – The poll found that more than 50% of respondents in 17 out of 22 countries believe economic benefits and burdens are not fairly distributed in their own nation”

The petition text:

Dear David Cameron,
Respect our privacy. Stop the internet and phone snooping plan.

  • Don’t spy on our e-mail, phone and internet use
  • Keep your election promise to “reverse the rise of the surveillance state”
  • This is Britain, not China or Iran. We don’t want the government spying on our every move

“David Cameron claims his new internet snooping plans will make us safer. But really this is about Big Brother powers to spy on all of us, not just serious criminals.
100,000 of us have now signed the petition to say that the government shouldn’t be allowed to spy on us, our friends and our families, without any kind of warrant or reason.
Parliament comes back from its Easter break next week – can you help us get past 150,000 signatures before then?”

Where are our so-called ‘World Government Authorities’ hiding? The United Nations? & and our, fully paid up ‘Pathetic Lot’ at the UK’s Foreign Office? “Sudan’s government is at war with its people again – nearly a decade after its mass killings in Darfur. In Sudan’s Nuba Mountains, government aircraft are bombing and strafing civilians. Burning villages and looting crops. Starving children. Blocking all food aid and medical supplies. Sudanese forces are besieging the Nuba with the stated aim of generating a famine. And, as this film reveals, the plan is working. All-out war erupted in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan last year. The Nuba rebelled when government forces attacked them. Fighting now rages on the frontlines. But the government has taken the war to civilian areas far from any battlefront. Daily, the air is filled with the drone of Sudanese aircraft scouting for targets. Time and time again they bomb civilian locations: villages, schools and health clinics. Hundreds have been killed. Many are horrifically injured. 350,000 Nuba have been driven from their homes and farms. They have fled into mountain caves, the only refuge from constant aerial bombardment. Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir is the man behind these atrocities. He is already a wanted man in the Hague, charged with war crimes in Darfur – but has never been brought to justice. With no crops in the fields, the Nuba now face hunger. Sudan’s government has banned international agencies from bringing in relief supplies. President Bashir’s stated aim is to create a famine and starve the Nuba people into submission. In the cave complexes where people now survive, the Unreported World team saw children who were severely malnourished. Only a few weeks remain before the onset of rains will cut the region’s single road to the outside world. And without international action to prevent a man-made famine, it will be too late for many in the Nuba Mountains. Unreported World: Terror in Sudan. UK Premiere: Channel 4, Friday 13th April, 19:30 World Premiere: Youtube, Saturday 14th April

“Researchers have succeeded in mimicking the chemistry of life in synthetic versions of DNA and RNA molecules” ‘In an accompanying article in Science, Gerald Joyce of the Scripps Research Institute wrote that “the work heralds the era of synthetic genetics, with implications for exobiology (life elsewhere in the Universe), biotechnology, and understanding of life itself“. But the work does not yet represent a full synthetic genetics platform, he pointed out. For that, a self-replicating system that does not require the DNA intermediary must be developed. With that in hand, “construction of genetic systems based on alternative chemical platforms may ultimately lead to the synthesis of novel forms of life”.

Sex appeal – “Leading energy ministers have been told the world is on track for a long-term temperature increase of 6C unless they change their priorities. Mr Jones said countries were still ignoring easy gains in energy efficiency. It is less “sexy” than some other policies, he admitted – but it is especially good at creating local jobs. (The UK economy has returned to recession, after shrinking by 0.2% in the first three months of 2012″ And, ) “Coal is another concern for the IEA. Energy-hungry emerging economies are still building old-style power plants with an efficiency of just 35% whilst modern plants running at very high temperatures like those built in Japan are 50% efficient or more” “The University of East Anglia spent £112,870 on public relations advice in the so-called ‘Climategate’ affair. Consultants helped the university press office to deal with inquiries and to monitor media activity following the hacking of emails about global warming”

“Children often seem to get the point. It would be rather boring if all books simply started ‘once upon a time’ and ended ‘happily ever after’. No – Naked Ape, Bronowski, Sagan, Richard Dawkins, and the like – ‘Stupid’ – Public Schools. Private Schools. Independent Schools Council. Independent Schools Inspectorate. UK. GB. NB “Empirically based”, or the utter nonsense in the appalling indictment of the ‘Global Gullibility Index’? I fear, it is the latter! Spirituality, is a buzzword (selling point – aimed at the wealthy and semi-ignorant – affluent specialist; or the inexperienced {of any, progressive family philosophy} pathetic and gullible young parent. Spirituality has no empirical basis for an/any educational ethos, but it remains at the very forefront of moral and social education GB – UK; selling – the potential private school parent one-upmanship; private ownership; private control of the child’s behaviour and attitude – sectarian or class divide; to that of education in the public sector. And for: the yearly inspection of those private/public schools – charlatanism = Pupils’ spiritual (seems to be cornered and wishy-washy, a dumb-downing and muddling (schizophrenia) of the lily-livered. Imagine what our school libraries are like today 2012? From Horrible Histories to Babar the Elephant – the ‘offensive’ children’s books withdrawn by libraries. Librarians have withdrawn children’s books from the shelves following complaints from parents that they are were racist, or in some other way “offensive” Product Details

“The health benefits of sex extend well beyond the bedroom. It turns out sex is good for you in ways you may never have imagined”

“Chastity – the most unnatural of all the sexual perversions.”

Aldous Huxley quotes (English Novelist and Critic, 18941963)

Genius Quotes Genius, in one respect, is like gold, – numbers of persons are constantly writing about both, who have Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school. ….. Carl Pletsch, Young Nietzsche– Becoming a Genius.

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