Shops into schools. Religion & Sex & Philosophy Shops – no doubt!

“Shops into schools in five months! Empty shops could be converted into free schools in five months, says a building consultancy.” “Notes for a Lecture on Philosophy. Trident Missiles; pornography; sex shops; 100 million or more: terrifying deaths!”!A18BF3FCC5E126A2!2400.entry?sa=417699655 “Teaching is a vocation and not a profession. The child was not invented for educational systems (tests – brainwashing), but educational systems invented for the child. If you would encourage the pupil to increased growth by your knowledge, you must both love it and know it well, and your pupils will love both the knowledge and yourself, and you will benefit them. But if you yourself do not love it, then, no matter by what means you force them to learn, your knowledge will have no educative influence at all.” Tolstoy ‘Education and Culture’. “Isn’t there something deeply absurd in the presumption that children ought to inherit beliefs from their parents. It can be deeply damaging, even lethally divisive. A ‘them’, ‘against us’ mentality.” Richard Dawkins.


Red Balloon Learning The Audit Commission report ‘Against the Odds’ – “Re-engaging Young People in Education, Employment or Training, claims to have looked more deeply into the issue than any previous study.” Paul Peterson – In Chablis-sipping circles, it has become fashionable to condemn the small-school initiative by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation encouraged urban school districts to close large, dysfunctional high schools and replace them with smaller ones, either in alternative spaces or by placing several schools within the building that once housed the large one. Breaking up big, dysfunctional high schools into smaller units looked like a reform that failed. Look again. ‘Small is Still Beautiful’ The Obama administration has pledged to lower the dropout rate through new investments in high school reform. It is planning to spend upwards of $5 billion over the next couple of years on “turnaround” programs that include closing schools and sending students elsewhere, replacing principals and staff, and turning over schools to charter school or for-profit managers. And, ‘Sructuralization of the everyday life’ – autism, so on.., – ‘The Structuralised View Of The World’ – ‘The Structural World-view’. The Proper Structuralized View of the World. ‘Bewildered And Afraid’ … The Structuralized Picture Of The World” or “The Proper Structuralised View Of The World”.!A18BF3FCC5E126A2!1249.entry RE Search – Agreed Syllabus – Dorset For You – “The sleep of everyday living”. Even the brilliant Voltaire wrote, “Through a quarter of my lifetime, I was absolutely ignorant of the reasons for everything I saw, and heard, and felt, and was merely a parrot, prompted by other parrots”. Sir Winston Churchill spent 40 years looking at the countryside, but noticed nothing before he started painting it. Sats Exams – “Exams should be treated with incredible caution by people in authority, and they’re not. They just think they’re the best instrument they have for levering up standards. It’s as if they don’t look at the educational and emotional consequences” Michael Rosen.

Petition to: Disassociate the British government from the Pope’s intolerant views ahead of the Papal visit to Britain in September 2010. This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed. We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to disassociate the British government from the Pope’s intolerant views ahead of the Papal visit to Britain in September 2010. We urge the Prime Minister to make it clear that his government disagrees with the Pope’s opposition to women’s reproductive rights, gay equality, embryonic stem cell research and the use of condoms to prevent the spread of HIV. We ask the Prime Minister to express his disagreement with the Pope’s role in the cover-up of child sex abuse by Catholic clergy, his rehabilitation of the Holocaust-denying bishop Richard Williamson, and his decree paving the way for the beatification and sainthood of the war-time Pope, Pius XII, who stands accused of failing to speak out against the Holocaust. We also request the Prime Minister to assure us that the Pope’s visit will not be financed by the British taxpayer. More details

Submitted by Mr Peter Tatchell of OutRage! – Deadline to sign up by: 06 June 2010 – Signatures: 12,339

More details from petition creator: The Pope not only opposes the right of women to have an abortion but also their right to contraception to prevent the need for abortions. He also opposes women’s access to IVF fertility treatment to give childless couples the chance of parenthood. He condemns potentially life-saving embryonic stem cell research. Pope Benedict denounces the use of condoms, even to stop the spread of HIV, as well as claiming falsely that condom usage “increases” the rate of HIV infection. This puts millions of lives at risk. He opposes legal equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, and their full protection in law against homophobic and transphobic discrimination. The Pope has authorised the Catholic Catechism, which condemns same-sex relationships as a “grave depravity” and “contrary to natural law.” In 1992, he criticised gay sexuality as a “tendency ordered towards an intrinsic moral evil.” While condemning loving, consenting adult same-sex relations, the Pope played a role in shielding Catholic clergy guilty of child sex abuse from prosecution, as revealed in the 2006 BBC Panorama programme, Sex crimes and the Vatican. “Campaigners have called for a public inquiry in Northern Ireland following two reports in the Irish Republic, which said that abuse in Catholic and state-run institutions was endemic.” “Lessons about sex, relationships and health are not good enough in 25% of schools in England, inspectors say. Teacher embarrassment and lack of knowledge were often to blame, Ofsted said in a report based on findings at 92 primary and 73 secondary schools.”

Government response: Pope Benedict XVI will visit the UK from 16 to 19 September at the invitation of Her Majesty The Queen. The visit is described as a Papal Visit with the status of a State Visit. The programme will include a number of pastoral events, which are the responsibility of the Catholic Church, as well as some significant official events, which will provide opportunities for issues of common interest to the UK Government and the Holy See to be discussed at the highest level. The Holy See has a global reach and so is a valuable international partner for the UK Government.  Our relationship with the Holy See enables us to address jointly a range of foreign policy and development issues.  These include working towards delivery of the Millennium Development Goals, addressing the impacts of climate change, preventing and resolving conflict, and finding ways to encourage disarmament. As with any bilateral diplomatic relationship, there are issues on which we disagree.  The Holy See is clear on our positions on these issues. However, we believe that Pope Benedict’s visit will provide an opportunity to strengthen and build on our relationship with the Holy See in areas where we share interests and goals, and to discuss those issues on which our positions differ. Since the visit has the status of a State Visit, and some parts of the programme are being organised by the British Government, a proportion of the costs of the Visit will fall to the Government.  The costs can be divided into two categories: policing costs, which will be met by the State from existing policing budgets, and non-policing costs, which will be split between the Catholic Church and the Government.  The total size of the costs at this stage is not confirmed but discussions are currently under way to decide the appropriate levels of contribution from the Government and the Catholic Bishops’ Conferences of England and Wales, and of Scotland.  Other parts of the programme, such as the Masses and other pastoral events, are the responsibility of the Catholic Bishops’ Conferences.  The direct costs of these events will therefore be borne by the Catholic Church.

A ‘close shave’ for bigotry and hatred. A win for (science) reason, and (love) tolerance – “The vote in the Senate, which backed the bill by just six votes, came after 14 hours of at times heated debate. The law, which also allows same-sex couples to adopt, had met with fierce opposition from the Catholic Church and other religious groups. The legislation, backed by President Cristina Fernandez’s centre-left government, passed by 33 votes to 27 with three abstentions. “Argentina has become the first country in Latin America to legalise gay marriage after the Senate voted in favour.” ‘The Human Condition’ Hannah Arendt, “Without being forgiven, released from the consequences of what we have done, our capacity to act would . . . be confined to a single deed from which we could never recover; we would remain the victims of its consequences for ever.”

“A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest, and poverty will come upon you like a bandit, and want like an armed man.” Proverbs 6:11. Is what has driven man to destroy Earth and does so today. We had better learn and very fast, “You must sleep sometime between lunch and dinner, and no halfway measures. Take off your clothes and get into bed. That’s what I always do. Don’t think you will be doing less work because you sleep during the day. That’s a foolish notion held by people who have no imaginations. You will be able to accomplish more. You get two days in one — well, at least one and a half” Winston Churchill. “To have a society of labourers, it is, of course, not necessary that every member actually be a laborer or worker, not even the emancipation of the working class and the enormous potential power, which majority rule accords to is decisive here, but only that all members consider whatever they do primarily, as a way to sustain their own lives and those of their families” ‘The Human Condition’ Hannah Arendt. “Economic crisis, unemployment, war, govern man’s fate. Man has built his world, he has built factories and houses, he produces cars and clothes, he grows grain and fruit. But he has become estranged from the product of his own hands, he is not really the master any more of the world he has built, on the contrary, this man made world has become his master, before whom he bows down, which he tries to placate or manipulate as best he can. The work of his own hands becomes his God. He seems to be driven by self interest, but in reality his total self with all its concrete potentialities has become an instrument for the purposes of the very machine his hands have built. He keeps up the illusion of being the center of the world, and yet, he is pervaded by an intense sense of insignificance and powerlessness, which his ancestors once consciously felt towards God.” ‘The Fear of Freedom’ Erich Fromm. Note: We are now living in an Ice Age with interglacial periods, which we can call the idea of an “Anthropogene epoch” – isn’t limited to climate change, but to the notion that most of the big changes taking place on Earth now can be laid at the hand of humanity And, “The UK’s Royal Society is launching a major study into human population growth and how it may affect social and economic development in coming decades” And, And, “Science minister David Willetts has announced a new UK centre for monitoring the Earth from space.” “The hub will be based at the International Space Innovation Centre (ISIC) at Harwell in Oxfordshire, which will open in April 2011.” Note: Very fast onset of glaciation (N.B. Human retreat – migration from cold, the North – Scotland, so on…, Holocene to Anthropocene climate – Anthropogene epoch “The unstable nature of the Earth’s climate history suggests that it may be liable to change suddenly in the future. By putting large quantities of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, humans are exerting pressure on the climate system which might produce a drastic change without much prior warning. As the geologist W.S. Broecker has said, “Climate is an angry beast, and we are poking it with sticks” 

[PDF]Are we now living in the Anthropocene [PDF]J Zalasiewicz, M Williams, A Smith, TL Barry, AL Coe, … – GSA Today, 2008 –
These changes, although likely only in their initial phases, are sufficiently distinct
and robustly estab- lished for suggestions of a HoloceneAnthropocene bound-
ary in the recent historical past to be geologically reasonable.
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My First family, second marriage, bringing up my 18-year-old twins, boy, and girl. I am a third generation Humanist, who has some old handwritten information and notes; collected over many years. Someone may find the articles interesting, or helpful. They could bring back a little ‘reality’, after being ‘shocked’ and ‘brainwashed’, by some malicious group, or institution (REBT Therapy). People should know better, than to do this, to our very young, and the ‘obviously’ vulnerable! Go to easily accessible, non-superstitious knowledge that is not charlatanism! The blog has given me an incentive to order my thoughts, learn, and read up again, after a few non-thinking years of (very silly) imagination and passion. Why not, get your own key to a ‘door’, customise it to suit you, and it can be, all of your very own! Don’t believe, or be led by someone else’s; inherited, stupid, and a very likely (past, and not of today’s) ‘totally preposterous reality’s’. Only some interest in the ‘really big questions’, keeps life above the level of a farce, and very little else! KEEP THINKING! Some of the posts may need some correcting. Interests: REBT Counselling, Atheism, Secularism, Humanism, Psychology, Reading, Popular Science, School Ethos, Philosophy, History, Family, Parenting, Psychology, Horse Riding, Sailing, Rescue Boat Driver, Skiing (Teppichswinger), TV Documentaries, Motorbike Cross Country Riding, Volunteer Sports Stewarding, Writing, Primitive Man, Pre-history, Social Anthropology, British Humanist Association, BHA, Meaning of Life, The Big Questions, Where am I, What am I, Why am I, Hippie Love, Knowledge, Education, Globalisation. Favorite quote: “The world belongs to those who, at least to some degree, have figured it out.” Carl Sagan, ‘The Demon Haunted World’, ‘Contact’, and other famous books DVD ‘Cosmos’. The warning of another and horrendous, “Age of Superstition”. “Isn’t there something deeply absurd in the presumption that children ought to inherit beliefs from their parents. It can be deeply damaging, even lethally divisive. A ‘them’, with an ‘against us’, mentality” – Professor Richard Dawkins. “The will to believe is stronger than mere reason in the vast majority of people” – Dr J.Brown, Army Psychologist of the 1960′s. Humans will believe in almost anything, in fact, they seek it! Why? “98% of us, trained to be just good consumers, let’s train our children to be the 2% who have their very own creativity and discernment”; quote by a famous surreal artist. “The lack of reason brings forth monsters”. “Global interconnectedness is lethal against mass religion, nationalism, racism, and other destructive memeplexes. Let us connect everybody they hate it in restrictive regimes”; from the ‘meme learning group’, Richard Brodie’s book, ‘Virus Of The Mind’ (Richard Brodie a designer for ‘Microsoft Word’). Following on, J.Bronowski, and ‘The Ascent Of Man’ TV series, and a book with the last DVD in this series, ‘The Long Childhood’ being especially revealing. ‘Prehistory’ and the ‘Making of the Human Mind’ by Colin Renfrew, with P.Wilson’s, ‘The Domestication of the Human Species’, and Nigel Spivey’s, TV series and book, ‘How Art Made The World’, offers some further explanations. Latest reading: Jared Diamond
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