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BBC NEWS | Education | Private schools charity threat Bad for all the Charities and the ‘reputations’ of the good Charities. The commission was widely attacked for failing to recognise that relieving the state of the cost of educating 500,000 children counts as a benefit to everyone who pays tax. … Continue reading

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BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Fans and family remember Jackson

Michael Jackson’s family and fans have said farewell to the pop superstar at an emotional memorial service. "I don’t remember it raining!"!A18BF3FCC5E126A2!1396.entry Peace and Love – CONTINUES (fight on). We changed the World. Let’s not have ‘fraudulent’ and ‘bigoted’ religion in our Schools … Continue reading

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BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Herschel yields new galaxy image

The European Space Agency (Esa) has released a stunning image of the spiral galaxy M51, otherwise known as the Whirlpool Galaxy.   ‘Infantile Situation GB’.   A book by the police officer (Andy Hayman) who once oversaw the fight against … Continue reading

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