UNICEF. Palestinian Children’s Appeal.

The ‘oil rich’ Arab nations embarrassment’s (their children)! We pay and you hoard – take no action!

The Scourge of Gold (hoarding bullion). "Becoming human is a process and not some event". Ref, Notes of Dad’s, "Admiration" in photos. "Certain – ‘indices’ become attached to the individual (or State – examples: Middle and Far East, World – ‘tribal’ status) as a permanent, ongoing, visible aspect of his status, because their presence draws from others admiration and hence prestige! P.J.Wilson ‘The Domestication Of The Human Species’  http://luckyme0.spaces.live.com/photos/cns!A18BF3FCC5E126A2!1613/?startingImageIndex=0&commentsExpand=0&addCommentExpand=0&addCommentFocus=0&pauseSlideshow=0


Wealthy investors hoard bullion


Many of those who most earnestly propagate the need for spiritual values, and denounce secularism and materialism, are the very same people who in their personal lives are crassly materialistic, and morally and politically corrupt. Who, but a religious guru would feel the need to go around in a gold-plated limousine? See, New Humanist Magazine -1987. Ref, Notes of Dad’s.

Credit Crunch – Credit Crisis – The First Great Test of Globalization – Banking Leverage

Sovereign Funds (Massive). City & CEO Bonuses. 

Muslims believed that gold and silver must circulate, and this circulation, called rawaj, was a social and religious duty. Hoarding gold and silver was forbidden by the Qur’an: “Those who store up gold and silver and do not spend them in the way of God, tell them of a painful chastisement!” The cosmographer al-Qawini, writing only a decade or so after the minting of the first florin, says: "Gold is the noblest of the blessings of Almighty God upon his servants, for it is the foundation of the affairs of this world and brings order to the affairs of mankind…. With silver and gold coins, everything can be bought and sold. They must circulate, unlike other forms of wealth, for it is not desirable for anyone to accumulate silver and gold…. Anyone who stores them up destroys the wisdom created by God, just as if one imprisoned the qadi of a town and prevented him from carrying out his duties toward the people.”

Wreck the Western Economies! Bullion sales hit record in rush to safety: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/359da604-f6d4-11dd-8a1f-0000779fd2ac.html And, ‘Peak Oil’! 





Palestinian children urgently need support right now. They are in desperate need of clean water, essential medical supplies and vaccines.

The current conflict in Gaza has deepened the humanitarian crisis for children in the area. Continued bombing has left hospitals in a dire state – regular 12-hour power cuts, extreme demands for intensive care treatment and damage caused by the ongoing shelling are just some of the challenges doctors face as they treat the sick and wounded.


Crying child in Gaza, Copyright: AP/PA Photos/Fadi Adwan


Water and sewage infrastructure has also been badly damaged. In Gaza City the conflict has cut off the water supply to more than half of the population.

UNICEF has a permanent presence in Gaza and the West Bank and in response to the current conflict we have been providing first aid kits and other supplies. But we urgently need your support to help more children.

A gift of £40 could buy 3 vital first aid kits.



Please, give whatever you can to help ease the suffering of Palestinian children by making a donation here.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

David Bull
Executive Director

Funds raised for this appeal will support children in Gaza and the West Bank.

If the funds raised exceed UNICEF’s funding requirement for the Palestinian Children’s Appeal, the money will go to UNICEF’s Children’s Emergency Fund.

About luckyme0

My First family, second marriage, bringing up my 18-year-old twins, boy, and girl. I am a third generation Humanist, who has some old handwritten information and notes; collected over many years. Someone may find the articles interesting, or helpful. They could bring back a little ‘reality’, after being ‘shocked’ and ‘brainwashed’, by some malicious group, or institution (REBT Therapy). People should know better, than to do this, to our very young, and the ‘obviously’ vulnerable! Go to easily accessible, non-superstitious knowledge that is not charlatanism! https://charleslizzy.com/2011/08/06/independent-schools-inspectorate-isi-marketing-spirituality-buzzword-or-maybe-even-for-you-to-shiver-at-the-something/ The blog has given me an incentive to order my thoughts, learn, and read up again, after a few non-thinking years of (very silly) imagination and passion. Why not, get your own key to a ‘door’, customise it to suit you, and it can be, all of your very own! Don’t believe, or be led by someone else’s; inherited, stupid, and a very likely (past, and not of today’s) ‘totally preposterous reality’s’. Only some interest in the ‘really big questions’, keeps life above the level of a farce, and very little else! KEEP THINKING! Some of the posts may need some correcting. Interests: REBT Counselling, Atheism, Secularism, Humanism, Psychology, Reading, Popular Science, School Ethos, Philosophy, History, Family, Parenting, Psychology, Horse Riding, Sailing, Rescue Boat Driver, Skiing (Teppichswinger), TV Documentaries, Motorbike Cross Country Riding, Volunteer Sports Stewarding, Writing, Primitive Man, Pre-history, Social Anthropology, British Humanist Association, BHA, Meaning of Life, The Big Questions, Where am I, What am I, Why am I, Hippie Love, Knowledge, Education, Globalisation. Favorite quote: “The world belongs to those who, at least to some degree, have figured it out.” Carl Sagan, ‘The Demon Haunted World’, ‘Contact’, and other famous books DVD ‘Cosmos’. The warning of another and horrendous, “Age of Superstition”. “Isn’t there something deeply absurd in the presumption that children ought to inherit beliefs from their parents. It can be deeply damaging, even lethally divisive. A ‘them’, with an ‘against us’, mentality” – Professor Richard Dawkins. “The will to believe is stronger than mere reason in the vast majority of people” – Dr J.Brown, Army Psychologist of the 1960′s. Humans will believe in almost anything, in fact, they seek it! Why? “98% of us, trained to be just good consumers, let’s train our children to be the 2% who have their very own creativity and discernment”; quote by a famous surreal artist. “The lack of reason brings forth monsters”. “Global interconnectedness is lethal against mass religion, nationalism, racism, and other destructive memeplexes. Let us connect everybody they hate it in restrictive regimes”; from the ‘meme learning group’, Richard Brodie’s book, ‘Virus Of The Mind’ (Richard Brodie a designer for ‘Microsoft Word’). Following on, J.Bronowski, and ‘The Ascent Of Man’ TV series, and a book http://www.bbcshop.com/science+nature/the-ascent-of-man/invt/9781849901154/ with the last DVD in this series, ‘The Long Childhood’ being especially revealing. ‘Prehistory’ and the ‘Making of the Human Mind’ by Colin Renfrew, with P.Wilson’s, ‘The Domestication of the Human Species’, and Nigel Spivey’s, TV series and book, ‘How Art Made The World’, offers some further explanations. Latest reading: Jared Diamond http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jared_Diamond
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