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Council Tax. Religious Communities Exemption. Government Response.   An unfathomable, obscure and ridiculous explanation, from a quite ridiculous set up! But, they have the power…ha, ha!   Religious Privilege? Privilege for Superstition? Privilege for Church, Crown and State. And, great ‘privilege’ for some of the richest organisations … Continue reading

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Christian Schools smacking loophole to be closed. Church Schools and Faith Schools.

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Charity Status Independent Schools. Consultation on Draft Supplementary Guidance on Public Benefit and the Advancement of Education.

  School – PTA’s and PTFA’s.   The Barmy Army   IN THE (Governments) CHARITY COMMISSION’S Draft Supplementary Guidance on `Public Benefit and Fee-charging’, the Commission come back to an issue trailed in their general guidance: can a charity opt out of … Continue reading

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“The War To End All Wars”

  Josephine Hart Poetry Programme The unforgettable poetry of WWI Sunday 13 April 2008 16:30-16:56 (Radio 4 FM) Repeated: Saturday 19 April 2008 23:30-0:00 (Radio 4 FM) Josephine Hart explores the work of great poets at live events at the … Continue reading

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Church Schools. Faith Schools. Private Schools. Public Schools and State Schools. UK.

  What books and DVD’S are in your School Library? Does, Anti-Spiritualist Material and Science get top marks, at last!  School Libraries. Classrooms. Curriculum. Ofsted. Department for Children, Schools and Families. Starting next month, spiritualists’ work will fall under more general consumer protection … Continue reading

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Swarm Intelligence

    Animals and humans are alike!   But, humans swarm more, making them a lot more beastly generally than most animals; for all their good works, promises and softly-spoken words: within a subject of ‘historically analysing group behaviour’ and the effect that those words (love and … Continue reading

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