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Talking about Working with Violent Women

  Quote Working with Violent Women Pulling aside the blanket of silence on a taboo subject. by Erin Pizzey Those of us working in the field of domestic violence are confronted daily by the difficult task of working with women … Continue reading

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USA President Bush’s Secret Visit To Iraq.

Not very subtle: two 500lbs bombs dropped for one man resulting in deaths of innocent women and children, again. What a cost. Surely, one bullet would have done the trick.    Could this be a turning point? How will Historians see this in the future; the results … Continue reading

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Al Qaeda and the Taliban winning the ‘war on terror’.

  BBC Radio 4 0715 Oxford Research Group study finds that al Qaeda, not America, is winning the ‘war on terror’: hear from the report author, Professor Paul Rogers. I mentioned the Oxford Research Group months ago, they produced a publication called Endless War. The … Continue reading

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Church Schools Faith Schools. Should We Take The Risk – Are Parents Herd Animals?

  BBC NEWS | Politics | Segregation warning over schools Tony Blair’s flagship education reforms could increase racial segregation and destabilise communities, the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) has warned. Evidence suggests that – given unlimited choice – parents would band … Continue reading

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Smyth, Williams. World War 1, pictures.

    Photo, Smyth, before – World War 1   Photo, Williams – World War 1   Some of the few survivors of a large family; many had a very horrible deaths in battle. See, family – history. Grandpa, Leonard Williams drove an ambulance and a truck in World War 1. … Continue reading

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Smyth. Williams. Scot-Williams – Woolland, Nr, Blandford Forum, Dorset. UK. Anglo Boer War, World War 1, & 11: some pictures.

SMYTH, ROBERT NAPIER, Brevet Major, was born 26 June 1868, son of General J H Smyth, CB, of Frimhurst. He was educated at Wellington, and joined the 21st Hussars 12 February 1890, as Second Lieutenant, becoming Lieutenant, 21st Lancers, 6 … Continue reading

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Can We Save Planet Earth? Sir David Attenborough.

  "How could I look my (children) grandchildren in the eye and say I did nothing"? asks David Attenborough. Experts predicting temperature rises throughout the century, entire ecosystems could be lost, and floods threaten. Attenborough speculates on these consequences of … Continue reading

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