St Anton am Arlberg. Cafe Sailer. Teppichswinger. Flying : Riding.

Very muddled notes taking me through the “healing process” 25 years on 2018!
Beta (testing on – “Facebook Timeline” & Hidden, as it’s all “rather speculative” for any result – 25 Years Anni (Divorce Celebration – “No Children Involved”!) – “Packard Cars, The English Connection” – Christopher Williams & Amelia Williams + Celia Gollin (half-sister to “Ro Williams, nee, Maxwell-Muller, she has/had a brother Ian Maxwell-Muller, Ludlow, Shropshire) & (their) “Heritage” (the correspondence of 1 year approx, with, “Celia Gollin of the Mutations” prelude/historic to “The Stranglers” & other Punk Rock Groups) To: – Ro Williams (age over 60+) Newbury, Berkshire. — “celebrating an anniversary”! Photo – “Escape To Manoel Island 1992” From – Westbrook RH12 3PT.
Escape 001 (2)
‘Life Events’ on ‘Facebook’ is coming along well
‘Google +’ and ‘Other Stuff’ is developing well And, quite beyond me, so complex and at this stage in life Tokophobia @

Rosemary Gillian Williams, nee, Maxwell-Muller & Ian Robert Maxwell Muller – They are all ‘ghosts’ now – Will-o’ -the -wisp’s, or at least: ‘pretending to be’. After, ‘dastardly deeds’.’-the-wisp As mother would say, ‘the poor, so very poor little people – in such very poor & so very un-naturally low spirits – poor darlings’! Thank God that my children aren’t half of hers Hoho, many Christmas’s spent together – haha!

One can only hope that they have become ‘charitable benefactors’ to those ‘less fortunate’ (I am a, driver – ‘carer for the disabled’) Or, give to the animal care charities, so, on… (not being totally self-absorbed, as before)!

A ‘terrible shame & bitterness’ that takes so many years to evolve – great loneliness + the early loss of a father, whom we nursed, so, on…

Why Does ‘The Carping Of The Brexiteers’ Sound So Much Like My Ex-Wife Proceeding With Her Silly Divorce Against Me? (we had no children, so like a boy friend & a girl friend, could of broken up our relationship most amicably & with much less cost – she was so greedy though & thought that it was lots more fun to screw me, supposedly).

Daddy 001All of Us

Tagline – Age 64. First family; second marriage (previous marriage – no children), Roie Williams & Charlie Williams Roie, ‘Conned by a Solicitor’ (there were much cheaper and better alternatives for us; both to, ‘reset and to reorder’ our lives, without any children to maintain {we were drawing apart anyway} but ‘Litigation’ seemed to be the flavour of the day – making Solicitors / Lawyers ever so rich) our separate lives. My, ‘motto’- “The best of revenge, if required, you can take, is to reorder your life, have a better and a much more satisfying life, after being, ‘forcefully’ handed a Divorce” – Bringing up my 16 year-old twins, boy and girl. The Anthropocene – a new geological time period that marks the “Age of man” – began in 1610, a study suggests (1492 Columbus). More interesting: “Humans are possibly the weirdest species to have ever lived. We have freakishly big brains that allow us to build complicated gadgets, understand abstract concepts and communicate using language. We are also almost hairless with weak jaws, and struggle to give birth. How did such a bizarre creature evolve?”

On Facebook, with permission, or google without, I think? An old analogue video remastered & trimmed – 13/03/1991 ‘Pleasant Day Walk & Ski’, off piste & touring skis & skins, with a special Guide (Robert Birkle) & ‘German Group’, wonderful Spring powder (some crust), 2 glazier’s the Rendle-Sharte, & RoBfall-Scharte, 1 river valley Moosbach-Tal, St Anton, Austria.
Trouble is just about to ‘brew-up at the Mill’, ie, the, ‘Toy Farm’, the ‘ex didn’t like skiing , or much of anything, really, and towards the end of our relationship – thank goodness for that!

I have climbed up, various mountains, in the ‘Arlberg Tirol’ region in Austria, including the ‘Scheibler’ (salt carrier), and skied down its glacier, opposite and higher, than the ‘Valluga’, and next to the ‘Rendall’, in 3hrs 10 minutes (5hrs to get home), with, ‘St Anton Ski Guide, Robert Birkl’. The, ‘Teppichswinger’s’, seem, to have been made quite famous by the book called, ‘The Business of Alpine Tourism In A Globalising World’, written by, ‘Jacqueline McGibbon’, New South Wales, Australia. We could look down on the, ‘Motorway Skiing & Piste Skiing Ants’, that were, ‘far below us’! And, ‘Please, let me go’!, Whilst away, the ‘thieves and vagabonds’, were at large!

“Of all the decades of life, your twenties seems to be the one where the pressure is off. Not so, says, Dr Meg Jay ‘The Defining Decade’, argues that your twenties is the best decade to get serious (mine was twice that age at 40) and put the groundwork in for a successful life. We hear from her and speak to Virginia Ironside and Julia Sutherland about whether our twenties really define us”

1992  Annus horribilis; Deformation; Defamatory; Robbery; Abuse; Outnumbered; so on… I made a ‘Strategy’ to cope, ‘best friends’ & ‘local friends’; Counsellors (Farm Place, Ockley); personal, the ‘building up of ‘past achievements’, by having some (my historic achievements) pictures ‘framed’; when ‘bullied’ by the Petitioner, with threats of ‘violence’, ‘baring oneself’, a small embarrassment , but very effective, making the Petitioner ‘retreat’ causing ‘no harm’. Pursuing, The Divorce ‘Consent Order’, with my solicitors & ‘repelling’ the ‘ridiculous claims’ by the Petitioners Solicitors (money grabbers). Collecting my ‘witnesses’ to ‘Deformation’, ‘evidence’ of ‘Robbery’ & combating the ‘defamatory elements’. Arranging, for my ‘goods to be removed’, so on…

Scary, but with ‘no children’, not so bad –

The, ‘reset & restart’ in my life, taking about 7 years, at the age of 40, making about 17 years in total that were by no means wasted, but somewhat, very superficial!, now at 64, my children are 16 in 2015 – how the, ‘time has flown me by’! Family, ‘Surviving Through Total Bollocks’


sking 001 (2)
St Moritz British Juniour Combined Services Ski Team 1967
We stayed self-catering in Celerina, Nr St Moritz. Names that I can remember – St Moritz British Juniors Combined Services, Capt David Powers (centre). Ben Cowell (4th from left). Kate Mckensie (5th from left). Two St Moritz Ski Instructors (first left and seventh from left). Mark Egleton (3rd from left – Pangbourne Naval College). Zan Smiley? Julian Casavetti? Myself, 5th from right. NB leather boots and Kniesell White Star 2.10 mtrs downhill skis! Combined Services, St Moritz, Millfield School Ski Team 1960’s. Article, The Windmill Magazine.  
Skiing School 001P1000996
Skiing holidays are great fun! Both the children have been three times and they are only just seven (2006). I was lucky enough to go skiing when I was about their age! I have climbed up various mountains in the Arlberg Tirol region in Austria, including the ‘Scheibler’ (salt carrier) and skied its glacier, opposite and higher than the ‘Valluga’ and next to the ‘Rendall’ – 3hrs 10 minutes. I have skied waist deep virgin powder and virgin spring glacier snow on many superb occasions. Ref, St Anton – Ski Guide – Robert Birkl Saved my life, when I had front fall into soft snow burying my head!
We like the St Anton Ski School and there is an off-piste Adventure School section for the better skier. The Cafe Sailer is the meeting place for locals and the regulars to St Anton. The ‘club scene’ has really finished by 2008, but we can all look back with some very fond memories and unforgettable very challenging moments.
Teppichswinger 20 years 001 (2)
The Teppichswinger Club, table (the ski test: to be able to ski powder snow in an exact pattern and in most conditions) at the Cafe Sailer, hosted by St Anton Ski School, Schilehrer and Schifurhrer Roman Siess; owner of the Hotel Garni Siess, St Jacob. Above the table are some of the pictures of our past adventures, these are hung up on the wall above the table. Roman has a son, Roman, he is also a St Anton Ski Teacher and may carry on the Teppichswinger’s Club when Roman 1 retires (Deceased 29/8/2010), it seems, on our last visit to St Anton that the (private) club scene, is now, very out of date – one day it may return! (the pictures that were up in the Cafe Sailer have been taken down) The Teppichswingers seem to have been made quite famous by the book called ‘The Business of Alpine Tourism in a Globalising World’ written by Jacqueline McGibbon, New South Wales, Australia. And, she does have another address in St Jacob am Arlberg. This book gives you another dimension into ski culture and the nature of the alpine world. Lots more to think about when you go off on a skiing holiday. 
“An analysis is presented of one particular ski resort, the village of St Anton am Arlberg in the Tirolean Alps (Austria), as a site for the mass consumption of tourism, sport and leisure. This analysis examines both the complex symbolic field surrounding ski tourism in Tirol and the different patterns of consumption that individuals and groups engage in once in the village. Two quite different patterns of tourist consumption in the village are described: that of the ‘Teppich-Swingers’, or a group of well-off regular guests who have formed their own ski club; and that of the ‘skibums’, or young travellers who work the winter season to fund their extended ski holidays. The practices of both these groups of visitors have, over time, played a role in shaping the ski resort itself and in stimulating further consumption within it.” And
Who did my grandfather – Lt-Commander Edward (Eddie) Scott Williams (ref – family, obituary’s – to be republished) know in the Tirol after the First World War 1918? He was the youngest ‘Fellow’ ever of The Royal Geographical Society (FRGS) and carried out some extensive ‘research’ in the Tirol?
Joan Scott Williams 1st wife of
Lieutenant Commander Edward Scott Williams FRGS
Ref, And – drawing up a peace treaty with Turkey after WW1
Some more best days – the ‘Andrex Days’, as we used to call them!
Cresta Run St Moritz – rode her 5 times on the 31st December 1968, aged 17, two falls at shuttlecock corner (practise from junction)
‘Blown off’, Hay Bluff’ (Flying a, ‘John Malin – Fin-Tail – Hang Glider, next generation, from a Rogello) – 1970’s British Hang Gliding Association – John Malin of Steyning Bowl, Sussex, UK. of long soaring flights in Wales, with brother, and friend. (solo glider pilots licence obtained, at an earlier date).
Improved: History: ‘The Barren Lands’ (a book in the making).
Christopher Williams & Amelia Williams, over 16 now, Daddy’s job is nearly done. Charles’s biological children, ask about  (the, ‘big house’, inheritance, ‘original source of capital’, how and why; as it is said, ‘how you come about anything that’s important’, its origination, so on.., Len, and I, carried on the supporting of our parents, until 2004, at some great cost to us and our children: very happily – She, Divorces me 1992, I would never of done such a thing – a promise made and given! Rosemary Gillian Williams, nee, Maxwell Muller 60 yrs old (2015) – heritage, ‘The London Gazette’, Ref, ‘Golin Trust’ &  Margaret Maxwell Muller, nee, Gollin, prev address, Ashley Park Avenue, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England. Claim line, Maxwell-Muller: brother, Ian Maxwell-Muller (Eccles, ‘The Sealed Knot’, and some other ‘battle re-enactment societies’), elder sister, Celia Gollin (Golin Trust). Legacy – the ‘cats home’; would be good, but silly & sad Or, something, passed on to them?, that would be so very much better, and for all the support that you received on our break up, ‘designed’ by either of us, or, not; Roie?, ref, the, ‘executorship’ of Gollin Trust, re, Wood, mothers maiden name, held at the time of a ‘divorce’, post earlier death of father B M-M, and possibly, a ‘hidden legacy’}. We all have, ‘come through soundly’ and we are all much better off than we (esp, personally i.e., QofL, were, on our breakup and ‘originally’ and also, in financial terms! Contact Or, Or, Charles Anthony Leonard Williams – Google Profile, Google Communities, Packard Cars ‘The English Connection’. The ‘psycho drama’, continues – We have only just got high speed broadband, such a bonus, as all this was not really possible! ‘Brave New World’, ‘Utopia’, Aldous Huxley (further reading to do, on, ‘How The World Works’ Chomsky). Interesting link -,
Expires:16 January 2004, Surname: Maxwell-Muller, First name: Margaret, Middle name: Beryl, Date of death: 24 September 2003, Last address of the deceased Person address details: 31 Ashley Park Avenue, Ashley Park, Walton on Thames, Surrey. Widow. Executor: Rosemary Gillian Williams. The ‘Electoral Register’, and ‘Local Planning’, ‘The Caravan’, Rosemary G Williams, Newbury Road, Kingsclere, Newbury, RG20 4TA, England. Ian Maxwell-Muller G+ Property Nos 31 Last Sale 2oo4 – Golin, Brian Maxwell Muller
Photos needed, of this period, please. 1970-1984

‘Western Riding’ with Bobby Mayhew, ‘English’ style, Dressage Trainer Robert Pring, and show jumping. The, ‘Ménage à trois’, with an additional ‘quatre’, on the rampage (his wife), was most amusing (looking back on it), but extremely costly! After, a short recuperation (sailing in the Med on WFTM from some, ‘post traumatic stress’, and a general tiredness, possibly, was, the late onset of ‘acromegaly’. Lt Anthony Leonard Stuart Williams, 1946 RNVR (Combined Operations & Navigating) HMS Nelson And,

Malta 001 ‘Dark Sky Island’ – Malta, my Dad, fought in the ‘Battle for Malta’ WW11 – ‘Escape, ‘Chichester County Court Judgement (Public Divorce), &, a, ‘f..k off to’, ‘Manoel Island, Malta’ in 1993, ‘Barren Lands’, ‘Lonely Pine’ – a, ‘Grey’, book to write. The escape from, ‘The Nest’,  ‘Ménage à trois’, of; ‘Rosemary Gillian Williams, nee, Maxwell-Muller’, now, miserably, certainly, a, ‘very miserable little house’, close to the main road?; Newbury Road, Kingsclere’, 2016 and a, ‘Robert Pring, the, ‘Dressage Trainer”, who lived, in a, ‘Caravan, in the Barn’, and a horse of his, in the Stables,@,’Westbrook Hall Farm’ (Upper Westbrook Farm), Warnham, Nr Horsham, West Sussex, 1993 New Video Malta (Re-fit); Menorca (for, Christmas 1993); Gibraltar (I ran up the Rock); Lisbon; Azores (storm, ran back to Lisbon); Returned to the UK. A great, ‘Trip of Revival’, but I think that the ‘acromegaly’ was just beginning to set in (40-45, is usual, mine, may have been, a bit later). The, ‘Ménage à trois’, with an additional ‘quatre’, on the rampage (his wife), was most amusing (looking back on it), but extremely costly. Roie (Rosemary) & her, ghastly, & rural, & local, ‘Egghead, & quite, Feral, & Bowl’s, Solicitors’, of, Chi, didn’t consider this (above) untoward behavior some abnormality, but considered mine – I thought that I was very controlled, and very much, rather, of a, stabling {sic} normality {sic – the author has just vomited} especially, under the (amusing) circumstances; to be of: some very much greater distraction, and as the perfect, and the, ‘complete grounds’ for a very costly to us, esp, me – very lucrative to them, & their, somewhat, appalling form, of, the ‘widely held & respected profession’ ‘divorce litigation procedure’; under the, ‘Ass of our ‘English Laws’. ‘The Law is an Ass’ (Charles Dickens 1838) so is my writing today!

Man1 001, and the after effects of the ‘violence of’ an immediate past – Cousin, Dinah, ‘tries it out’ on my brother & my 1st Cousin; I experienced – isolation, complicity in, and an attempted (botched), ‘psycho/fraud’, possibly. She, Divorces me, I would never of done such a thing – a promise made and given! Thank ‘goodness’ for the Divorce (Petit Mal – Depression – Car Accident – Travel Phobia – Parkinson’s (Father’s) – Overbearing Mother – Self-esteem – Poss, ‘early’ menopause) – Rosemary Gillian Williams, nee, Maxwell-Muller (& her cousin). ‘The Barren Lands’, & the Farm, ‘The Lonely Pine’. A story/book in the making. The initial shock ‘got over’. We, bros, Len’s girlfriend, was a ‘first cousin’ to Rosemary (same named), she left him; &, I, then, found, much younger wives (Len gets married), restored ourselves and, in my case, some of the wealth that was lost. They must be so lonely (with, presumably, no children) and old! And, quite beyond me, so complex and at this stage in life

Life to music – Hippy, “Mashed Your Head To”! Our home – 1992 – Westbrook Hall Farm, Nr Horsham, West Sussex Removed from me (including – heartbreaking – all the animals and 3 years of hard labour + cash to improve the property and in the buying & looking after our animals) by a Consent Order, Chichester County Court 92 D 45 1993 the ‘Divorce Petitioner, Mrs Rosemary Gillian Williams, nee, Maxwell-Muller. No news of what has happened to any of those animals has been forthcoming, so far? Or that of the Petitioner. My wife and my children (18-year-old twins) would like to find out, as it is a serious part of their heritage ‘Packard Cars The English Connection’, UK, & ‘that all’ has not been wasted’! No communication about the fate & life of those animals has quite unforgivably been denied to me over the last 25 years! There are other photos and videos – raunchy ‘turn on’ ones that certainly ‘turned her on more fully’ ; maybe, that was what she was worried about, making children? But finally, it made her go very, very ‘soured’! She must, with age and if ?? “NORMAL” !!, wish to ‘take a trip’ with me back in time – Pink Floyd – Hey You That would be very dangerous, deserving some great trust – ‘Fifty Sades Of Grey’ (style). Of course, an allowance from me would have to be sought out from her; as far as I can see – she has had no children (through an incompetence – ‘Schizoid Tokophobia’) and therefore very immature in life’s ‘conjugal matters’! (for the having of children, somewhat, can be a very great effort and dedication, having to be made, very certainly by both the parties concerned).

My Grandfather, Leonard Williams, would of loved these photos, of course, Amelia’s, 1st Great Grandfather. And, his only, ‘Great Granddaughter’ how proud he would of been! And, of her twin brother, Christopher. Owned, without, ‘Encumbrances’, &, ‘The (wonderful and very happy) Love Houses’ – with children (2) & a ‘greater restored/restoration of net worth’.

Mr & Mrs C Williams
Milbury Cottage (The Guest House)
Church Lane
Bradford Peverell

Mr & Mrs C Williams
Manor Cottage (The Main House)
Church Lane
Bradford Peverell

‘A Hunting Morning’, ‘Cattistock Opening Meet’ 2000, Lizzy & I, horses Fred & ZoZo, the twins age 1, Lizzy’s parents.
Fox Hunting. Boxing Day. UK.

Cathleen Williams’s, bracelet, ‘gone’?, Duty to the retired oldies 60, 000 approx – ‘It’s not what you have got, it’s how you have obtained it – ‘health and wealth’, now, must be so very appalling; so very sad’!

the environment at home, ‘West Brook Hall Farm’ (the, ‘lonely pine’, photo), the time lines of bargaining, events, deceits; to be reviewed (a ‘historic legacy’ issue, where money and family (lack of) concerns), and to recorded all of it for the children (they do ask!). Sarah Brown, trained – Hunting with the Portman, Cattistock, Wilton, South Dorset, ‘Horse Trials Eventing’, Show Jumping and Dressage (Dorset based).  My ‘You Tube Channel’
‘Divorce’ – ‘Not My Business’ – ‘Taboo Subject’ – ‘Too Much Information’ – “My childless (her choice) ex-wife of 15-years (mostly, ‘loving’) marriage, ‘must/does see’?, my children, of a, somewhat, later marriage; in every child that she sees or meets or dreams; in her (now) ‘older age’ (60+)”. And,
And, quite beyond me, so complex and at this stage in life Tokophobia
Hi Charlie, 1/04/2017 Thanks for your messages. I only wish I could throw more light, but it is something between you and Roie, known to the two of you alone. Seems like you divorced the wrong half-sister! I can only say I admire how you have dealt with it all. Success, as they say, is the best revenge. Warmest thoughts and regards, Celia.
Typo, Portman 1994, 1984!
????????????P1000963 (2)Eventing 006 (2)Badminton Horse Trials – Wednesday 3rd May – Sunday 7th May 2017. On Fred doing HT (not Badminton) photo “A Difficult Moment” – 60 HT’s completed (approx) & some on ZoZo after 1993 (before 1993 – Rosemary, “Roie Williams”, nee, Maxwell-Muller, BHSAI; “jealous, useless & windy”) to 2001. The nicest guy you will ever meet Eventing (he nearly ran into me with one of his young horse at Lulworth HT 1998 approx, so apologetic and gentlemanly) well done ANDREW NICHOLSON, NZL, with Deborah Sellar’s Nereo!
Zo Zo in the “West Country 1999 HT” I’m getting older @ 48 yrs – Lizzy’s TB 16.3 Bay Gelding (a privilege to do “Eventing” on with my horse Fred)!
Where did all those animals go – did she trash them? Did she ever really care for them? With all her health problems and foibles and aberrations and inherent problems (Celia Gollin’s reports & sexualities); how did she really manage?
Dodgy MomentLizz F
Shock, awe, and utter horror – just reading, ‘Dorchester Divided’, as Mother did say, ‘Charlie, you have arrived home’! I picked up this strange little book by accident and I will have to check up on all the exact details. Was this our great-grandfather nos about 10 to 15, or more, a brother of a great grandfather? Anyway, it’s a better story than some in the Poldark tale – Dorchester’s tales, its (horrific) realities, much better than in Cornies fictions, I reckon.
  • His sister Mary Argenton, nee, Williams (a great-great aunt, no’s 15 on that line?), seems, terribly nice! His brother was not such a ‘bad egg’!
  • In 1621 William Williams left a sum of £3000 which at that time produced an annual income of £140.  This money was to be spent on two poor boys in rotation from the three towns of Blandford Forum, Shaftesbury and Sturminster Newton. At that time the boys were selected on the advice of the Bailiff or…
    Great fun, history/historic, ‘young days’, all are over now, with new lives to look forward to – check it all out on my Google+, sign in, or comment.
    Photos needed, of this period, please.
    ‘Hidden Legacy Divorce’ (papers, are held by, ‘Charles Anthony Leonard Williams’) for 3 yrs approx, and on the final settlement; Rosemary Gillian Williams, née, Maxwell Muller, father’s death Brian M-M 1989, holding the Executor, or, Personal Representative for her mother’s Estate & (suspected) Gollin Trust (beneficiary / Trustee / Executor) Interesting, Celia R Gollin, was born in March 1946 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, her father, Edward Gollin, was 35 and her mother, Margaret Gollin, nee, Wood, became, Maxwell-Muller, was 27. She had one sister Meriel (sadly died early) & 2 younger half siblings, Ian, and, Rosemary, Maxwell-Muller. She lost her father when she was only 1.
    ‘Celia and The Mutations’
    Became, the, ‘Stranglers’ (I spent many hours listening to this band in the 1970’s, such fun). Celia was an, ‘my ex’s, my, half sister-in-law’, whom I never met, even after 10 years of marriage, why? Aren’t families, funny (peculiar), now, but esp, 1970’s 1980’s. I would have loved to of met her, she would have brought some ‘serious colour’ to rather a dull lot!
    The divorce is finalised in 1993 from all the Estate Assets, the original source of capital, being, ‘solely originating’ from ‘Charles Anthony Leonard Williams’ of (his) calculated assets in 1993. The London Gazette, Notice type: 2903 Claim expires: 16 January 2004 Publication date: 5 November 2003 Edition:London issue Number: 57105 Notice ID:L-57105-247 Executor: Royds RDW, 2 Crane Court, Fleet Street, London EC4A 2BL Father, Brian Maxwell-Muller deceased Jan 1989 reg date, divorce from, Charles Anthony Leonard Williams 1993 reg date, Executor Personal Representative, Rosemary Gillian Williams, of her mother; Surname: MAXWELL-MULLER, first name: Margaret, middle name(s): Beryl, full name: MAXWELL-MULLER, Margaret Beryl Date of death: 24 September 2003 Person address details: 31 Ashley Park Avenue, Ashley Park, Walton on Thames, Surrey. Widow. MAXWELL-MULLER, Margaret Beryl 31 Ashley Park Avenue, Ashley Park, Walton on Thames, Surrey. Widow.
    24 September 2003. Royds RDW, 2 Crane Court, Fleet Street, London EC4A 2BL. (Rosemary Gillian Williams, Robert Justin Lloyd-Davies and Christopher Richard Wright.) 16 January 2004 (247)


    Rosemary Williams

    Newbury Rd


    Newbury, Hampshire RG20 4TA


    2003 Age: 48

    The Caravan, Star Farm, Newbury Road, Kingsclere, Newbury, RG20 4SY

    Land Purchased.

    Caravan At Star Farm, Kingsclere, Newbury, Berks, RG20 4SY £917 (Band A)

    31 Ashley Park Avenue, Walton-on-thames, Surrey KT12 1ER

    £607,000 Detached, Freehold 16 Jun 2004

    Public info

    Property type: Detached house | Tenure: Freehold | Last sale: £607,000 | Sale date: 16th Jun 2004

    This 5 bed freehold detached house is located at 31 Ashley Park Avenue, Walton-On-Thames KT12 1ER and has an estimated current value of £1,040,363.

    Ashley Park Avenue has 57 properties on it with a average current value of £2,277,788, compared to an an average property value of £573,423 for KT12. There have been 18 property sales on Ashley Park Avenue, KT12 over the last 5 years with an average house price paid of £2,130,477 and this detached house was last sold on 16th Jun 2004 for £607,000. There are currently 79 properties to buy in KT12 with an average asking price of £909,576 and 64 houses and flats to rent in KT12 with an average asking rent of £606 pw.

    Deceased Estates

    Details of the deceased

    Claim expires:

    16 January 2004



    First name:


    Middle name(s):


    Date of death:

    24 September 2003

    Last address of the deceased

    Person address details:

    31 Ashley Park Avenue, Ashley Park, Walton on Thames, Surrey. Widow.

    Details of the Executor/Personal representative

    Executor/Personal Representative:

    Royds RDW, 2 Crane Court, Fleet Street, London EC4A 2BL. (Rosemary Gillian Williams, Robert Justin Lloyd-Davies and Christopher Richard Wright.)

    Bragging rights
    One Divorce, see, ref, ‘no children’. A second marriage; acromegaly (pituitary surgery) and cured (possibly), father of twins, a girl and a boy at nearly 50 yrs old, ‘Captain of Skiing’ Millfield School, Teppichswinger & climbed the Scheibler(the salt carrier) Tyrol in 2hrs 10mins, 1960’s solo glider and hang glider pilot, third generation ‘humanist’ and atheist, biker and ‘biker transport company director’, ex-‘eventing’ horse rider, early in 1970’s ‘scuba’ diver trained in 1970’s, ‘trained’ soldier in late 60’s – 1970’s, HGV Class 1 truck driver, ‘holiday home’ owner and cleaner, carer of a ‘leaning difficulties’ relation. Ancient, and ‘recorded’ heritage on Mothers family in Dorset, England, UK.Acromegaly Age 60 approx, (after my) Acromegaly, just before diagnosis, with obvious symptoms, far ‘too late’ with many, regular (to keep my HGV class 1, Licence, for farm, and leisure purposes), comprehensive medical health checks, previous to the ‘diagnosis’, private, and public health care; NHS England. Operated on in 2014 for the adenoma. ‘Medical Professional Awareness Level’ is very low, to possibly, non-existence by GP’s! In country, after country, the U.S. included, endocrinologists and surgeons open their presentations on acromegaly to other medical professionals or students with pictures or illustrations of highly disfigured patients who were not diagnosed in a timely fashion. They really are a testament to medical failure, not to medical excellence. My daughter, at six years old, could have identified a late-diagnosed acromegalic at that stage. No medical school needed! I have met many of these patients. They are often educated people: lawyers, university professors, etc. (meaning – they regularly see doctors for check-ups, etc) and still they are paraded about by their treating doctors and surgeons as though
    Rosemary Gillian Williams, née, Maxwell-Muller (over 20 years, now of wonderful bliss – children, horses, family, &, a ‘great life’, long may it continue) for all!
    Very Sad:- Margaret B Maxwell Muller, née, Gollin (Celia Gollin, is left out of her Mother’s Will ), &, maiden name, Wood. Ian, &, Rosemary, Inherit their mothers (Margaret’s) Estate. Will signed in 2000, Date of Death 2003. No children are on record for, ‘Rosemary’, ‘Ian’, or, ‘Celia’.
    Great fun, history/historic, ‘young days’, all are over now, with new lives to look forward to – do check it all out on my Google+, sign in, or comment. Cathleen Williams’s, bracelet, ‘gone’; jewelry; fly fishing rods; costs of, Stable Roof; ‘Galliard’, the ‘dressage horse’; dog, ‘Copper’, all the other animals were ‘filched’ (cried, if she thought I would ever take one away, I never did); I was asked after 6 months, whether I wanted this dog back – I had a small bachelor flat (with restrictions), this was probably ‘put down’, as she was always getting ‘bored’, with the all the things that ‘she had bought’ (our/my money) – I bet that they, her, and the ‘Dressage Trainer’ (her ‘infatuation’ with the ‘Dressage Trainer’, and doing ‘Dressage’), made a real ‘pigs ear’ of that horse called ‘Galliard’. We went to Germany to by that one, probably, she was conned; she was not a very good rider, far too windy; duties to the retired oldies 60,000 approx; extras, spent on the ‘Toy Farm’; so on… ad infinitum… It’s not what you have got, it’s how you have obtained it – ‘health and wealth’, now, must be, so very appalling; so very sad! Photos, they were the ‘find of the century’! Photos needed, of this period, please. 1970-1992.
    Any one – The search for history; news; photos; items.., ref, ‘Whilst away, the ‘thieves and vagabonds’, were at large’!
    ‘Picking Up’, on the, ‘Sainsbury Shoot’, Nr Basingstoke. At about this time, 1991 – I went skiing with a (wealthy) ‘Bart’, whose wife was, ‘infatuated’ with a ‘Western Rider & Trainer’; communicated with the/my ‘Divorce Petitioner’ Rosemary Gillian Williams, née, Maxwell Muller: (‘infatuated’, with/by the ‘Dressage Trainer’). They used the same Solicitors for the Divorce’s – how much the ‘Petitioner’ was led on (fashionable, to ‘seek’ a Divorce, in the early 1990’s, for ‘financial gain’, ie., Diana, sets the pace) is anyone’s guess?, – we were friends, and the ‘Petitioner’, bought several (gun) dogs from her, one of those named ‘Copper’, which, when convenient, to her, was passed on to me. I was offered this dog back 6 months later, 1993, but I only had a third floor, ‘Bachelor Flat’, with ‘animal restrictions’ (Leasehold Property until 1996, when we bought the Freehold, on some of the Flats at Bransgore House, Burley Road) & I was trying very hard to set up my ‘new life’ – this would of been very unfair on the dog & me I wonder how she treated this animal?, and whether, it had a good life (the, other, ‘Chesapeake’, was, ‘put down for fighting’). I’m not really sure that it was necessary, but I had to take it into the Vet’s, as she couldn’t cope, or that is, ‘what she said’!
    Rosemary G Williams
    North Lodge
    Up Down Hill House (now, Westbrook House)
    Chertsey Road
    Now called, ‘My Strange Days’: – Cousin, Dinah, ‘tries it out’ on my Brother & my 1st Cousin. I experienced – isolation (no children and her bad car accident: Mother-in-Law said ‘you didn’t mention children’, I did, so did her GP; complicity in, and an attempted (botched), ‘psycho/fraud’; My, slow onset of acromegaly, all not, a very good mix! Cathleen Williams’s, bracelet, ‘gone’? And, quite beyond me, so complex and at this stage in life Tokophobia
    Acromegaly, my acromegaly – not so, ‘far out’, how is yours? Pituitary adenomas are common benign tumors of the pituitary gland. It is said that up to 10% of people will have a pituitary adenoma (which might never have caused a problem) by the time of their death. Some tumors secrete one or more hormones in excess. Mine, must have been, and is never cured!, the ‘Love Hormone’!
    The ‘psycho drama’, continues – We have only just got high-speed broadband, such a bonus, as all this was not really possible! ‘Brave New World’, ‘Utopia’, Aldous Huxley (further reading to do, on, ‘How The World Works’ Chomsky). Interesting link -,
    She, Divorces me, I would never of done such a thing – a promise is made and given! “I can’t really exactly see what my first childless marriage was actually for, except, maybe; to practise the art of love and companionship that was, in being, fairly volatile at times, and to then, really practise in a fairly (fairly = with no great ambition to produce any children) full manner the heterosexual sex act” And, quite beyond me, so complex and at this stage in life Tokophobia
    Extraordinary, escape fast – ‘Male victims of domestic violence are being urged to report their suffering following a rise in the number of men killed by women in the home.
    Nationally, the number of women killed through domestic violence is double that of men but in some parts of Britain, it’s the other way round (lucky to escape).
    In Cornwall, men made up four out of the five most recent victims’.
    Read more:
    Petit Mal – Depression – Car Accident – Travel Phobia – Parkinson’s (Father’s) – Overbearing Mother – Self-esteem – Poss, ‘early’ menopause,
    As ‘mother’ would say, ‘They were so, frightfully common, darlings’ (non-skiers) so on..! Ref, ‘Cracked & Bad Eggs’. Quote, “I can’t really exactly see what my first childless marriage was actually for, except, maybe; to practise the art of love and companionship that was, in being, fairly volatile at times, and to then, really practise in a fairly (fairly = with no great ambition to produce any children) full manner the heterosexual sex act”. And, quite beyond me, so complex and at this stage in life Tokophobia
    ‘Collages’ Chris & Amelia, Daddy & Mummy. Grandpa, ‘Maurice’. How, ‘really proud’, were all/our ‘Ancients’!
    I would not really like to be ‘looking over my shoulder’, myself, as the next generation develop and are looking into their parents, past history or heritage. If things are found to be amiss, no doubt, this will be looked into very closely, at some time. I would make some serious amends (now that I have some time to write this). Twins: ‘Chris & Amelia’ DOB 19/04/1999. “Third, there are still massive taboos that exist around being a childless adult, whether that childlessness was chosen or not. If we consider that there isn’t a single positive word in the English language to describe a woman without children (and not connected to children such as grandmother; maybe, a step mother; a ‘divorced person’ ref, source of ‘family capital’, whatever, the ‘perceived rights’ to the capital are; or aunt) past her childbearing years, you begin to see how deeply entrenched in our culture this goes. Most people have no idea what to say to a childless woman who, when you consider, it’s 1:5 women born in the 1960s and possibly 1:4 born in the 1970s, is pretty odd. For men, there are no statistics kept by the Office for National Statistics on fatherhood, which is a story in itself”
    My, ‘endless hours’ on the Rugger Field, with Christopher at, ‘D.R.F.C’ & ‘Sunninghill Preparatory School’, writing up reports for both places and all the ‘Away Matches’. The Match Reporter Award, by, ‘Dorchester Rugby Club’, Under 8’s, for the years 2006 / 2007. 2009 Chris says, ‘Daddy I think that this may be your game’, I replied, ‘You don’t have to play this game’. Mummy was really pleased, due to some terrible accidents on the field!
     Christopher & Amelia, 2005, age 6. Commissioned Artist, ‘Tessa Acheson’, Sunninghill Preparatory School, Dorchester – a, young, ‘scholarship artist’ from this school and at this time is trying to make my 6 year old twins, somewhat, ‘ageless’ over time, in 2016, this has really worked out exceptionally well!
    Tessa Acheson
    The kids are worried about their Driving Tests. I never had a full time job at this, but did drive most of the ‘big trucks’ 30 ton + for an Agency part time, amazing fun! I used a piece of wood to hold the accelerator down on the newly built and nearly empty motorways, hold up traffic for miles with flat tires & break downs, sit cross legged, put a foot out of the window listening to music, make roll ups holding the steering wheel going through Central London. Most of the trucks had no power steering and for the HGV 1 Test (2 hr diving in London + Theory + Mechanical & ‘Backing an Artic, Round the Cones’ & ‘Rope & Sheet)’ you had to double D clutch! I haven’t driven a large truck since 1980’s! Good to of been, ‘one of the boys’ / ‘knights of the road’, at some time in one’s life (also, ‘our’, Motor Bike Courier / Transport Company, Security Despatch Ltd). “Strange separation of what man is from what man does may have some clues as to what the hell has gone wrong in the twentieth century”, Robert M.Pirsig ‘Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance’. And (his) “Hippies weren’t really offering any alternatives other than colorful short-term ones, and some of these were looking more and more like pure degeneracy. Degeneracy can be fun but it’s hard to keep up as a serious lifetime occupation”.
    ‘Accusation’ & ‘Rocky Horror Show’ – ‘Rocky Musings’: ‘Take me’, please’, then; ‘Did not like it’! Only, ‘sexy people do’! And,
    I have just ordered the DVD, after watching ‘Meat Loaf’ on the BBC TV 4  We went to the show, in 1980-ish, in London’s, ‘West End’.
    Rocky Musings – Does, she, ‘Rosemary Gillian Williams’, nee, ‘Maxwell-Muller’, of, ‘Newbury Road, Kingsclere’, remember this? ‘I do wonder’, now that I’m 64/65, 2016, and, ‘Roie’, is now, in her 60’s; what’s the hassle; we had no kids, just, ‘great fun’, so: ‘just’ broke up, costly, but; ‘what’s money, in comparison, to a; ‘wonderful life’? Such a, ‘blank’, with no photos (only personal memories, 99% of the time, were ‘good memories’) my kids have grown up; my relationships, with my wife and mother, of our kids (the twins), is very stable; my, horrible ‘acromegaly’, is sorted, and, I’m so very much enjoying, a really great ‘second life’, and a ‘semi-retirement’, after the ‘heart attack’, and the, ‘incredibly lucky return back to life’, after this, ‘extremely close shave’; 99% don’t survive! I have written to you, with ‘no reply’, so far; it’s ‘agreed’ with Lizzy that this, should be, ‘gently pursued’. Internet contact, was not so possible, before our ‘high speed broadband’, and of course, I/we, were bringing up the kids, and so, it was not really a good time to communicate – an, ‘endless dark time’ will soon be coming, although I have only ‘minor heart damage’ and the various doctors say that, ‘I am a now, a completely new person’ (a ‘pituitary adenoma’, was removed); one cannot, really rely on, ‘living forever’! This, I feel, must be sorted out (maybe, the, temporary volatility was too high) however pleasant, or unpleasant, for anyone; the, ‘heritage factor’ {‘Packard Cars, UK’ and ‘Up Down Hill House’} is so very important, the children do ask, Mummy, and I, quite frequently: the/your, ‘electronic references, are very low’; probably, a person, with no kids, and is, now, over 60; has really, not much need for: ‘the modern, electronic, communicative, world’. And, So many of my/our old friends are now, in contact again, due to the marvels and enormous power, of the, ‘Internet’ (Google Alerts)!

    The, ‘Knowledge of Relationships’, has come a long way, since, 1992. Thank goodness for my Divorce (‘volatile relationship’, ‘childless marriage’) the ‘Petitioner’, Rosemary Gillian Williams, nee, Maxwell-Muller, 1992 – ‘The Archers’ BBC Radio 4 . Knowledge :- “This study examined the relationship between coercive control and intimate partner violence (IPV) for men and women and for targets and perpetrators. One hundred and seventy-two participants (85 men, 87 women) recruited from three samples reported on their own and their partner’s behavior. IPV was measured using the Revised Conflict Tactics Scale (CTS2). Coercive control was measured using modified items from the Psychological Maltreatment of Women Inventory (PMWI). Coercive control was associated with IPV, and this relationship was similar for men and women across the three samples. In fact, coercive control was predominantly reciprocal in nature, with women and men reporting both receiving and perpetrating controlling behaviors. Overall, coercive controlling behaviors were characteristic of individuals within violent relationships, regardless of their physical abuse status. The experience of violence, rather than gender, was the best predictor of coercive control”.

    “The body guarantees our privacy, that inmost privacy, which we must not attempt to violate under pain of betraying our manhood / womanhood”.

    Aye free, aff han’ your story tell,
    When wi’ a bosom cronie;
    But still keep something to yousel’
    Ye scarcely tell to onie. Burns.

    ‘Something, Grey’, and ‘Hot’.

    The, ‘Petitioner’ (may only understand this), the ‘preposition’ was told by the ‘Petitioner’, was, for a, ‘more surprising and somewhat violent form of sex’ (presumably, to achieve some greater satisfaction) and ‘talked about vividly’, at their ‘last love making session’; a few days earlier. A ‘verbal illustration’ was given, also, by the ‘Petitioner’, in the form of, ‘being made love to by a third party’, in this case, by a visiting ‘Veterinary Surgeon’ to the Farm. When it comes to sex, women and girls sometimes ‘play hard to get’ and say ‘no’ when they really mean ‘yes’.
    Fact: Everyone has the legal right to say ‘no’ to sex and to change their mind about having sex at any point of sexual contact; if the other person doesn’t stop, they are committing sexual assault or rape. When it comes to sex, we must respect the wishes of our sexual partner and believe what they tell us about what they do and don’t want.

    This was respected, by the ‘Correspondent’ (belief; ‘in what they do and don’t want’, temporally, or permanently, was recognized as faulty – by him) the complete change of mind by the ‘Petitioner’, after a brief lull, in the ‘prepositioned act’ that took place in a secluded and outside area of the ‘Farm’. No sexual penetration took place, and was never allowed by the Petitioner again; this was respected, although they spent the best part of 6 months living together looking after all the animals on the ‘Farm’ and ‘sorting’ out her ‘Petition’ for a ‘Divorce’. During this time, when somewhat violently, and being seriously ‘put upon’ by the ‘Petitioner’. The ‘Correspondent’, found out, by ‘baring himself’ (privately, to the ‘Petitioner’) it would cause the ‘Petitioner’ to fully retreat; this was found out to be, a most effective strategy, but caused the ‘Correspondent’, some, obvious, small embarrassments! So, interesting, to ‘clear the air’, Facebook, ‘Life Events’ – The, ‘Farm’ 1988-1992. Just the ‘secluded spot’ for a ‘rampage and ‘dastardly deeds’ (Tommy’s Insurance; Building Soc Book; Incarceration, Shotgun, Mother’s Bracelet, so on…).. ‘The Lonely Pine’; ‘The Barren Lands’. A, ‘Grey’ book to write! ‘The Escape’, from, ‘The Rats Nest’, to, ‘Manoel Island, Malta’. Breathe And, Facebook And, quite beyond me, so complex and at this stage in life Tokophobia


    Don’t Panic (any, ‘angry pants’, if there are; none, as yet)! My desk & photo albums, all analogue photos/videos and all my paper filing (tax returns, so on…), to do, sometime!, great fun, but so very time consuming, also some of the past is slightly emotional, as it can be seen to be. Old life and (their, ‘lives’) should disappear, with the additions of so much new info. Summer is coming and I have so much to ‘look after’, but I will tackle this all ‘bit by bit’! April 2016.

    From: celia gollin
    Sent: 02 June 2017 16:28

    Dear Charlie,

    Re the book you recommended, you probably already know about ‘Boarding School Syndrome’, by Joy Schaverien?

    Hoping the twins are bearing up in the dreaded exams period – may the farce be with them!!!

    Best regards,



    Hi, Celia

    I’ve bought the book you recommended, but we have all been so busy!


    Rosemary didn’t quite realise my overwhelming reaction to her badly thought out moves to ‘oust me’ & ‘gain money with menaces’ & my ‘self-survival instincts’ gained from being at boarding school from the tender age of 7 to 18. What a dreadful person she had progressively (slowly) turned out to be, in (our) marriage!

    “Good riddance to bad rubbish”, I say – but it still breaks my heart – so much young/effort/time/money at that time was involved and wasted – more for her though!

    My Twins are thinking of sorting all this out “about their great heritage”, but they will probably wait until Rosemary is more decrepit, which must surely happen (as with us all). As I have said before, I would rather not be her for the young are so very (mentally, in this context) strong. She had, after all, put so many brains to work against me – so disgraceful. Looking forward to their results, if I’m still alive!

    Many Best Regards


    Chris & Amelia’s, Birthday, is today! I’m ‘censored’, so no pictures, comments about them are allowed, due to my past, and present, possibly, very likely, future ‘inappropriate & unreasonable’ behaviour. I am very calm, due to taking, my prescribed ‘cosh for oldies’ beta blockers (wonderful drugs, thanks, Doc), so happy, and calm, all of the time, which is, I do admit, ‘slightly’ worrying. Mummy, the kids, the neighbours, & friends, seem to me, to be OTT & quite hysterical – silly billies!

    Rashleigh Henry (Scott) Williams was born on June 2, 1897, in Dorset, his father, Montague, was 38 and his mother, Audrey, nee, Kindersley, was 30. He married Eileen Millicent Cornwall Webber in 1927. They had two children during their marriage. He died in April 1990 in Kingsclere, Hampshire, at the age of 92.
    Sometime, a visit to ‘Kingsclere Cemetery’ – (‘Auntie’ Roie) Ms Rosemary Gillian Williams. May (all) be in order! Reparation is, ‘The action of making amends for a wrong one has done, by providing payment or other assistance to those who have been wronged’. This is nothing to me (and, ‘none that I would accept’), but all we have, now, as we greatly age is a respect for our past, and in the future generations (this, only a ‘little (bit) applies’, if one has not had any ‘biological’ children. The consequences of denying this is to be completely forgotten over time, in the making of our very existence a complete waste and that of our parents and all our past generations, a waste (of ‘efforts’) – how ‘incredibly sad’ is that? In my ‘mind’s eye’, all I see, is an ‘overwhelming (paranoia-ial) darkness’, especially, with the lack of any communication or ‘social electronic footprints’ that belong to all in our era!


    Me Tree

    From: Celia Gollin
    Sent: 23 June 2017 17:43
    Hi, Charlie,
    Many thanks for your message.
    In my experience, some people have no ability to admit they might in any way be at fault.
    They bull(y)doze their way over others to get what they want, and are able to justify their every action. Sometimes my anger at Roie rises up, as yesterday. I knew selling Greenacre was a wrong move, and would cause untold damage.
    It was so awful knowing there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.
    It seems part and parcel of what went on in your case.
    Total wrongdoing, under the radar.
    But balance always rights itself.
    Very kindest regards,

    Hi, Celia.
    I’m not really sure that I had no part in our divorce as I was getting quite fed up in any case + with all the subterranean (subliminal) & a very real type of “hide depressions & then high highs” type mood swings (monthly, hormonal based) – the psychotic Tokophobia – an early change of life or something other? – gone past her ‘sell by date’ embarrassment’s and her realisation – the great antics (bullying) to compensate (Roie’s)!

    I had a thought about the general situation – The after Ist World War effects on their parents – their Era and the W War 11 (my parents were quite damaged). The very sad loss of Merial & your Father – Then Brians terrible Parkinson’s – then Margaret had some heart trouble, so on. The death of Dinah’s Dad, too + Mouse.

    My family were not easy and so very selfish and foolish in a lot of respects, maybe yours too (all over compensated and so very frightened by (a “normal”) life + alcohol played a great and strong destructive part (the ghastly hateful rows)! The old adage, if you “can’t do your jumps, give up drinking and your courage will soon return.”

    I’m so glad that I just had the time and the good luck to re-generate, so to speak & gave up (nearly all – mostly all) drinking & Pubs.

    Nothing you could have done about IT, all just “aggro” – I try not to allow this in our family – Lizzy is somewhat placid and the Twins have learnt from association with people who are very much worse off (our disabled lot). Lizzy and I are both voluntary “Registered Carers”. We have a learning disabled who now lives with us – a bad reaction to some Whooping Cough medicine in the 1950’s – not easy, but so very rewarding, in a strange way – to care and such a very major challenge, but it can be very tiring (Respite we have sometimes, but we never really like to use it + the children are getting very independent, now at 18+)!
    Many regards ++++

    Thank you for your message.

    It is almost like Roie used against you the very stuff she had previously defended you against – bullies can come on as rescuers initially, with much sympathy for one’s plight. But when they turn, they do the same shit to you they once deplored when others visited it upon you.

    I learned the best revenge, and the greatest benefit for one’s life thereafter is to just WALK AWAY. Thus ridding you of the shit entirely.

    No more mindfucks no more emotional windups, no more reacting to them. For when you are reacting, they have the power. As soon as you stop all reaction, they can do nothing. They feed off you, because they are weak. They are jealous because you make them feel inadequate. They pick on you when you are vulnerable, and want to feel superior to you, because they feel inferior.

    They cannot seem to be able to feel good about themselves unless they are putting other people down.
    If embroiled in practical stuff with them, it is just a case of getting through it as soon as possible, until there is no more need for contact.

    Because, whilst there is any form of contact, you cannot escape the crap. Once free of them, you begin to see how utterly powerless they are without a suitable victim to feed from. They get firmly reduced to size, and you breathe a huge sigh of relief, and move on!

    At least, that is what I found! It is wonderful when you reach a point where you genuinely don’t care any more and have untangled yourself from their emotional tentacles! Such people are master manipulators, that is how they survive. But, once you’ve seen through them, you can finally stop taking it personally and realise they only had power because unwittingly you gave it to them. It was always your power, not theirs, and they wanted to take it from you because they chose not to develop any power of their own. It may not be a conscious choice. But I believe we can all choose to be strong. It isn’t for us, to feel guilty for choosing not to prop these people up, and to choose instead to fulfil our own needs, instead of theirs. Such people are not happy, so they don’t want anyone else to be happy. They are ruthless survivors, at everyone else’s expence and without any contrition or remorse. When you get to the stage of not even wanting any revenge, or even any divine retribution, then that is in fact the best revenge of all. It is their ability to play on your mind and emotions that gives them their kick and if you remove that, they are left with nothing.

    Very best regards,


    28 June 2017 21:05:40
    To: Celia Gollin
    Subject: Re:

    Hi, Celia

    You have done something about it – by “realising it all”! I’m getting there – I think!

    I had 30 years, say 0-30 of family plots, intrigue and personal menaces conducted (orchestrated) by my parents, more mother, less father, because he went somewhat weakly along with it (Mother was very strong). I was the older Williams heir (she had 2 children by a previous marriage that were in close contact and competing for constant support by the Williams’s)!

    Interspersed by some great times for us all!

    After, or just before 30 years old meeting Roie. Say 10 years of some respite with Roie batting on my behalf (taking an outsiders view), making her very unpopular. The last thing expected was that at 40 years old she would turn horribly for our last few months together, so very badly with some unreportable and despicable menaces towards me, but our future together, looking from what the life I have had since, it would have been very dark; a deep slough of the “most horrible despond” (the excitement of our youth disappearing and being in a childless, nearly sexless marriage) contributing to the great (selfish & ungiving) darkness’s! Then a great light, so to speak, with my (forced by her – or I led her to believe so, at times) escape from Roie that was led by Roie whom very much dirtied herself with those “ghastly menaces”.

    Quite impossible to live with those, when she gains full realisation that she has currently put off for so long, some “retribution” is inevitable, but from where it will come from, I don’t really know (internally?, or externally (self-harming accidents, as was before?). Maybe, this has happened by a withdrawal from the world, an invisibility, with her Talmudic cleverness of mind justifying everything (I find it difficult to justify anything – there always seems to be something else that could have been better and I’m open to any suggestions 24hrs x 7days; with the making of some never ending and humanly mistakes or at least I attempt to allow for them + apologise + maybe, have some humility)!

    There are various Land Registries over all the years (25 years in 2018), no County Court Judgements or any Criminality & no “defaults” by Roie.

    I’m so very fortunate and somewhat lucky!

    Many regards +++

    Charlie W & Co.

    Sent: 26 June 2017 18:08
    To: Lizzy and Charles, Chris and Amelia, Williams.
    Subject: Re:

    Hi, Charlie,

    I guess you are right, about my not being able to do anything about it. And that very much relieves the frustration.

    The damaging bullying, and justification of the bullying, directed at me left me with the feeling that I had somehow caused the abuse because I was in some way ‘bad’, and even more so if I didn’t believe/wouldn’t admit that I was ‘bad’ – that was truly a hanging offence! It has taken me a long time to untangle all the twisted lines. I was very much the odd one out, so the herd instinct made them turn on me collectively and drive me out. I am thankful to say I have now learned to see it in perspective, and no longer take it seriously. But for a very long time I took it completely to heart.

    My father didn’t drink, so I have never had the taste for it, I am glad to say. But I have personally witnessed the destructive havoc it wreaks, both physically and emotionally, in peoples’ lives.

    The plus side to it all is having an empathy with those who have experienced similar damage within their family, and an instinctive desire to help them. I think I played that role in my family – I was the one they could all vent on without fear of reprisal, in order to relieve their feelings of unhappiness, frustration, anger, etc. Bullying me was ‘therapy’ for them!

    I imagine it is very rewarding, caring for Lizzie’s sister, but also demanding. My friends have a daughter similarly severely damaged as a baby. I feel so fortunate it didn’t happen to me.

    Many affectionate regards,


    Hi, Celia 04/07/2017

    One of the biggest bugbears is that she has not used “our family money to any good purpose” (if there is such a thing); been conned, so on..? The dreadful road that she lives on (from my transport driving days & Google Maps), seemingly all on her own, with a very low psychological codependent parameter, so to speak (OK, sort of, when young, but as one gets older: yucky)? Her invisibility, in this day and age, astounding – Ian is not so much! A scary darkness, but as you say, she feels alright – no deaths reported at her postcode recently! Pitchorn Farm, just up the road, up a trackway, a hideaway behind an industrial unit.

    It is, still, fairly insignificant, talking about all this – you have your fabulous art & culture, myself, a not quite fully grown up family; all are much bigger than the “self”!

    Roie, before the divorce, was fairly involved with the Doctors and her Petit Mal + car crash & very self-absorbed. Did this go on to be something much worse?

    Of course, there will be various characters that would jump on the bandwagon (“building castles & collecting the rent”, so to speak) for some gain! There were a few rather unfortunate characters hanging about at Westbrook Hall Farm, hoping to pick up some spoils, which no doubt that they did!

    I’m so lucky to have gone, very happily, way beyond that awfully trite and shallow menage that it was becoming!

    Many kind regards +++


    REPLY 05/07/2017 Re:
    Celia Gollin
    Today, 17:32
    Hi, Charlie,

    Margaret was always rather overconcerned re Roi’s health, a natural concern, of course, but I think this then led to Roie’s emphasis, developing from that. I know Roie had some ‘female troubles’, post-divorce. I had also been told she had a bad back, from various falls. This meant she couldn’t ride any longer, I believe. Health issues tend to get worse with age, so I don’t expect she is clear of such concerns.

    It seems from what you have been saying that the marriage had indeed run its course. Things always find their natural level, and you and Roie were obviously not on the same level in life.

    It surprises me, to learn of Roie’s relationship issues, as it was always presented to me that she was ‘healthy’ in that respect. I always assumed that she and Ian had no such problems because they had been raised in a ‘normal’ family environment, with no losses involved. But the relationship between Brian and Margaret was not harmonious, and the atmosphere at times was deeply oppressive. It seems it must have taken its toll on Roie, the effects of which later emerged inevitably in your marriage.

    Re Pitchorn Farm, was that the farm belonging to the man Roie went to live with? Whatever the situation between them now, my feeling is that Roie is not in the best of health. It seems she is possibly involved in breeding livestock. It would be unlike her to sit and do nothing. I can only guess she is happy in the life she has made for herself and lives untroubled by conscience.

    But if she has not made good use of your money, then in time that situation will right itself.

    Very kindest regards,


    07/08/2017 (Crockford, Kingsclere. One does presume).

    Hi, Charlie,

    Thanks for your message.

    Re the man Roie lived with after the divorce, who taught Roie about training gun dogs, I believe, it would seem they split up as a couple, and Roie was able to buy her own place when Margaret died, with the money she was then left. But there appears to remain a friendship/business arrangement, and I would imagine the money you gave her has been invested in the venture in question.

    The above is guesswork, of course, based on Roie’s location, and the fact that his farm, which had been in the family for generations, according to Margaret, was extensive, and could, therefore, accommodate a livestock business.

    The whole story is sad, stupid, and senseless. Those who are not able to stand up and be counted tend to resort to evasion. Guilt also plays a part. As does not being able to admit to any wrongdoing. They take after their mother in that respect. Not the sort of people I want to have in my life, antithetical to everything I believe in. So, in fact, I am relieved they have chosen to have nothing to do with me. I would otherwise feel duty-bound since they are ‘family’. A natural parting of the ways, I suppose.

    I hope your Summer is going well, that the new tenants are happily settled in, and that the Twins have recovered from their exams ordeal! I am sure they will achieve excellent results.

    Warmest regards to all,


    Hi, Celia reply to Celia (below) 09/08/2017

    Doing some thinking about this?, the pressure, as I said, will build up & I’m learning about it “all” (getting there) at the same time. 25 years ago + is the recommended “Remembrance Therapy” (the recognition of “abuse”, they say, takes 14 yrs., on average)! Lessons for the kids! A book to write puts “50 Shades” to shame + reading all the books on the ghastly Public School System!

    I know that for me all that was on my mind was a love for Roie (she knew this) & for (loving) life and all it’s “powerful forces” & being so “free & spontaneous” – at long last, after the sale of a “family estate” – “Westbrook Hall Farm”!

    We had all!, been through many stages of PTSD, due to our “upbringings” & “parenting” & “family anomalies” – crushing’s of all our spirits & morals & dignities by some unspeakable cruelties (put downing’s – if we did not obey + the “ostracizations” & much worse) that were put on all of us; mostly for the sake of the social status quo (class, so on…). The selfishness of our peers (dominant mothers) with their power, towards us, at this time, was very overpowering! The delay in being empowered, unless one was extraordinarily strong (I don’t think that intelligence IQ had much to do with this). Many of us were constantly moved on and distracted so that we couldn’t specialise really fully on anything! The “balanced individual” was a paramount (product) & in my case in training for the possibility of a new World War; from a very young age at my prep school & as a teenager & a little later in the Army.

    Roie & her, so called “backups” (the dressage rider/trainer), making her cruel, bullying, and so very dangerous for me; being so very tired & overworked – in the calling in of Public Authorities (I was ex-Army ‘fully trained’, somewhat frightening to some, maybe?) that did backfire on her & within one day – the nonsenses & lies – the accusation of an attempted rape, on her, by me, being one of them; I am being led astray by her in all ways!, – unforgivable, & very “rock bottom, silly, frightening, scary for me/any man: tactics” by her. The attempted coup d’état at the Farm, with her dressage rider trainer; his wife telling me every day that they were running off together & worse, they lived in a caravan in a barn on the farm, maybe, the “gun-dog man” as well, but I think that all this came a little later, I may be wrong – all is in her “tow”. She couldn’t continue this harassment very publicly, as her Public type of Divorce that she chose (not necessary, having no children – “childless marriage”!); it would not have been allowed to go through if there was “coercion”! She maintained a bullying stance for some considerable time, though only very privately against me, she only knows what those tactics were, but were on occasion life threating (when being physically assaulted by her, I found that to bare myself was the answer to this – she would back off & the run/go away) there seems to of been no dignity border that she would not cross to harass me & so dangerously: grabbing the wheel of the car from me whilst I was driving to steer into other cars, so on… She would, though, have occasional breakdowns of great pleadings, for this, or that, that added to her outcome of greediness’s (The Settlement). The main thing was to get it all through (esp., for me) so that we could finally separate, so out of tune was she!

    So interesting (tantric-fic): quite fascinating to find out, how that she then did survive, in this “state of un-loving, denial, hating & awful lies”, a future unrequited, physical fascination, maybe – “love match” and a lonely 77 Newbury Road (in comparison, with my rather full life of love; a wife of 12 years younger & more pretty than Roie, children & laughter & crying & caring, all the “normal” things). What is 77 Newbury Rd like inside? How is she physically, the “state of mind” (esp., with her) being so important to her general well-being, so to speak… What does she do all day – life being “movement”!? Is she, now, “quite dead” in her “soul”?

    Much too “dark”, for me to really “chase after”, but as all the info comes in, the picture “builds up & builds up”!

    Many kind regards +++

    From: celia gollin
    Sent: 04 August 2017 16:16
    To: Lizzy and Charles, Chris and Amelia, Williams.
    Subject: Re:

    Hi, Charlie,

    Thank you for your message.

    Yes, why is it that Roie divorced you, but kept your name???!!!
    Obvious, in any case, who was strong, but that says it all.
    I understand your need to track your assets.
    My experience of the negative is just to steer well clear!

    My best regards to you, Lizzy, and the Twins,


    Hi, Charlie, 12/08/2017

    Thanks for your two messages.

    I have no problem with deepness and find no surprises in what you say, it all just being an extension of what I experienced at Roie’s hands the removal of stuff sneakily in your absence, for example.

    In the context of a relationship, many more scenarios for such stuff.

    I know I was damaged by my upbringing, but I had no idea how very
    damaged Roie was, since, as I’ve said, I was made to feel completely
    inferior to both Roie and Ian, and to their respective lifestyles.

    I will write more fully, the past few days I’ve not been following my
    normal activities, due to a vet/animal hospital visit, so I am a bit out of kilter. The pet now on the mend, and home, btw.

    Warmest thoughts and regards,


    Hi, Celia (reply 13/08/2017)

    I hope that all is well, animals can be most heartbreaking. I’m very pleased that the animal is on the mend.

    The squirrelling of Roie’s accounts for her secretiveness (being found out; if articles are displayed and then gloated/ the “self-appraisals of cleverness” upon at home) and the self-induced loneliness that she must really suffer from.

    I think that she seriously must have, underestimated the intelligence of the people that she has squirrelled from. Mostly such minor things, but all those things having an emotional attachment – thus a rather puerile excitement for her and amongst her friends that she discloses this to as some sort of one up man-ship that carries weird favours/showing off. + all the lies!

    A particularly nasty trait!

    Many kind regards +++


    Hi, Charlie, 12/08/2017

    Thanks for your two messages.

    I have no problem with deepness and find no surprises in what you say, it all just being an extension of what I experienced at Roie’s hands the removal of stuff sneakily in your absence, for example.

    In the context of a relationship, many more scenarios for such stuff.

    I know I was damaged by my upbringing, but I had no idea how very
    damaged Roie was, since, as I’ve said, I was made to feel completely
    inferior to both Roie and Ian, and to their respective lifestyles.

    I will write more fully, the past few days I’ve not been following my
    normal activities, due to a vet/animal hospital visit, so I am a bit out of kilter. The pet now on the mend, and home, btw.

    Warmest thoughts and regards,


    Hi, Celia 16/08/2017
    I’m glad that you are alright with “deep”, the “50 Shades” stuff (On 1 August 2012, Amazon UK announced that it had sold more copies of Fifty Shades of Grey than it had the entire Harry Potter series combined, making E. L. James its best-selling author, replacing J. K. Rowling, though worldwide the Harry Potter series sold more than 450 million copies compared with Fifty Shades of Grey’s sales of 60 million copies )
    After 25 years being away from Roie, I can go a little deeper – It all had became extremely dangerous! I could have ended up in Prison for her wrongful accusations of rape; Committed for life, due to the her/supposed mental breakdown that was just tiredness, due to the antics and menaces that were going on at the Farm; being set upon violently by Roie at the Farm and whilst driving, having her alone with me in a vehicle, where she found it very convenient (private) to “fight with me”!
    Of course, our peers (the older generations) did not have the “pill” and so called “free love” and “sex aid amusement shops” or any of “your superbly challenging music” (for them) – taking it deeper – the accusation that Roie made (rape) was about a week after we had received a package from an “Ann Summers Sex Shops”. It contained duo-balls (masturbatory aid for females), a new “sex vibrator”, “massage cream”; we both enjoyed a particularly fun and satisfactory sex session with all those aides. She mentioned to me that it would be fun for her to be taken by “surprise” at some time – this was, I was to find out, the “lead on” to this nasty and unforgivable accusation (where no “penetration” took place, dare I say this, just nakedness, without any fulfilment) and her public cry of rape on the Farm to her friends. I obviously, felt very bad (“freaked me out”) about this, although I knew, and maybe, some of the others did that this accusation was not at all true!
    This dreadful “Era of our (combined) PTSD” coming to fruition, so to speak, and at a time of myself being about 40 years old and Roie only a few years younger, was seriously, very dangerous, and so massively chaotic!
    It could all be in “50 Shades”, but we had no “Safe Word”. In any case, it remains today, relatively, all very unimportant as there were “no children involved”, but all is just so very costly in £, and all was so very badly miss-managed (but, out and away, and as quickly as possible for me, was undoubtedly the best thing to do!
    What had also added to this ghastly PTSD was the rather immature (looking/young) boy, the “dressage rider/trainer” and his wife; his wife, going on and on, about his supposed adulterous relationship with Roie at the smallest of opportunities; whilst he and his wife, lived in a caravan, in one of our farm’s barns – the ménage à trois! The young wife left the little “pipsqueak”, eventually, for some pastures new!
    Many regards +++

    Hi, Reply 17/08/2017

    We have two feral cats from the RSPCA – always a very great worry, they disappear for days out in the country, but come back after a few days, even if it is wet: bone dry & well??!!

    Terrible, “unnormal” in the “empathetic regions” this dreadful squirreling of Roie’s (past??, I have a feeling that it would get much worse with age!).

    Exams = “One” is away to “UNI” + “Gap Year?” & “One” has another year at “School” by choice – what a boost!

    I will think about this more when we have settled down a bit (the humans that is).

    Many regards +++


    “Thinking outside the box”
    Hi Celia (Gollin) 14/09/2017
    No news. I do expect “something” before our divorce’s 25th anniversary on Nov 2018!
    Every – “menace”, “aberration”, “where or what for”; I’m afraid, can be put down to a severe “Tokophobia”.
    The new scientific/psychological papers written on this subject have really made it a “fact”.
    Of course, knowledge about this female condition did not really exist in early 1990’s, there were only anecdotes and stories for this now recognized profound psychological condition (it can happen also after pregnancy or giving birth, with more dire consequences).
    It does exist in about 1 in 10 females – it is “very problematical for male partners”. I do hope that Roie may have found some respite in Lesbianism, or some form of escapism sexually from her Tokophobia, when her time on the Pill, advised by her GP, had really “run out” in 1990’s (advised by her GP to have children that went down with her so very and extremely badly).
    I’m very pleased (somewhat proud) that I was able to remove myself from this dangerous situation that goes “against nature”, as my younger wife Lizzy would say.
    Many Regards +++

    Re: “Thinking outside the box”.
    Today, 17:54
    Hi Charlie, thanks for the great photo of the Twins. I hope their plans, post exam results, are going well.
    Thanks, also, for your thoughts on the situation re Roie. I doubt Lesbianism is her cup of tea, and I expect she just beat a complete retreat from it all after the menopause. Margaret had tales to tell of difficult births, her first experience being a forceps delivery with Merial. She had such a bad time that my father, she said,
    was extremely surprised when she wanted another child. Apparently, my birth was a lot easier. Couple this with the fact Margaret seemed to find having children to be a complete pain in the arse, and it isn’t hard to understand why Roie wasn’t keen on the idea! Owning animals seemed an easier option!
    I think Hell will freeze over before you hear from Roie! Having right royally stung you in the divorce, she cannot be free from guilt. Also re all the false accusations. So absurd, to have accused you of rape!
    Such an obvious attempt to make you out to be the villain of the piece, in order to extract a maximum divorce settlement.
    Warmest thoughts and regards, Celia Gollin.

    Re: “Thinking outside the box”.
    Thu 14/09/2017 19:20
    celia gollin
    Hi, Celia – thanks for the reply.
    All wonderfully “close to the bone”, but I know there is a “soft spot” in the psychology of Roie – accusations of rape without penetration; being, “led astray by her” (she had a “50 Shades” fetish at times, was so very surprising to her that what she said, I should do to her, came to this “half-cocked/baked conclusion”; her using this as a lever, besides, all the other rather pathetic tactics and menaces. Of course, she could have ruined me, had I not had let her get away with a myriad of some very minor concessions, to make her feel very satisfied, and to get the wretched relationship over with her and as soon as possible, however heartbreaking it was (I took all the cash +++).
    It did stretch me out a bit, admittedly, but not nearly as much as it has done to her (that is why she wrote to me in 2004)! I dreamt up about the dark place that she inhabits and it reminded me of the compulsory Social Services that we had to do at Millfield, where there were people that we looked after for an afternoon a week all in an unforgettable terrible condition.
    I was a top of my Platoon in mastering the “interrogation training” and the “gas chamber”, plus, the “outward bound survival” and was put forward for the SAS that I declined, as a marksman of all weapons in shooting for my Regiment. I did not agree with Northern Ireland’s British Gov politics. I knew that by being trained to kill at a very young age (Shooting Classes at Prep School – winning the All Prep Schools, one year) that I would have to carry this out in Northern Ireland. The Government had spent an amazing amount of money on me and were seriously upset, but I had joined on a “Special Engagement” that had a legal clause loophole that I used to extract myself. Mercenary work was available, but I had the Family Country Estate to manage that was worth such a lot more, without having to participate in lots of horrific nastiness’s. One also had to survive, the “putting downs” given out by our parents (esp., my Mother who had two previous children that lived with us and were given more quarter) at this time, very much like you, had to do!
    Many Regards

    From: celia gollin
    Sent: 16 September 2017 15:50
    To: Lizzy and Charles, Chris and Amelia, Williams.
    Subject: Re: “Thinking outside the box”.

    Hi, Charlie, it seems to me that Roie occupies a very bleak space, thanks to the rather emotionally bleak landscape of our Upbringing. I thought it was only me that suffered, but all you have said has revealed that she did not escape.
    It is a thankless place to be, and I have no real idea of how she copes with it. I expect she buries it, as Margaret did.
    No doubt the buck had to stop somewhere, and that is why we have not had children. Otherwise, it would have
    continued ad infinitum down yet more generations.
    Interesting that we went through the same thing of having others preferred over us, you with the two preceding,
    me with the two following.
    Seems like Roie had no idea of what she was up against, being so used to bullying her way through, having no idea
    of any other way. Obviously utterly out of her depth, and not knowing it. I inherited the same thickness with a twist –
    I know when I am outstripped and know also I lack the wherewithal to deal with it! Tragic!
    Incredibly impressive stuff, your accomplishments, and very wise to decide to avoid the undoubted nastinesses –
    both at home, and abroad!
    Best and warmest regards to you, Lizzy and the Twins,

    My REPLY
    Thanks for this, again, I will need some more time to think.
    I’m involving the Crockford’s (big farmers – lots of young ones, I believe they didn’t like the hitch-up that’s why she cut out 2003-2004. I used to shoot in their Downs & I have contacts in the very bitchy “Horsey World” in that area) at Pitchorn Farm, an old address of Roie’s; a Social Service “up-take” may be required (“poor thing”!). Lizzy works in the Government!
    I think that (my/our) Assets went in this direction???
    Ian, I have Skype’d, but he refuses to acknowledge. He may have some very serious problems too!
    I don’t feel like getting any closer, but the kids may be fascinated, later on; where everything went, so on…???
    Packard Cars (the original source of “Capital”) are still going strong & I get lots of inquiries about spare parts, models imported by my Grandfather, so on…
    Many regards, family +++
    PN. I never expected to live with 2 teenagers at 65 Yrs old – more than a challenge, the “iGEN Generation” from 2012, when it came out – most odd!

    Such a shame!


    From: celia gollin
    Sent: 22 September 2017 15:37
    To: Lizzy and Charles, Chris and Amelia, Williams.
    Subject: Re: “Thinking outside the box”.

    Hi, Charlie,

    You mention a Social Service “uptake” – do you mean Roie needed to go on benefits?
    I knew John’s two children were not keen on Roie – they regarded her as a gold digger.
    You mention she split up with John in 2003/4, which explains the letter to you in 2004.

    I don’t believe Roie has the ability to admit fault in anything. Like, if she shouts loud enough, it will somehow ‘prove’ she is in the right, and it will obliterate all opposition. Who knows?
    Much good wishes,

    Hi, Celia
    I just feel slightly guilty that I didn’t do enough to help her. I had, unaware third parties against me, though I tried to get rid of them, the best that I could at the time.
    She, also, rejected fiercely my help, but the symptoms were brewing up, getting worse and some Dr Consultants seen.
    A friend is riding very nr Kingsclere, next weekend in a competition. I don’t have much “heart” in finding out anything though!
    Who was supplying the gold, it may be, “menaced”, viciously, again – by, either side?
    Roie, no benefits, but “psycho/mental – supporting”!
    Many regards +++

    Hi, Charlie,

    And surely no need to feel any guilt. You say yourself you tried to help her, but in my experience people can only be helped if they acknowledge they need help, and want to take that help on board.

    Roie clearly wasn’t ready to admit she had a problem. I would be fascinated to know how she is doing, and partly curious as to what. Both she and Ian were so brainwashed by Margaret, into rejecting me.

    Neither of them, sadly, will ever get beyond that, as also because of guilt at the way they treated me.

    They don’t know how to deal with it.

    What you have been telling me is a revelation – I bought the propaganda hook, line and sinker.

    It has helped me more than I can possibly say. I now realise I was as brainwashed as they were.

    I was made to feel I was the lowest of the low, and it severely affected my confidence.

    Realising that Roie had problems of which I was completely unaware has shattered their carefully constructed version of events. I now feel I never had the chance to get to know Roie as she really is.

    I wish I could help her, but honestly believe, from what I do know of her, that she would never admit to having any problems. Margaret was the same. It took me ages to realise that. But it didn’t occur to me that Roie had problems, because she had two secure parents, and a sibling, and therefore had not got such issues, I assumed. And also because I had never had the opportunity to get to know her.

    Sheer curiosity means I would love to know how she is, and what she is doing! Maybe I have a sadly human desire to be told she is not doing very well, because of the way she – and they – treated me!

    Many best regards to you, Lizzie, her sister, and the Twins,



    Working on this – it’s terribly interesting. Also, having some real life (if not, “real”, deceased) “Ghosts” to think about!
    No one does not have some “trail” – they have tried to avoid this (massively). A most interesting aberration!
    In all my experiments exploring the “constructs”, trying to keep up with the iGENS (my kids and younger friends).
    Or, at least to have “some knowledge” & not “poo-pooing everything” in my older age, that for sure, will be a sign, of my increasing senility & decrepitness!

    How do you move forward?
    The important thing to remember is that when someone ghosts you, it says nothing about you or your worthiness for love and everything about the person doing the ghosting. It shows he/she doesn’t have the courage to deal with the discomfort of their emotions or yours, and they either don’t understand the impact of their behaviour or worse don’t care. In any case, they have sent you an extremely loud message that says: I don’t have what it takes to have a mature healthy relationship with you. Be the better person, retain your dignity, and let him/her go peacefully.

    Don’t allow someone else’s bad behaviour to rob you of a better future by losing your vulnerability and shutting yourself off from another relationship. Keep your energy focused on doing what makes you happy. Know that if you are someone who treats people with respect and integrity – then the ghoster simply wasn’t on your wavelength and someone better is coming your way, as long as you keep your heart open and your focus forward

    I’m sure that, eventually, all will be revealed, at least, I’m, an “open-book”. How horrible & very sad, it must be, not to “BE”; in this fascinating (electrified) modern world. All sorts of contention comes from my relationship with the Maxwell-Muller family. Thank goodness that we had no children, the marriage/breakup, no more, than a friendship ending. The sex & the “suppose-ed love”; no more than a (silly – childish) plaything (the world that they live in now, it seems)!

    Many kind regards +++

    Charlie & Family.

    To Celia, – Falsely accused of rape or sexual assault? How dangerous is this (the – “scary – blame-game”)! You know who you are! Getting away from the Has-been! noun: hasbeen, “a person or thing considered to be outmoded or no longer of any significance.”

About luckyme0

My First family, second marriage, bringing up my 18-year-old twins, boy, and girl. I am a third generation Humanist, who has some old handwritten information and notes; collected over many years. Someone may find the articles interesting, or helpful. They could bring back a little ‘reality’, after being ‘shocked’ and ‘brainwashed’, by some malicious group, or institution (REBT Therapy). People should know better, than to do this, to our very young, and the ‘obviously’ vulnerable! Go to easily accessible, non-superstitious knowledge that is not charlatanism! The blog has given me an incentive to order my thoughts, learn, and read up again, after a few non-thinking years of (very silly) imagination and passion. Why not, get your own key to a ‘door’, customise it to suit you, and it can be, all of your very own! Don’t believe, or be led by someone else’s; inherited, stupid, and a very likely (past, and not of today’s) ‘totally preposterous reality’s’. Only some interest in the ‘really big questions’, keeps life above the level of a farce, and very little else! KEEP THINKING! Some of the posts may need some correcting. Interests: REBT Counselling, Atheism, Secularism, Humanism, Psychology, Reading, Popular Science, School Ethos, Philosophy, History, Family, Parenting, Psychology, Horse Riding, Sailing, Rescue Boat Driver, Skiing (Teppichswinger), TV Documentaries, Motorbike Cross Country Riding, Volunteer Sports Stewarding, Writing, Primitive Man, Pre-history, Social Anthropology, British Humanist Association, BHA, Meaning of Life, The Big Questions, Where am I, What am I, Why am I, Hippie Love, Knowledge, Education, Globalisation. Favorite quote: “The world belongs to those who, at least to some degree, have figured it out.” Carl Sagan, ‘The Demon Haunted World’, ‘Contact’, and other famous books DVD ‘Cosmos’. The warning of another and horrendous, “Age of Superstition”. “Isn’t there something deeply absurd in the presumption that children ought to inherit beliefs from their parents. It can be deeply damaging, even lethally divisive. A ‘them’, with an ‘against us’, mentality” – Professor Richard Dawkins. “The will to believe is stronger than mere reason in the vast majority of people” – Dr J.Brown, Army Psychologist of the 1960′s. Humans will believe in almost anything, in fact, they seek it! Why? “98% of us, trained to be just good consumers, let’s train our children to be the 2% who have their very own creativity and discernment”; quote by a famous surreal artist. “The lack of reason brings forth monsters”. “Global interconnectedness is lethal against mass religion, nationalism, racism, and other destructive memeplexes. Let us connect everybody they hate it in restrictive regimes”; from the ‘meme learning group’, Richard Brodie’s book, ‘Virus Of The Mind’ (Richard Brodie a designer for ‘Microsoft Word’). Following on, J.Bronowski, and ‘The Ascent Of Man’ TV series, and a book with the last DVD in this series, ‘The Long Childhood’ being especially revealing. ‘Prehistory’ and the ‘Making of the Human Mind’ by Colin Renfrew, with P.Wilson’s, ‘The Domestication of the Human Species’, and Nigel Spivey’s, TV series and book, ‘How Art Made The World’, offers some further explanations. Latest reading: Jared Diamond
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