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‘You could consider this as a part of the National Defence Budget’. Quote, Richard Dawkins. Religion in Schools.
It looks like we are being warned
Education | Curb influence of religions in schools, says NUT
Curb influence of religions in schools, says NUT
Rebecca Smithers, education editor
Friday April 7, 2006
Teachers are to call for an end to state funding for faith schools in an attempt to halt the growing influence of religious organisations in education and end the controversial teaching of creationism.
Britain’s biggest teaching union, the National Union of Teachers, warned yesterday that religious fundamentalists were gaining control of state schools – predominantly through the government’s city academy programme – and some private businesses had too much influence over the curriculum.
A motion to be debated at the NUT’s annual conference in Torquay over the Easter weekend calls for an end to state funding for faith schools, and legislation "to prevent the growing influence of religious organisations in education and the teaching of creationism or intelligent design as a valid alternative to evolution".
The NUT’s attack is in response to proposals in the education and inspections bill which give faith groups a much bigger role in running state schools. Steve Sinnott, NUT general secretary, said many teachers were worried that this would lead to greater ethnic segregation. "There is a view that the promotion of greater influence of faith groups in running our schools could be detrimental to community cohesion and social cohesion."
The motion cites a recent Guardian/ICM poll in which a majority said they were opposed to state funding of faith schools. The motions at the NUT conference at Easter will call for a long-term, phased programme of ending state funding of faith schools.
A separate motion to be debated at the annual conference of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers at its conference in Gateshead, which starts on Monday, expresses concern that "the government’s policy of increasing numbers of faith schools will hinder integration, foster religious divisions and provide fertile ground for religious and ethnic conflicts".
Recently, the Archbishop of Canterbury warned that creationism should not be taught in schools. That followed growing concerns about the teaching of creationism in city academies belonging to the Emmanuel Schools Foundation, sponsored by the millionaire car dealer and evangelical Christian Sir Peter Vardy.
The NUT is also stepping up its opposition to the city academy programme with a separate motion which warns that "there should be no place for private sponsors being able in effect to buy control over public-funded schools. In many cases sponsors are exercising undue influence over the curriculum to reflect their own religious or business values in ways which are contrary to educational interests."
The Department for Education and Skills said last night: "We have a long tradition of faith schools in this country. They are popular with parents and make an important contribution to community cohesion by promoting inclusion and developing partnerships with schools of other faiths, and with non-faith schools." © Guardian Newspapers Limited 2006
Relevant To Theme of Blog. Credit Given.
Underline = Highly questionable – if not – imbecilic. The long tradition has been particularly ghastly and divisive, see, Letters. Popular with parents –  teacher child ratio / cheap private education / sponsored by big money, charity, taxpayers; low wages for teachers as an ideological, altruistic, and religious purposes may discount / good discipline. What though is the long term future cost to society and a muddled transition for our children to adulthood by the way of a superstitious (untrue), quasi ego enhancing ethos-es? Are we being blind in the face of history some being ignorant, and insolent, in the face of the Divine?
67% of parents say no to Faith/Church Schools as pointed out by the Guardian Newspaper poll. We have ‘public disconnect’ – corruption (money or otherwise) – miss-placed virtuosity. Could there be in it something more – like ‘keep your "government job" if there is lots of discord and tension around’ the quango mentality.
Most parents, I feel, will be too harassed (paying taxes and making a home), young, and inexperienced to care much about this. The teachers obviously do care though, even with their same type of problems. Maybe most do realise something like, ‘that becoming a human is a process not some event’.  
Sweet reasonableness and political correctness of any government will not work when we fully realise and make a start from the fact that humankind (homo sapiens) is a terrifying cross between a horse and a crocodile. Listen to your News any day for this confirmation!

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