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The Age Of The Crypto-Slaves. UK.

  May Day. 2006. UK.   Good luck to the immigrant workers on their May Day Demonstration : they are being exploited in lots of ways. The government is incapable of enforcing the care of those estranged people, a £6.70 per hr minimum … Continue reading

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St Anton-am-Arlberg. Cafe Sailer. Teppichswinger. Flying & Riding. Kleptomaniacs Are At Home. You Won’t Be Loved Like This Again. Decoded 2018. Honourableness & The Unofficial Sitting Tenant. “teheh tehehe tehehe!” You bitches’ – “What a person says on the internet when they are in a defensive position trying to seem as if they are ‘keeping their cool.’” Person 1: You know what he said wasn’t true, … Continue reading

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Rwanda. Genocide. Miroslav Volf.

    This paper was given as the Henry Martyn Lecture at the 1997 EMA annual conferenceSocial Meaning of ReconciliationMiroslav VolfProfessor of Systematic Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California   "The best cathechists, those who filled our churches on Sundays, … Continue reading

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The British National Party. (BNP). Protest Vote. Voter Apathy.

cc: The Electoral Commission and Member of Parliament   BBC – Action Network – – A11176977 – Voter Apathy. Protest Vote. Right Or Left Swings. Important Civilisations. Bertrand Russell ‘In general, important civilisations start with a rigid and superstitious system, … Continue reading

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Anemensis and Tiktaalik. For The Children.

  Nature Magazine and BBC Science and Nature. They thought there was something special about the evolution of humans, but we evolved just like any other animal, Discovery Channel the latest documentary on human evolution, and we have lots of different branches to … Continue reading

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The Recent Evolution Of Humans – For The Children.

  A little out of date. More correct, exciting, and specific data is available. Fun for school. Adapted from the book ‘Lucy’ by Johanson and Edey. Makes you think of the things we consider important in our world, as against, the things that they considered … Continue reading

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Charter 88. or or  

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