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The non-statutory Framework For Religious Education In Schools. Some – Faith Schools, Church Schools, and Teachers – Reject It. UK. Wishy-Washy Social Propaganda by the UK Government?

    Social and political propaganda, as I have said, is effective, as a rule, only upon those whom circumstances have partly or completely convinced of its truth. In other words, it is influential only when it is a rationalization … Continue reading

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Religious Education In Schools UK. British Humanist Association.

British Humanist Association "One Cheer for multi-faith RE in faith schools"   The British Humanist Association cautiously welcomed the announcement today that faith schools are to follow the non-statutory National Framework on Religious Education and teach about “all the major … Continue reading

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Intelligent Design. Unintelligent Design. Faith Schools. Church Schools. David Irving’s Denial of The Holocaust of European Jewry.

  Four out of 10 people in the UK think that religious alternatives to Darwin’s theory of evolution should be taught as science in schools, according to a BBC poll. The natural history broadcaster Sir David Attenborough said, "Scientists should … Continue reading

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The Gutter Or The Stars. Naturists, Naturism, And The Universe.

The Answer To Being Called A Naturist   A cheeky little word that implies in this context, a shallowness and is derogatory. Naturism, I am sure, is lots of fun and very healthy i.e. The word (naturist) is used by those who are very interested to convert others, into believing … Continue reading

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Alternative Medicine: the Evidence. BBC 2 TV. Faith Healing.

Faith Healing   The power of the mind. We are told we are going to be made better, some are very convinced. Parents do this with children everyday i.e. "You will be alright", plus, "Don’t be silly there is nothing wrong with you". The placebo … Continue reading

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