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Philip Pullman ‘Material Worlds’.

    Philip Pullman has returned to fairy tales to carve a new story about goodness. The master craftsman tells Christina Patterson how to avoid ‘moral woodworm’.  12 November 2004   Philip Pullman is making a rocking horse. He likes … Continue reading

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TV BBC 2 Horizon A War on Science

  A War on Science   The theory of evolution is under attack from a controversial new idea called intelligent design.  But is it science?   When Charles Darwin published his theory of evolution nearly 150 years ago, he shattered … Continue reading

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Darwin Fish and The Flying Spaghetti Monster (the designer) of The Natural Theory of Intelligent Design. TV BBC Horizon A War on Science.

     TV BBC Horizon : A War on Science. 26/1/2006   The War has been lost by Creationism i.e. God made the world in seven days and Intelligent Design (God helped Evolution). Now will my children be left alone with some … Continue reading

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Notes Of Dads 1. A Pyramid Of The Degrees Or Levels Or States Of Consciousness Towards Knowledge – Anomy – Stratified Society – Target Grey – Explorers.

This notebook is intended to be a selection of various notes I have made over the years – say the last 10 years, in five reporters notebooks, and in my brown loose-leaf notebook. IMPORTANT NOTES FROM A NOTE BOOK BY … Continue reading

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Animals, Humans And Stars. Becoming Human.

    NOT AN EVENT BUT A PROCESS   A Trip To India 1926   Being stupid and having no imagination, animals often behave far more sensibly than men. Efficiently, and by instinct, they do the right appropriate thing, at the … Continue reading

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Fergus Stokes on Disasters.

    Fergus Stokes, a former priest turned humanist, said that, "Christians and other believers were trying to have it both ways":   "Either God has a hand in the fishbowl, in which case you can pray to him, or … Continue reading

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Creationism in British Schools. UK.

Ignorance, Irrational-ism and Superstition.  In My Children’s School 2006 In Their Primary Education – Unforgivable!    They are being taught a ‘religious answer’ to some of their basic questions to form a religious world view far before their own personal and critical faculties have even started developing. England’s Educational Disgrace!¬   The … Continue reading

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