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“Before, another skedaddle button is pressed, “Hi-De-Ho & Hi-De-High”! #shamblefuckers such a very nice feeling, getting ones own …., amongst those!

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No (silly) Western Riding (WES) Quarter Horses or Dogs Fighting or Psycho Barren-ness & A Pet Toy Farm – Welcome to ‘The Grown-up World’ – after 1993!

Amongst my #shablefuckers there’s a hictwat ( #hictwats ) that think’s that he his a real flyer, “Not until you have done the unpowered, solo & soaring flights of hang-gliding or glider flying”!

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“The English Patient” (Film) – Almásy: There is no God… but I hope someone looks after you.
Madox: Just in case you’re interested, it’s called the “suprasternal notch”. Come and visit us in Dorset when all this nonsense is over. The “sex was faulty”. [Heads away but turns back]
Madox: You’ll never come to Dorset.
Do “they” all remember – like I do?

A Bustle In Your Hedgerow
2xChesapeakes + Quarter Horse & Foal Photo, Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club. Hic, “A red neck type of person. Not trailer trash, but farmer cowboy red neck. Usually of lower intelligence, has long bull horns on the front of dualies truck and a rifle rack in the window. Common among rural prairie areas, ie Saskatchewan.”
Canadianized version of “Hick”
That hic rides a mean bull… and he’s good at rodeo.
by Sabb February 23, 2005

My Horses 1 after 1993

My Horses 2 after 1993

ZoZo Milan & ZoZo (TB). Lulworth Intermediate HT (in fog), 1996 approx. The horse became Lizzy’s, I rode him often in top competitions in “all disciplines”!

Horses & Horse Riding (More Photos & Only Just Starting on This Link)

When all the rules of love & all the inherent partnered trust that has been developed of 15 Yrs, are, then, so very violently broken, “What a very horrid mess she did make of it ALL @ Westbrook Hall Farm, 1993, RH12 3PT. Ro Williams, nee, Maxwell-Muller, Kingsclere, RG20 4SU In “cahorts” with, Chrissie Arnac Mayhew – Christina Mayhew, nee, Spencer-Smith (Bart), nee, Osborne (The Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club UK) Quarter Horses, WES. Robert Pring Dressage.

“Public Accusations (lies)” & “A Public Divorce” (Ours, without children could of been Private & without the ‘enourmous costs’) “One of the UK’s most famous divorce lawyers has backed a change in the law – but urged couples to be more practical about marriage.”

Baroness Fiona Shackleton called the current divorce law “archaic”.

Aye free, aff han’ your story tell,
When wi’ a bosom cronie;
But still keep something to yousel’
Ye scarcely tell to onie. Burns.

‘The Love Area’, of, ‘beautiful views’. Belief, ‘in what they do and don’t want’, temporally, or permanently, was recognized as *faulty – by him); the complete change of mind by the ‘Petitioner’, after a brief lull, in the ‘prepositioned act’ that took place in a secluded and outside area of the Farm. No ‘sexualized penetration’ took place and was ‘never allowed’ by the ‘Petitioner’ again – a ‘setup job’ was at the heart of her, the Petitioner tactics & to cruelly cause the maximum of emotional upset. I then had at least 6 months of hell & an extremely challenging & dangerous, even, some situations that were life-threatening; a relationship that may have caused some PTSD – another story of ‘living together’, well before the final outcome of the ‘Divorce’ was finalised in December 1993 approx; has to be written up – a very scary to me & “public”, a totally unfounded, ‘rape allegation’, was then spread about by the Petitioner. As she became so violent (loved bondage at her requests on occasion) Fifty Shades Of Grey – Official Trailer (Universal Pictures) HD – Living together before the finalised Divorce with this person, meant, as she came ‘on to me’ violently, I found out successfully that I had to ‘bare myself’ for her to ‘back-off’, otherwise she could have caused me serious physical damage. If I had to somehow protect myself as a man I could have been in lots of serious trouble!

Domestic Violence Against Males in the UK – BBC ONE SHOW

“The English Patient” (Film) – Almásy: There is no God… but I hope someone looks after you.
Madox: Just in case you’re interested, it’s called the “suprasternal notch”. Come and visit us in Dorset when all this nonsense is over. The *”sex was faulty”. [Heads away but turns back]
Madox: You’ll never come to Dorset.
Do “they” all remember – like I do?

Maybe –

Good Karma, “Westbrook Stables 2017”
“The Connections”. An ignorant (the marriage conditions/state of someone else’s marriage) & inscrutable & interfering & “amateur marriage adviser” to Rosemary Gillian Williams, nee, Maxwell-Muller (divorced to, Charles Anthony Leonard Williams, 1993) Bob Mayhew, WES, Quarter Horses, and (ignorant, inscrutable, also the “adviser” to Ro?) – Chrissie Arnac Mayhew, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, video @ Chrissie Arnac Mayhew, nee, Christine Osborne is the daughter of John Theodore Charles Osborne.2 She married, secondly, Sir John Hamilton Spencer-Smith (a “skiing friend”), 7th Bt., son of Sir Thomas Cospatric Hamilton-Spencer-Smith, 6th Bt. and Lucy Ashton Ingram, in 1980.1 She and Sir John Hamilton Spencer-Smith, 7th Bt. were divorced in 1992. Quarter Horses – “Western Equestrian Society” & “Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club UK”. Don’t Buy A Chesapeake Bay Retriever
“Bikini Bottom Bank Holiday Monday” Just thinking about “WHO” could this really be for? There are so many “Officials” & “Not As Such Officials” & “Acquaintances”, especially those that have forgotten or have thought that they did not have any smallish smidgen of any time. Giving up some of one’s time for somebody or something, preferably animated (alive) is “LOVE”!
“If Facebook & Twitter had a baby it would be Google+. Google+ is harder to work, but much more grown-up” by Someone – Who is, “hide-de-ho”, I do wonder & of course, “WHY”? “Specific anxiety-raising situations can include using a computer or mobile phone, reading email, accessing the web, Facebook or other social media, but also being in open spaces, public transit, shopping malls, or simply being outside the home due to the risk of being photographed or otherwise Internet-logged in these situations.[1] Being in any of these situations may result in a “panic attack”.[3]” – “The cause of Internet phobia is likely to be a combination of environmental factors. The condition can run in families,[1] between friends or in other intimate relationships. Or perhaps they did some ashamed or criminal things which are not expected to be revealed. Perhaps they just experienced stressful events.” Such as (them), “Perhaps they did some ashamed or criminal things which are not expected to be revealed. Perhaps they just experienced stressful events.”
See, “Work & Education” (page). 25 Years on, now, in 2018! Looking after all the animals & vastly improving the Farm @ RH12 3PT. I gave this farm away and all of the animals to my then wife by divorce and some substantial Capital. There was illness and we had no children (14 Yrs). It was paid for solely by my “Heritage Capital”. Packard Cars, ‘The English Connection’ & see, “Life Events”. We had Aberdeen Angus Cattle (Summer Store Cattle), Horned White Park Pedigree Cattle, Show & Riding Horses, Rhinelander Dressage (prospect horse), Quarter Horses (Bob Mayhew, WES) & foals, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers (Chrissie Arnac Mayhew) Gun Dogs, Livery Horse Yard (Robert Pring, Dressage), so, on… The Farm, I believe, was sold in 1998 approx, the owner, “Honourableness” & “The Unofficial Sitting Tenant”,  Rosemary Williams, nee, Maxwell-Muller, moved to Kingsclere, Newbury / Basingstoke, Berkshire & now lives @ Yew Tree Cottage, 77 Newbury Road, Kingsclere, Berkshire, RG20 4SU – There was a letter from her to Lizzy & I in 2004 (some previous correspondence too!). Obviously, it was not acceptable for more than just “honourable reasons” to us both & our children (the twins) who were 5 Yrs old at the time!
Celia Gollin (Rosemary’s, elder half-sister) has been in constant correspondence with us, since early 2017. She is amazing, see some of the “write ups”!



“Matters of Honour” – “Honourableness” & “The Unofficial Sitting Tenant” (“given & giving for illness” – “plenty to read”) £500,000.00 ++ Animals & Home (‘childless marriage’ – divorce), all is given from my “Heritage Funds 1993” Ro Williams, 77 Newbury Road, Kingsclere. RG20 4SU

“Honourableness” & “The Unofficial Sitting Tenant”.

I have “Honour” to Lizzy & our Twins & Ann – No room for Ro (except, benefactorially). But, we are being stalked by her half-sister Celia Gollin?, or someone online? Packard Cars, ‘The English Connection’. Full Brother (Roies) Ian R Maxwell-Muller, The Russett, The Old Orchard, Temeside, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 1JW. Friends (past, <1993) Deborah Keefe And, Bob Mayhew, WES (Quarter Horses), and, Chrissie Arnac Mayhew (Chesapeake Bay Retrievers), video @

Chris (tries) to befriend, “(Ro) Rosemary G Williams, nee, Maxwell-Muller” @ for his “Heritage”; “Photos”; “Interests” in Newbury, Berkshire – 77 Newbury Road, Kingsclere, RG20 4SU “Honourableness” & “The Unofficial Sitting Tenant”.

In our youth (read: fertility) obsessed culture, becoming post-menopausal means the end of bearing a biological child and, it seems, the official beginning of your pointlessness and invisibility as an older woman. But, it seems, just as in other stages of my ‘failure’ to become a mother, I don’t fully buy into this cultural narrative of my worthlessness. And maybe even the ‘invisibility’ might work to my advantage too, as it gives me the space to focus on what’s important to me, freed from the need to ‘fit in’ More (welcome) “Trolls” Are At Large – The Packard Car Club UK, ‘The English Connection’ (a “Book”!) – is visiting us tomorrow & after they have spent the last 20 Yrs researching this subject – they have now found “Us” & all is due to the Internet @…/115288602914964402957 It (Packard’s) couldn’t get going again after WW2 (1945) due to the overburden of taxes & the vast import duties, Gov UK’s. Paternal, Grandpa’s, assembly factory, made aero engines & MTB engines during WW2 that was bombed & rebuilt twice, with a great loss of life (35 deaths by a ‘V2 German Rocket’) & the multiple injuries.

Wonderful – “DANGEROUS MINDS”!…/the_stranglers_secret… Part of a letter to me by Celia Gollin that broke my heart (we do converse frequently) – “They (Ro, Rosemary Williams, nee, Maxwell-Muller & Ian R Maxwell-Muller &, possibly, Dinah Ashton, nee, Maxwell-Muller) made the excuse that they didn’t know how to contact me when Margaret (her mother – for Christ’s sake!) became unwell. I eventually was informed of her death, but too late, obviously, to go and see her in hospital, or to go to her funeral. Ghastly people”! Thank goodness that I escaped this relationship in 1993, without having any children – I replied, “That anyone, however elusive, can be found totally legally in 2003 to 2004 approx, 192, so, on… It’s called “GHOSTING” today & is majorly pathetic. No doubt, it was for them (the above) to “squirrel away secretly” even more & more chattels & useless dosh that doesn’t add to any real happiness; a lesson that you might possibly learn over time & that kleptomaniac tendencies could be getting much worse with advancing age. It certainly, nearly killed me, PTSD in 1992 to 1993, with all its varied machinations & examples – unforgivable!

Celia 2

Beta (testing on – “Facebook Timeline” & Hidden, as it’s all “rather speculative” for any result – 25 Years Anni (Divorce Celebration – “No Children Involved”!) – “Packard Cars, The English Connection” – Christopher Williams & Amelia Williams + Celia Gollin (half-sister to “Ro Williams, nee, Maxwell-Muller, she has/had a brother Ian Maxwell-Muller, Ludlow, Shropshire) & (their) “Heritage” (the correspondence of 1 year approx, with, “Celia Gollin of the Mutations” prelude/historic to “The Stranglers” & other Punk Rock Groups) To: – Ro Williams (age over 60+) Newbury, Berkshire. — “celebrating an anniversary”! Photo – “Escape To Manoel Island 1992” From – Westbrook RH12 3PT. Such fun 1991-1993 – Jilly Cooper – Wikipedia Riders and the Rutshire Chronicles. I knew that I had done my best – Who cashed in? The (unaware) “Ignorant Inscrutables”! You Know Who? – “Specific anxiety-raising situations can include using a computer or mobile phone, reading email, accessing the web, Facebook or other social media, but also being in open spaces, public transit, shopping malls, or simply being outside the home due to the risk of being photographed or otherwise Internet-logged in these situations.[1] Being in any of these situations may result in a “panic attack”.[3]” – “The cause of Internet phobia is likely to be a combination of environmental factors. The condition can run in families,[1] between friends or in other intimate relationships. Or perhaps they did some ashamed or criminal things which are not expected to be revealed. Perhaps they just experienced stressful events.”

Escape 001 (2)

Ignorant Inscrutables

Hi Charlie, 14/04/2018
Just to wish you all a Happy Spring! Btw, when I googled Ian’s address, it
appeared to be on the market… Otherwise, all quiet on the Western Front!
Warmest regards,
My Reply
Sold to him in 2003. Margaret’s demise, approx (Roie bought hers at about the same time), tax fiddles, no doubt!
Brother, moving in with Roie, what a fiasco (he will get beaten up again)???
Spring is going well, so far.., with the Twins forging a life for themselves. 19 yrs old soon!
25th anniversary away from Roie – yippie!!!
Lizzy is 12 yrs younger than me, in full-time work; I’m 66 so that my retirement “properly” is not going to happen for ages!
Careers, for Ann, too!
So, I have just joined a Dorset cross-country motorcycle club & I have been out with them today – beautiful weather!
I hope that you are bearing up, so to speak, getting older is horrible!
Kind regards +++
The Russett, The Old Orchard, Temeside, Ludlow, SY8 1JW


Hi Charlie, 16/04/2018It was definitely for sale when you emailed me the address, but seems to have been taken off the market now!He acquired it in January 2003, so it was before Margaret died, which was in September. They made the excuse that they didn’t know how to contact me when Margaret became unwell. I eventually was informed of her death, but too late, obviously, to go and see her in hospital, or to go to her funeral. 

Ghastly people!

I love the motorcycle club news, sounds great! Good to hear you are all doing so well, and at least Summer isjust around the corner, so that is good for the spirits too! Yes, age is crap, but I am just glad to be alive!

Love and best regards,


Reply 16/04/2018



If you really want to, you can find anyone’s address in the UK by normal & legal means.

That, what you say; all, quite appalling. Silly games, very near to Margaret’s death, with her Will (I have a copy, that my Solicitor has) – Ian would only just “tow a line”, Roie’s, but he is just as culpable, by doing this! All the Wills I’ve heard of, except in films, are made & signed years before anyone dies. It has all the hallmarks of (possible) manipulation.

The same,


DRIVING TEST PASS – Lavinia Palm – Well done to Amelia. Well, “that’s it”, they are all grown up and independent. ALICE has accepted a place at Queen Mary University in London so looks as if I will be working for a few more years! X
Charles Anthony Leonard Williams Until the Grandchildren?! + extended families?! – so lucky, so far – from, the “twilight zone & childlessness” (47 approx yrs for me) to a most wonderful & positive & imaginative “naturalism”!


From: celia gollin
Sent: 16 September 2017 15:50
To: Lizzy and Charles, Chris and Amelia, Williams.
Subject: Re: “Thinking outside the box”.

Hi, Charlie, it seems to me that Roie occupies a very bleak space, thanks to the rather emotionally bleak landscape of our Upbringing. I thought it was only me that suffered, but all you have said has revealed that she did not escape.
It is a thankless place to be, and I have no real idea of how she copes with it. I expect she buries it, as Margaret did.
No doubt the buck had to stop somewhere, and that is why we have not had children. Otherwise, it would have continued ad infinitum down yet more generations.
Interesting that we went through the same thing of having others preferred over us, you with the two preceding, me with the two following.
Seems like Roie had no idea of what she was up against, being so used to bullying her way through, having no idea of any other way. Obviously utterly out of her depth, and not knowing it. I inherited the same thickness with a twist – I know when I am outstripped and know also I lack the wherewithal to deal with it! Tragic!
Incredibly impressive stuff, your accomplishments, and very wise to decide to avoid the undoubted nastinesses – both at home and abroad!
Best and warmest regards to you, Lizzy and the Twins,

Thanks for this, again, I will need some more time to think.
I’m involving the Crockford’s (big farmers – lots of young ones, I believe they didn’t like the hitch-up that’s why she cut out 2003-2004. I used to shoot in their Downs & I have contacts in the very bitchy “Horsey World” in that area) at Pitchorn Farm, an old address of Roie’s; a Social Service “up-take” may be required (“poor thing”!). Lizzy works in the Government!
I think that (my/our) Assets went in this direction???
Ian, I have Skype’d, but he refuses to acknowledge. He may have some very serious problems too!
I don’t feel like getting any closer, but the kids may be fascinated, later on; where everything went, so on…???
Packard Cars (the original source of “Capital”) are still going strong & I get lots of inquiries about spare parts, models imported by my Grandfather, so on…
Many regards, family +++
PN. I never expected to live with 2 teenagers at 65 Yrs old – more than a challenge, the “iGEN Generation” from 2012, when it came out – most odd!

From: Lizzy and Charles, Chris and Amelia, Williams.
Sent: 17 September 2017 19:21
To: Lenny
Subject: Fun!!!

In the home of the “Norman’s & Knight Templar’s” (amazing – Chris loved Sardinia on his School Trip a few years ago).
If holed up for long – get some fun in! Kat’s flying out, she was in Menorca last year & took the kids out for their first club night. Concert a complete sell-out!
My reply to Kat Minter on Facebook – +++ someone that I write to nearly every week (she is 70+, Lizzy doesn’t mind & knows) her younger half-sister was my ex-wife! & in the Stranglers / Blockheads (a music teacher to some famous ones/bands from Millfield – she was badly ostracised by her family, like I was by my ex-wife’s family, with lies & menaces, costing us both an amazing amount of dosh).
Set the controls for the heart of the Sun (“Old Tart Land” for you & me)!
C & all in Dorch.

Such a shame!


From: celia gollin
Sent: 22 September 2017 15:37
To: Lizzy and Charles, Chris and Amelia, Williams.
Subject: Re: “Thinking outside the box”.
Hi, Charlie,
You mention a Social Service “uptake” – do you mean Roie needed to go on benefits?
I knew John’s two children were not keen on Roie – they regarded her as a gold digger.
You mention she split up with John in 2003/4, which explains the letter to you in 2004.
I don’t believe Roie has the ability to admit fault in anything. Like, if she shouts loud enough, it will somehow ‘prove’ she is in the right, and it will obliterate all opposition. Who knows?
Much good wishes,
Hi, Celia
I just feel slightly guilty that I didn’t do enough to help her. I had, unaware third parties against me, though I tried to get rid of them, the best that I could at the time.
She, also, rejected fiercely my help, but the symptoms were brewing up, getting worse and some Dr Consultants seen.
A friend is riding very nr Kingsclere, next weekend in a competition. I don’t have much “heart” in finding out anything though!
Who was supplying the gold, it may be, “menaced”, viciously, again – by, either side?
Roie, no benefits, but “psycho/mental – supporting”!
Many regards +++
Charlie “THE ENORMITY” – Of course, without a social conscience (over half my inheritance from, Packard Cars ‘The English Connection’) & in this unfair world, when Rosemary (Roie) G Williams, nee, Maxwell-Muller, wrote to me in 2004 to inform me of the death of her Mother and her inheriting a large amount of money & possibly more (later on the death of her Uncle Dr Stanley Wood & inheriting an income for life). She didn’t realise (no social conscience) that but was well informed of the birth and age of my twins Christopher & Amelia. The twins have received so much less from their heritage, Packard Cars ‘The English Connection’ UK, than they would have done! NB ‘original source of capital’ – improvements to the Farm – my Parent’s ‘income in old age’ (arguments and her ‘opposition’ to increase it with time passing; after the Divorce she neglects this (Lenny and I pick up the ‘tab’ willingly) – vast purchases of expensive animals & other things (on a monthly basis – weird: hormonal?) ‘over-excitements’, my time wasted by doing the never-ending of DIY jobs, so, on.., & so forth… Life to music – Hippy, “Mashed Your Head To”! Our home – 1992 – Westbrook Hall Farm, Nr Horsham, West Sussex RH12 3PT.

Hi Charlie, 01/02/2018
Thanks for your two messages, and the Facebook link re Roie.
Sorry for the delay in replying, I’ve not been at the Library for the past two weeks, for various reasons.

It would be very interesting to know Brian’s prognosis, but it is, understandably, probably not releasable, because of patient confidentiality, as you’ve said.
I’ve had a lot of chance to think about it all, and have come to the conclusion that Margaret had mental health issues. These were not obviously apparent, there was a very rigid ‘front’ – especially in public. I believe Roie inherited this.

People with such issues affect those around them, and can only be helped if they choose to accept help. But Margaret and Roie were not able to admit to having any such issues.

The behaviour of Roie’s you describe is clearly unbalanced.

It only comes out around those close to them, in the way you and Roie were close. I never saw it. But I recognise it as being the same sort of behaviour I encountered from Margaret. She and Roie were so close, birds of a feather.

Roie would have learned it as a way to behave, as also
that she could get away with such behaviour.

The good thing about it is, just realising the behaviour was not normal meant I no longer had to try and reason it out.

It wasn’t my problem, and there was nothing I could have done to help, nor had I caused it in any way. I had just been the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It is just very sad. But we both managed to survive, and to go on to better things.

Very best regards,

Celia Gollin.

Life to music – Hippy, “Mashed Your Head To – “cock-teasing” and GBH to make an accusation of ‘rape for gain’ – Dastardly – Synonym Discussion of dastardly – cowardly, pusillanimous, craven, dastardly mean having or showing a lack of courage. cowardly implies a weak or ignoble lack of courage. (a cowardly failure to stand up for principle) pusillanimous suggests a contemptible lack of courage.! Our home – 1992 – Westbrook Hall Farm, Nr Horsham, West Sussex Removed from me (including – heartbreaking – all the animals and 3 years of hard labour + cash to improve the property and in the buying & looking after our animals) by a Consent Order, Chichester County Court 92 D 45 1993 the ‘Divorce Petitioner, Mrs Rosemary Gillian Williams, nee, Maxwell-Muller. No news of what has happened to any of those animals has been forthcoming, so far? Or that of the Petitioner. My wife and my children (18-year-old twins) would like to find out, as it is a serious part of their heritage ‘Packard Cars The English Connection’, UK, & ‘that all’ has not been wasted’! No communication about the fate & life of those animals has quite unforgivably been denied to me over the last 25 years! There are other photos and videos – raunchy ‘turn on’ ones that certainly ‘turned her on more fully’ ; maybe, that was what she was worried about, making children? But finally, it made her go very, very ‘soured’! She must, with age and if ?? “NORMAL” !!, wish to ‘take a trip’ with me back in time – Pink Floyd – Hey You That would be very dangerous, deserving some great trust – ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ (style). Of course, an allowance from me would have to be sought out from her; as far as I can see – she has had no children (through an incompetence – ‘Schizoid Tokophobia’) and therefore very immature in life’s ‘conjugal matters’! (for the having of children, somewhat, can be a very great effort and dedication, having to be made, very certainly by both the parties concerned). LOST ON YOU (this – all: poor thing!)

‘Corruption & Deceit In The UK’s Divorce Law’ – (I like the music) My (loving?) wife slopes up to me sheepishly, “To get my divorce (which is public) with you, we have to make (even, ‘make up’ reasons) for your ‘unreasonable behaviour’, very much worse than it really is to get the divorce and a financial settlement of your ‘heritage assets’; the ‘original source of Capital’ of yours, through the Divorce Court – basically, I want your money & I’m prepared to divorce you for this, although, I may still possibly even love you”! “The Blame Game” (morally outdated & indefensible a bad example of bigotry ‘Shame & Honour’ antics, mainly religious motivated – backwardness) – ‘As one of the reasons for divorce unreasonable behaviour is the most common ground for divorce in UK divorce law. … behaviour is the method of choice for most couples who want an “instant” divorce in cases where no adultery is involved’. I agreed for a ‘Quickie’ (life, as I understood it, is far too short to waste any time & Roie became a serious ‘waste of time’ – as can be seen by my ‘future life’ – after Roie)!

Hi Charlie, 1/04/2017 Thanks for your messages. I only wish I could throw more light, but it is something between you and Roie, known to the two of you alone. Seems like you divorced the wrong half-sister! I can only say I admire how you have dealt with it all. Success, as they say, is the best revenge. Warmest thoughts and regards, Celia. Maxwell-Muller, Ian; Roie Williams (coming totally unstuck so very poor in spirit, with all the ‘ghosts of the past’ & the ‘unforgivable tricks’ – violence; thieving & the vagabonds). “The Mysterious Chronicles” & “Freaky Nature” – “Tokophobia” is a pathological fear of pregnancy and can lead to avoidance of childbirth. It can be classified as primary or secondary. Primary is morbid fear of childbirth in a woman, who has no previous experience of pregnancy. PTSD & Urban (common-inherent) Financial Insecurity & Delaying of Pregnancy. Taboo “Inadequateness…”

Maybe, all was just, “Schizoid personality disorder (SPD) is a personality disorder characterised by a lack of interest in social relationships, a tendency towards a solitary or sheltered lifestyle, secretiveness, emotional coldness, and apathy.” Remembrance Therapy – The Spring of 1992 started very well with a new £15,000.00 horse from Germany + A delivery in a ‘plain brown package’ from Ann Summers ‘sex toys’; ’50 Shades of Grey’ resulted in our bedroom – great fun! Unproductive, as it was, & by the Summer it was discontent & divorce by the Autumn & a departure to ‘Manoel Island’, Malta by the Winter (25 years ago). “The body guarantees our privacy, that inmost privacy, which we must not attempt to violate under pain of betraying our manhood/womanhood”. (cock-teasing and GBH to make an accusation of ‘rape for gain’ – Dastardly – Synonym Discussion of dastardly – cowardly, pusillanimous, craven, dastardly mean having or showing a lack of courage. cowardly implies a weak or ignoble lack of courage. ( a cowardly failure to stand up for principle) pusillanimous suggests a contemptible lack of courage).
Aye free, aff han’ your story tell,
When wi’ a bosom cronie;
But still keep something to yousel’
Ye scarcely tell to onie. Burns..

Hi Charlie, 13/04/2017

Wishing a happy Easter

to you and your family,

Kindest best regards,


Reply – Same – no news, from the ‘Cowards’.

Many regards +++

Charlie & the family W’s.


Today, 16:22 23/03/2017
This sender failed our fraud detection checks and may not be who they appear to be. Flag for follow up. Start by 23 March 2017. Due by 23 March 2017.
Hi Charlie,
Thanks for your message. I find people who are self-deluded choose to be so,
as it serves some purpose for them. Having born the brunt of such behaviour from Margaret, Brian, Roie, and Ian, I know they never unbend. They seem to live untroubled by any conscience, or obvious outer consequence.
Bullying others is their way of getting through life, but it does, of course, reveal the presence of hidden inner problems that remain unresolved.
Your life sounds so enriched, in contrast to lives lived within such strict limits. Such people are sick, and the only person who can help them is themselves.
It was inevitable you and Roie split because you were healthy, and she was not. We each have our own trajectory, and yours and Roie’s were colliding, instead of going the same way.
Like you, I am tied up at the moment, so a lovely weekend in Dorset is a far off dream! Hopefully one day, and meanwhile, my sympathy to the twins and the dreaded exams, but I am sure they will do well!
Many warmest best regards,

Elizabeth (‘new love’ & ‘mother of the twins’).


Lots of Notes (much is uncorrected & not edited) – Daddy’s Space, ‘The Gutter Or The Stars’ – Progressive family philosophy, ‘The older I get, the more I see people with the need for the ‘subjective’, ref, ‘Aldous Huxley’. ‘Atheistic Mysticism’, fills the ‘gap’; reference; social science; parenting; knowledge; Humanist and Secular; free-thought; love, UK. “In the dawn of our human experience” & “A treasure trove of independent thinking”. Kids, ‘teach your Teachers’.

Reply|Today, 18:06 29/03/2017 This sender failed our fraud detection checks and may not be who they appear to be.

Hi Charlie,

Roie didn’t get any money from Margaret’s house, as it was held in trust for me and my sister under the terms of my father’s will.

I would think news of you filtered through to Roie via Margaret, from likely just normal curiosity. Roie is not one to fall prey to any unscrupulous suitors. She has a decent roof over her head, thanks to you, and an adequate income for life, thanks to Uncle Stanley.

It is a shame your twins lost out on a large chunk of their rightful heritage in the process of such a nasty divorce, but what matters is that now great happiness, richly deserved, is finally yours, with a fantastic life for you and your family.

It is natural you would like to know that Roie is okay, but, rest assured, you can safely suppose she is, bar maybe some health issues.

Hoping this helps you obtain some peace of mind,

Many best thoughts, good wishes, and regards,


Hi, Celia

MSN is terrible today and I pay a subscription for this service (for security) – I’m going to try this one out.

I suppose that the family have closure on this matter. Just so weird to of been contacted in 2004 by Roie about Margaret & quite a shock to Lizzy – we were so busy with our twins (they were 5 & the Divorce so long ago in 1992) + the older aged parents; mine had just all departed and Lizzy’s were on their way out (all such a shock to our systems).

The first thing – It’s really is not much fun getting older, but you have reassured me (not that Lizzy & I  could do very much) that things are all managed for want of any better terminology.

The second thing – “vulnerability”, I don’t think that I ever met a person / loved a person with such a hardened exterior, but so very vulnerable internally as Roie. There were in my mind some pretty insensitive, hardened, dare I say quite ‘common people’ floating around the Farm. I suppose being quite particular, even snobby, I found them rather tiresome. Being a “Carer” myself, though “Class” has not much to do with it, but some sort of extended form love given to all, with no prospect of any return, regardless of any typecasting. Of course, it is returned a thousand fold!

The third thing – but what matters, “Is that now great happiness, richly deserved, is finally yours, with a fantastic life for you and your family” – I’m not really sure about this one as many things can be a major and constant challenge, but we may be getting there or at least progressing through our lives as a quite close family of 5 in the house.

We do expect to hear from Dinah one day and Ian. If I do I will let you know, or Roie (even, but somewhat unnecessary now)? The electronic airwaves being especially powerful (they probably always were but in a different form, my “Atheistic Mysticism” of Aldous Huxley’s is coming out to play again)!

Many, many regards to a most loving and very sensible person ++++++ & thanks.

Charlie W

Badminton Horse Trials – Wednesday 3rd May – Sunday 7th May 2017. On Fred doing HT (not Badminton) photo “A Difficult Moment” – 60 HT’s completed (approx) & some on ZoZo after 1993 (before 1993 – Rosemary, “Roie Williams”, nee, Maxwell-Muller, BHSAI; “jealous, useless & windy”) to 2001.

The nicest guy you will ever meet Eventing (he nearly ran into me with one of his young horse at Lulworth HT 1998 approx, so apologetic and gentlemanly) well done ANDREW NICHOLSON, NZL, with Deborah Sellar’s Nereo!

“THE CONCLUSION” (at last)!

Sent: 23 March 2017 16:21
To: Lizzy and Charles, Chris and Amelia, Williams.
Subject: RE: Rosemary G Williams, nee, Maxwell-Muller, 77 Newbury Road, Kingsclere, RG20 4SU “Honourableness” & “The Unofficial Sitting Tenant”,-1.2541987,3a,51.7y,217.33h,86.31t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1spd4g8wvVCH7B1wRB9oRjmA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for your message. I find people who are self-deluded choose to be so, as it serves some purpose for them. Having born the brunt of such behaviour from Margaret, Brian, Roie, and Ian, I know they never unbend. They seem to live untroubled by any conscience, or obvious outer consequence.

Bullying others is their way of getting through life, but it does, of course, reveal the presence of hidden inner problems that remain unresolved.

Re the Tokophobia issue, I do not believe, having thought about it, that Roie suffered from it.

The source goes a lot deeper. Ian, likewise, did not have children. When you find two women, and one man, within a family, sharing one parent, namely, Margaret, all of whom have chosen to remain childless, then clearly something is going on that is highly unusual. Margaret had a real fear of ageing. We all received the message, loud and clear, that she did not want to become a grandmother. Margaret’s inability to be emotionally available meant that we were all very much in competition for her love and attention. (Roie was intensely jealous of Margaret showing any love for me, and did her best to sabotage my relationship with her. Roie was chronically insecure and extremely ruthless. Hence, ‘hide of a rhinoceros’!) This translated into a constant desire to win Margaret’s love and approval. So we all responded to the hidden command of her unspoken fear. Invoking her displeasure would result in emotional abandonment, an extremely effective deterrent. I can assure you that Roie is fine. It is not in her nature to be able to ‘soften’ towards you because she would then have to climb down from her perch of moral superiority over the divorce. This would mean having to acknowledge certain uncomfortable truths, definitely a step too far. She is okay financially, the house doesn’t look too bad, and has a car outside if I’ve googled the right one, so it is reasonable to think she is not alone and has somebody able to help her if necessary.

This translated into a constant desire to win Margaret’s love and approval. So we all responded to the hidden command of her unspoken fear. Invoking her displeasure would result in emotional abandonment, an extremely effective deterrent. I can assure you that Roie is fine. It is not in her nature to be able to ‘soften’ towards you because she would then have to climb down from her perch of moral superiority over the divorce. This would mean having to acknowledge certain uncomfortable truths, definitely a step too far. She is okay financially, the house doesn’t look too bad, and has a car outside if I’ve Googled the right one, so it is reasonable to think she is not alone and has somebody able to help her if necessary.

The computers are about to close, so I’ll send you very best regards and warm wishes,

Celia Gollin

Google+ Post Zo Zo in the “West Country 1999 HT” I’m getting older @ 48 yrs – Lizzy’s TB 16.3 Bay Gelding (a privilege to do “Eventing” on with my horse Fred)! Where did all those animals go – did she trash them? Did she ever really care for them? With all her health problems and foibles and aberrations and inherent problems (Celia Gollin’s reports & sexualities); how did she really manage? I would have never been allowed by the “Bullies” to ride any of the horses at Westbrook Hall Farm although, having half a lifetime of riding horses, Pony Club Hunting, so, on.., their awful jealousy & selfishness & menaces reigned! Photo my age 11 yrs

From: celia gollin
Sent: 02 June 2017 16:28

Dear Charlie,

Re the book you recommended, you probably already know about ‘Boarding School Syndrome’, by Joy Schaverien?

Hoping the twins are bearing up in the dreaded exams period – may the farce be with them!!!Best regards,

Best regards,



Hi, Celia

I’ve bought the book you recommended, but we have all been so busy!


Rosemary didn’t quite realise my overwhelming reaction to her badly thought out moves to ‘oust me’ & ‘gain money with menaces’ & my ‘self-survival instincts’ gained from being at boarding school from the tender age of 7 to 18. What a dreadful person she had progressively (slowly) turned out to be, in (our) marriage!

“Good riddance to bad rubbish”, I say – but it still breaks my heart – so much young/effort/time/money at that time was involved and wasted – more for her though!

My Twins are thinking of sorting all this out “about their great heritage”, but they will probably wait until Rosemary is more decrepit, which must surely happen (as with us all). As I have said before, I would rather not be her for the young are so very (mentally, in this context) strong. She had, after all, put so many brains to work against me – so disgraceful. Looking forward to their results, if I’m still alive!

Many Best Regards


Hi, Charlie, 15/06/2017 From Celia Gollin

Thank you for your message and news.

It makes me ashamed to be related.

It is hard to comprehend how Roie could have acted as she did. I never detected anything ‘criminal’ or dubious, in either my mother or Brian. Both seemed upright citizens, who brought us up, to be honest, and morally correct. What on earth got into her, I wonder? Brian, in particular, was thoroughly decent and honest in the way he ran his business, almost to a fault. It feels like there was some sort of bad blood in there somewhere, that surfaced in Roie. It is hard to understand why it should all have gone so wrong between you when for so long it was so good. Nothing can diminish the good times you had together, nor take them away. At least you have those memories. For whatever reason, what happened was meant to happen, and has led to better times. I feel essentially sad for Roie, who threw away something so precious, so totally irreplaceable, in exchange for – nothing. For the money and material things are worthless in comparison to a loving marriage.

A removed comment for private reasons (about further action’s)!

Very kindest regards,


To Celia 20/06/2017 She (Roie) must be well out of “balance” on some of these but probably compensates in some “weird way”, very interesting to find out what this may be – age will give her (all of us) the dreams of the past, especially of youth. That is what I went through with Roie – the older you get the more you seem to dream of an illuminated and the youthful highly sensual episodes of one’s past!

Roaring Boys an Whores
While food has flavour and limbs are shapely
And hearts beat bravely to fiddle or drum
Our proper employment is reckless enjoyment
For soon the noiseless night will come.

REPLY 22/06/2017 Thanks for that, Charlie! Strains of John Donne… The grave’s a fine and silent place But none I think do there embrace! I have no doubt that Roie sees herself as utterly blameless in what went on, or, at least, can ‘prove’ it to other people. What she is able to admit to herself is another matter, in the dark hours of the night. I can never forgive her for getting my mother to sell Greenacre, all because she didn’t want me to inherit it. She knew it meant everything to me, being my father’s house, and my last remaining link with him. Greenacre was the centre for everyone. Ian used to bring his friends there to mend their motorbikes, hold his annual birthday parties, and generally to hang loose. He was deeply attached to his little room. Greenacre meant security to him. Uncle Colin also felt relaxed there and would breeze in and out every weekend to see Brian, treating it like his second home. Everyone felt relaxed there. Brian had his den there, aka the garage, where he had his own private space and could go and work on his vintage cars. It was an essential hobby for him, especially being unwell, and its loss must have hit him hard. Ian lost his little room, and never used his room at the new house because it wasn’t ‘his’ room. He couldn’t invite his friends over or hold his parties there any longer. Uncle Colin also didn’t feel relaxed going over there, and this must deeply have affected his relationship with Brian. As a result, Ian moved away, and so did Uncle Colin. Their whole way of life just ceased after the move, to a place half a mile down the road, but a million miles away from their life before the move. Things were never the same again. Most affectionate regards, Celia.

From: Celia Gollin
Sent: 23 June 2017 17:43
Hi, Charlie,
Many thanks for your message.
In my experience, some people have no ability to admit they might in any way be at fault.
They bull(y)doze their way over others to get what they want, and are able to justify their every action. Sometimes my anger at Roie rises up, as yesterday. I knew selling Greenacre was a wrong move, and would cause untold damage.
It was so awful knowing there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.
It seems part and parcel of what went on in your case.
Total wrongdoing, under the radar.
But balance always rights itself.
Very kindest regards,

Hi, Celia.
I’m not really sure that I had no part in our divorce as I was getting quite fed up in any case + with all the subterranean (subliminal) & a very real type of “hide depressions & then high highs” type mood swings (monthly, hormonal based) – the psychotic Tokophobia – an early change of life or something other? – gone past her ‘sell by date’ embarrassment’s and her realisation – the great antics (bullying) to compensate (Roie’s)!

I had a thought about the general situation – The after Ist World War effects on their parents – their Era and the W War 11 (my parents were quite damaged). The very sad loss of Merial & your Father – Then Brians terrible Parkinson’s – then Margaret had some heart trouble, so on. The death of Dinah’s Dad, too + Mouse.

My family was not easy and so very selfish and foolish in a lot of respects, maybe yours too (all overcompensated and so very frightened by (a “normal”) life + alcohol played a great and strong destructive part (the ghastly hateful rows)! The old adage, if you “can’t do your jumps, give up drinking and your courage will soon return.”

I’m so glad that I just had the time and the good luck to re-generate, so to speak & gave up (nearly all – mostly all) drinking & Pubs.

Nothing you could have done about IT, all just “aggro” – I try not to allow this in our family – Lizzy is somewhat placid and the Twins have learned from association with people who are very much worse off (our disabled lot). Lizzy and I are both voluntary “Registered Carers”. We have a learning disabled who now lives with us – a bad reaction to some Whooping Cough medicine in the 1950’s – not easy, but so very rewarding, in a strange way – to care and such a very major challenge, but it can be very tiring (Respite we have sometimes, but we never really like to use it + the children are getting very independent, now at 18+)!
Many regards ++++

Thank you for your message.

It is almost like Roie used against you the very stuff she had previously defended you against – bullies can come on as rescuers initially, with much sympathy for one’s plight. But when they turn, they do the same shit to you they once deplored when others visited it upon you.

I learned the best revenge, and the greatest benefit for one’s life thereafter is to just WALK AWAY. Thus ridding you of the shit entirely.

No more mindfucks no more emotional windups, no more reacting to them. For when you are reacting, they have the power. As soon as you stop all reaction, they can do nothing. They feed off you because they are weak. They are jealous because you make them feel inadequate. They pick on you when you are vulnerable, and want to feel superior to you because they feel inferior.

They cannot seem to be able to feel good about themselves unless they are putting other people down.
If embroiled in practical stuff with them, it is just a case of getting through it as soon as possible, until there is no more need for contact.

Because, whilst there is any form of contact, you cannot escape the crap. Once free of them, you begin to see how utterly powerless they are without a suitable victim to feed on. They get firmly reduced to size, and you breathe a huge sigh of relief, and move on!

At least, that is what I found! It is wonderful when you reach a point where you genuinely don’t care anymore and have untangled yourself from their emotional tentacles! Such people are master manipulators, that is how they survive. But, once you’ve seen through them, you can finally stop taking it personally and realise they only had power because unwittingly you gave it to them. It was always your power, not theirs, and they wanted to take it from you because they chose not to develop any power of their own. It may not be a conscious choice. But I believe we can all choose to be strong. It isn’t for us, to feel guilty for choosing not to prop these people up, and to choose instead to fulfill our own needs, instead of theirs. Such people are not happy, so they don’t want anyone else to be happy. They are ruthless survivors, at everyone else’s expense and without any contrition or remorse. When you get to the stage of not even wanting any revenge or even any divine retribution, then that is, in fact, the best revenge of all. It is their ability to play on your mind and emotions that give them their kick and if you remove that, they are left with nothing.

Very best regards,


28 June 2017 21:05:40
To: Celia Gollin
Subject: Re:

Hi, Celia

You have done something about it – by “realising it all”! I’m getting there – I think!

I had 30 years, say 0-30 of family plots, intrigue and personal menaces conducted (orchestrated) by my parents, more mother, less father, because he went somewhat weakly along with it (Mother was very strong). I was the older Williams heir (she had 2 children from a previous marriage that was in close contact and competing for constant support by the Williams’s)!

Interspersed by some great times for us all!

After, or just before 30 years old meeting Roie. Say 10 years of some respite with Roie batting on my behalf (taking an outsiders view), making her very unpopular. The last thing expected was that at 40 years old she would turn horribly for our last few months together, so very badly with some unreportable and despicable menaces towards me, but our future together, looking at what the life I have had since it would have been very dark; a deep slough of the “most horrible despond” (the excitement of our youth disappearing and being in a childless, nearly sexless marriage) contributing to the great (selfish & ungiving) darkness’s! Then a great light, so to speak, with my (forced by her – or I led her to believe so, at times) escape from Roie that was led by Roie whom very much dirtied herself with those “ghastly menaces”.

Quite impossible to live with those, when she gains full realisation that she has currently put off for so long, some “retribution” is inevitable, but from where it will come from, I don’t really know (internally?, or externally (self-harming accidents, as was before?). Maybe, this has happened by a withdrawal from the world, an invisibility, with her Talmudic cleverness of mind justifying everything (I find it difficult to justify anything – there always seems to be something else that could have been better and I’m open to any suggestions 24hrs x 7days; with the making of some never-ending and humanly mistakes or at least I attempt to allow for them + apologise + maybe, have some humility)!

There are various Land Registries over all the years (25 years in 2018), no County Court Judgements or any Criminality & no “defaults” by Roie.

I’m so very fortunate and somewhat lucky!

Many regards +++

Charlie W & Co.

Sent: 26 June 2017 18:08
To: Lizzy and Charles, Chris and Amelia, Williams.
Subject: Re:

Hi, Charlie,

I guess you are right, about my not being able to do anything about it. And that very much relieves the frustration.

The damaging bullying and justification of the bullying, directed at me left me with the feeling that I had somehow caused the abuse because I was in some way ‘bad’, and even more so if I didn’t believe/wouldn’t admit that I was ‘bad’ – that was truly a hanging offence! It has taken me a long time to untangle all the twisted lines. I was very much the odd one out, so the herd instinct made them turn on me collectively and drive me out. I am thankful to say I have now learned to see it in perspective, and no longer take it seriously. But for a very long time, I took it completely to heart.

My father didn’t drink, so I have never had the taste for it, I am glad to say. But I have personally witnessed the destructive havoc it wreaks, both physically and emotionally, in peoples’ lives.

The plus side to it all is having an empathy with those who have experienced similar damage within their family, and an instinctive desire to help them. I think I played that role in my family – I was the one they could all vent on without fear of reprisal, in order to relieve their feelings of unhappiness, frustration, anger, etc. Bullying me was ‘therapy’ for them!

I imagine it is very rewarding, caring for Lizzie’s sister, but also demanding. My friends have a daughter similarly severely damaged as a baby. I feel so fortunate it didn’t happen to me.

Many affectionate regards,


Hi, Celia 04/07/2017

One of the biggest bugbears is that she has not used “our family money to any good purpose” (if there is such a thing); been conned, so on..? The dreadful road that she lives on (from my transport driving days & Google Maps), seemingly all on her own, with a very low psychological codependent parameter, so to speak (OK, sort of, when young, but as one gets older: yucky)? Her invisibility, in this day and age, astounding – Ian is not so much! A scary darkness, but as you say, she feels alright – no deaths reported at her postcode recently! Pitchorn Farm, just up the road, up a trackway, a hideaway behind an industrial unit.

It is, still, fairly insignificant, talking about all this – you have your fabulous art & culture, myself, a not quite fully grown up family; all are much bigger than the “self”!

Roie, before the divorce, was fairly involved with the Doctors and her Petit Mal + car crash & very self-absorbed. Did this go on to be something much worse?

Of course, there will be various characters that would jump on the bandwagon (“building castles & collecting the rent”, so to speak) for some gain! There were a few rather unfortunate characters hanging about at Westbrook Hall Farm, hoping to pick up some spoils, which no doubt that they did!

I’m so lucky to have gone, very happily, way beyond that awfully trite and shallow menage that it was becoming!

Many kind regards +++


REPLY 05/07/2017 Re:
Celia Gollin
Today, 17:32
Hi, Charlie,

Margaret was always rather overconcerned re Roi’s health, a natural concern, of course, but I think this then led to Roie’s emphasis, developing from that. I know Roie had some ‘female troubles’, post-divorce. I had also been told she had a bad back, from various falls. This meant she couldn’t ride any longer, I believe. Health issues tend to get worse with age, so I don’t expect she is clear of such concerns.

It seems from what you have been saying that the marriage had indeed run its course. Things always find their natural level, and you and Roie were obviously not on the same level in life.

It surprises me, to learn of Roie’s relationship issues, as it was always presented to me that she was ‘healthy’ in that respect. I always assumed that she and Ian had no such problems because they had been raised in a ‘normal’ family environment, with no losses involved. But the relationship between Brian and Margaret was not harmonious, and the atmosphere at times was deeply oppressive. It seems it must have taken its toll on Roie, the effects of which later emerged inevitably in your marriage.

Re Pitchorn Farm, was that the farm belonging to the man Roie went to live with? Whatever the situation between them now, my feeling is that Roie is not in the best of health. It seems she is possibly involved in breeding livestock. It would be unlike her to sit and do nothing. I can only guess she is happy in the life she has made for herself and lives untroubled by conscience.

But if she has not made good use of your money, then in time that situation will right itself.

Very kindest regards,


Hi Charlie, 21/07/2017

Just a few words on Margaret and Brian’s relationship, that may throw light on your experience with Roie.

After my father’s death, my mother was depressed and lonely. She had two very young children in tow, and, in the climate of the time, felt that to be a distinct drawback in finding a new partner. As well, there were few opportunities available for her to meet someone suitable. She met Brian at the Tennis Club, an acceptable middle-class watering hole in St George’s Hill, Weybridge. At the time, she thought he was a gregarious, sociable person, as it appeared when she met him amongst a group of people up there. He lived with his elderly mother, the youngest of three sons. His mother was not in good health, and, should she pass away, the house, a detached property in the Ashley Road area, would be sold, and the proceeds shared between the three brothers.

They courted, he went away for a year working abroad, and on his return, they got engaged and married in 1953.

Margaret later told me that, had she known what he was really like, she would not have married him. She termed him ‘neurotic’, telling me that once they got married, his apparent sociability disappeared, and he never wanted to socialise, go out, or have people, apart from very few friends, and Uncle Colin, come around to the house.

Prior to his departure to Trinidad, they had been going out for a year, not sufficient time to get to know one another.

From what my mother told me, loneliness was the main reason she married again.

As for Brian, he once told me he didn’t love her, and really had only married her because she had the house, and was a good housekeeper. He said the alternative, once his mother had died, would have been a bedsit in Surbiton, which he just couldn’t face. There was a rocky period in their marriage in which he was rather suspiciously close to his secretary, a young woman on her own with a small child.

When Roie came along, she was very much the apple of their eye and could twist them both round her little finger. She ruled the roost until Ian came along, and then, as you know, there was a lot of friction. I remember Merial and me forever competing for Margaret’s love, with never enough to go round for the two of us. I saw Roie and Ian’s relationship as being a direct repetition of this. Margaret did not seem to have much love to give, and told me she did not have a good relationship with her own mother, and was glad to marry early to get away from home. She also made all of us children feel like a burden to her, which in turn made us view having children as a real drag. She was constantly going on about how, when she was married to my father, she had a butler, a maid, a gardener and a cook, saying this in front of Brian.

He was very passive-aggressive within the relationship, and it was her way of getting back at him, I suppose. So that is a brief summary of the goings-on at Greenacre, and very often I felt like the only real adult in the family.

It put me off marriage for life.

Maybe that clarifies certain issues, with regard to Roie.

Kindest best regards,


REPLY 21/07/2017

Hi, Celia.

Sorry I’ve been very busy in getting a house ready for some new tenants. I will check this all out & your last email, after next weekend, when they move in. I’ve worked nearly 60 days straight – too long, but it is a fabulous property built in 1864, but with a myriad of problems (a good investment for our children & a second property in the meantime for us + its income).

I hope that Roie has collected a property or two, with her luckily gained/given resources from my/families estate & having only herself to bring up/look after in life (a principal & major achievement by Lizzy & myself that nobody can take away or ever deny)! Her butting out on my Parents was disgraceful, unforgivable + all her other pathetic and juvenile antics that put me through a short period of hell and were potentially life-threatening – thank goodness this was professionally spotted & then my freedom was assured, from this short period of slavery that I had to a bully (less than a year at max, or was it slightly more?).

The pressure builds up (over time) day by day, year by year for her; the psychic unity of humankind (love/empathy/some level of co-dependency, so on…  – without it you may as well be dead or are): when it’s allowed to flourish out of these appalling darkness’s that have been found within this family & it’s dismal ending (the line & more). So interesting, after my rather brief (shallow & dark, in comparison) encounter on my “personal life’s timeline” with the close relationship to Roie & all the Maxwell-Muller’s. If nothing happens in my lifetime, by Karma, it will be in the future, presumably, with my children – in financial (as mentioned before) or in other terms, or with all the children’s children! Everybody wants to know today (if you want to look) & nothing and nobody can hideaway – electronic and public/private documents, so easily and legally are obtained today – Wills – Land Registry – Banking Ratings – Medical Histories, so on…

Kind regards +++


07/08/2017 (Crockford, Kingsclere. One does presume).

Hi, Charlie,

Thanks for your message.

Re the man Roie lived with after the divorce, who taught Roie about training gun dogs, I believe, it would seem they split up as a couple, and Roie was able to buy her own place when Margaret died, with the money she was then left. But there appears to remain a friendship/business arrangement, and I would imagine the money you gave her has been invested in the venture in question.

The above is guesswork, of course, based on Roie’s location, and the fact that his farm, which had been in the family for generations, according to Margaret, was extensive, and could, therefore, accommodate a livestock business.

The whole story is sad, stupid, and senseless. Those who are not able to stand up and be counted tend to resort to evasion. Guilt also plays a part. As does not being able to admit to any wrongdoing. They take after their mother in that respect. Not the sort of people I want to have in my life, antithetical to everything I believe in. So, in fact, I am relieved they have chosen to have nothing to do with me. I would otherwise feel duty-bound since they are ‘family’. A natural parting of the ways, I suppose.

I hope your Summer is going well, that the new tenants are happily settled in, and that the Twins have recovered from their exams ordeal! I am sure they will achieve excellent results.

Warmest regards to all,


Hi, Celia reply to Celia (below) 09/08/2017

Doing some thinking about this?, the pressure, as I said, will build up & I’m learning about it “all” (getting there) at the same time. 25 years ago + is the recommended “Remembrance Therapy” (the recognition of “abuse”, they say, takes 14 yrs., on average)! Lessons for the kids! A book to write puts “50 Shades” to shame + reading all the books on the ghastly Public School System!

I know that for me all that was on my mind was a love for Roie (she knew this) & for (loving) life and all it’s “powerful forces” & being so “free & spontaneous” – at long last, after the sale of a “family estate” – “Westbrook Hall Farm”!

We had all!, been through many stages of PTSD, due to our “upbringings” & “parenting” & “family anomalies” – crushing’s of all our spirits & morals & dignities by some unspeakable cruelties (put downing’s – if we did not obey + the “ostracizations” & much worse) that were put on all of us; mostly for the sake of the social status quo (class, so on…). The selfishness of our peers (dominant mothers) with their power, towards us, at this time, was very overpowering! The delay in being empowered, unless one was extraordinarily strong (I don’t think that intelligence IQ had much to do with this). Many of us were constantly moved on and distracted so that we couldn’t specialise really fully on anything! The “balanced individual” was a paramount (product) & in my case in training for the possibility of a new World War; from a very young age at my prep school & as a teenager & a little later in the Army.

Roie & her, so called “backups” (the dressage rider/trainer), making her cruel, bullying, and so very dangerous for me; being so very tired & overworked – in the calling in of Public Authorities (I was ex-Army ‘fully trained’, somewhat frightening to some, maybe?) that did backfire on her & within one day – the nonsenses & lies – the accusation of an attempted rape, on her, by me, being one of them; I am being led astray by her in all ways!, – unforgivable, & very “rock bottom, silly, frightening, scary for me/any man: tactics” by her. The attempted coup d’état at the Farm, with her dressage rider trainer; his wife telling me every day that they were running off together & worse, they lived in a caravan in a barn on the farm, maybe, the “gun-dog man” as well, but I think that all this came a little later, I may be wrong – all is in her “tow”. She couldn’t continue this harassment very publicly, as her Public type of Divorce that she chose (not necessary, having no children – “childless marriage”!); it would not have been allowed to go through if there was “coercion”! She maintained a bullying stance for some considerable time, though only very privately against me, she only knows what those tactics were, but were on occasion life threating (when being physically assaulted by her, I found that to bare myself was the answer to this – she would back off & the run/go away) there seems to of been no dignity border that she would not cross to harass me & so dangerously: grabbing the wheel of the car from me whilst I was driving to steer into other cars, so on… She would, though, have occasional breakdowns of great pleadings, for this, or that, that added to her outcome of greediness’s (The Settlement). The main thing was to get it all through (esp., for me) so that we could finally separate, so out of tune was she!

So interesting (tantric-fic): quite fascinating to find out, how that she then did survive, in this “state of un-loving, denial, hating & awful lies”, a future unrequited, physical fascination, maybe – “love match” and a lonely 77 Newbury Road (in comparison, with my rather full life of love; a wife of 12 years younger & more pretty than Roie, children & laughter & crying & caring, all the “normal” things). What is 77 Newbury Rd like inside? How is she physically, the “state of mind” (esp., with her) being so important to her general well-being, so to speak… What does she do all day – life being “movement”!? Is she, now, “quite dead” in her “soul”?

Much too “dark”, for me to really “chase after”, but as all the info comes in, the picture “builds up & builds up”!

Many kind regards +++

From: celia gollin
Sent: 04 August 2017 16:16
To: Lizzy and Charles, Chris and Amelia, Williams.
Subject: Re:

Hi, Charlie,

Thank you for your message.

Yes, why is it that Roie divorced you, but kept your name???!!!
Obvious, in any case, who was strong, but that says it all.
I understand your need to track your assets.
My experience of the negative is just to steer well clear!

My best regards to you, Lizzy, and the Twins,


Hi, Charlie, 12/08/2017

Thanks for your two messages.

I have no problem with deepness and find no surprises in what you say, it all just being an extension of what I experienced at Roie’s hands the removal of stuff sneakily in your absence, for example.

In the context of a relationship, many more scenarios for such stuff.

I know I was damaged by my upbringing, but I had no idea how very
damaged Roie was, since, as I’ve said, I was made to feel completely
inferior to both Roie and Ian, and to their respective lifestyles.

I will write more fully, the past few days I’ve not been following my
normal activities, due to a vet/animal hospital visit, so I am a bit out of kilter. The pet now on the mend, and home, btw.

Warmest thoughts and regards,


Hi, Celia (reply 13/08/2017)

I hope that all is well, animals can be most heartbreaking. I’m very pleased that the animal is on the mend.

The squirreling of Roie’s accounts for her secretiveness (being found out; if articles are displayed and then gloated/ the “self-appraisals of cleverness” upon at home) and the self-induced loneliness that she must really suffer from.

I think that she seriously must have, underestimated the intelligence of the people that she has squirreled from. Mostly such minor things, but all those things having an emotional attachment – thus a rather puerile excitement for her and amongst her friends that she discloses this to as some sort of one-up-man-ship that carries weird favours/showing off. + all the lies!

A particularly nasty trait!

Many kind regards +++


Hi, Charlie, 16/08/2017

Roie took childhood books of mine – the ones I was trying to regain that day I came over – and the rocking horse, that was mine and Merial’s, the day before I was due to collect my belongings from Walton. I rather let that one go – the rocking horse – as I knew I would
never succeed in getting it back, and, anyway, Roie could probably give it a better home.

Tiny is much better now, thanks to the Blue Cross. She had bad gum disease and had to have a dental. But, sod’s law, just as she really improved, her brother Tommy showed signs of having the same condition. I wouldn’t mind, but they are both feral cats, and won’t let me approach until they get really bad. So it is now nerve-wracking, waiting for Tommy to get to that stage, knowing he is in pain, and can’t eat, and needs to be treated without delay.

Typically, it has happened just when I have rather a lot on my plate, and when I’ve not needed to go to a vet for several years!

I’ll have more time to write in due course.

I do hope all is well with you, fingers crossed for the exam results!

Best thoughts and regards,


Hi, Reply 17/08/2017

We have two feral cats from the RSPCA – always a very great worry, they disappear for days out in the country, but come back after a few days, even if it is wet: bone dry & well??!!

Terrible, “unnormal” in the “empathetic regions” this dreadful squirreling of Roie’s (past??, I have a feeling that it would get much worse with age!).

Exams = “One” is away to “UNI” + “Gap Year?” & “One” has another year at “School” by choice – what a boost!

I will think about this more when we have settled down a bit (the humans that is).

Many regards +++


me (2)

Dodgy Moment

“Thinking outside the box”
Hi Celia (Gollin) 14/09/2017
No news. I do expect “something” before our divorce’s 25th anniversary on Nov 2018!
Every – “menace”, “aberration”, “where or what for”; I’m afraid, can be put down to a severe “Tokophobia”.
The new scientific/psychological papers written on this subject have really made it a “fact”.
Of course, knowledge about this female condition did not really exist in early 1990’s, there were only anecdotes and stories for this now recognized profound psychological condition (it can happen also after pregnancy or giving birth, with more dire consequences).
It does exist in about 1 in 10 females – it is “very problematical for male partners”. I do hope that Roie may have found some respite in Lesbianism, or some form of escapism sexually from her Tokophobia, when her time on the Pill, advised by her GP, had really “run out” in 1990’s (advised by her GP to have children that went down with her so very and extremely badly).
I’m very pleased (somewhat proud) that I was able to remove myself from this dangerous situation that goes “against nature”, as my younger wife Lizzy would say.
Many Regards +++

Re: “Thinking outside the box”.
Today, 17:54
Hi Charlie, thanks for the great photo of the Twins. I hope their plans, post-exam results, are going well.
Thanks, also, for your thoughts on the situation re Roie. I doubt Lesbianism is her cup of tea, and I expect she just beat a complete retreat from it all after the menopause. Margaret had tales to tell of difficult births, her first experience being a forceps delivery with Merial. She had such a bad time that my father, she said,
was extremely surprised when she wanted another child. Apparently, my birth was a lot easier. Couple this with the fact Margaret seemed to find having children to be a complete pain in the arse, and it isn’t hard to understand why Roie wasn’t keen on the idea! Owning animals seemed an easier option!
I think Hell will freeze over before you hear from Roie! Having right royally stung you in the divorce, she cannot be free from guilt. Also re all the false accusations. So absurd, to have accused you of rape!
Such an obvious attempt to make you out to be the villain of the piece, in order to extract a maximum divorce settlement.
Warmest thoughts and regards, Celia Gollin.

Re: “Thinking outside the box”.
Thu 14/09/2017 19:20
celia gollin
Hi, Celia – thanks for the reply.
All wonderfully “close to the bone”, but I know there is a “soft spot” in the psychology of Roie – accusations of rape without penetration; being, “led astray by her” (she had a “50 Shades” fetish at times, was so very surprising to her that what she said, I should do to her, came to this “half-cocked/baked conclusion”; her using this as a lever, besides, all the other rather pathetic tactics and menaces. Of course, she could have ruined me, had I not had let her get away with a myriad of some very minor concessions, to make her feel very satisfied, and to get the wretched relationship over with her and as soon as possible, however heartbreaking it was (I took all the cash +++).
It did stretch me out a bit, admittedly, but not nearly as much as it has done to her (that is why she wrote to me in 2004)! I dreamt up about the dark place that she inhabits and it reminded me of the compulsory Social Services that we had to do at Millfield, where there were people that we looked after for an afternoon a week all in an unforgettable terrible condition.
I was a top of my Platoon in mastering the “interrogation training” and the “gas chamber”, plus, the “outward bound survival” and was put forward for the SAS that I declined, as a marksman of all weapons in shooting for my Regiment. I did not agree with Northern Ireland’s British Gov politics. I knew that by being trained to kill at a very young age (Shooting Classes at Prep School – winning the All Prep Schools, one year) that I would have to carry this out in Northern Ireland. The Government had spent an amazing amount of money on me and were seriously upset, but I had joined on a “Special Engagement” that had a legal clause loophole that I used to extract myself. Mercenary work was available, but I had the Family Country Estate to manage that was worth such a lot more, without having to participate in lots of horrific nastinesss. One also had to survive, the “putting downs” given out by our parents (esp., my Mother who had two previous children that lived with us and were given more quarter) at this time, very much like you, had to do!
Many Regards

Hi, Charlie, 30/09/2017

And surely no need to feel any guilt. You say yourself you tried to help her, but in my experience people can only be helped if they acknowledge they need help, and want to take that help on board.

Roie clearly wasn’t ready to admit she had a problem. I would be fascinated to know how she is doing and partly curious as to what. Both she and Ian were so brainwashed by Margaret, into rejecting me.

Neither of them, sadly, will ever get beyond that, as also because of guilt at the way they treated me.

They don’t know how to deal with it.

What you have been telling me is a revelation – I bought the propaganda hook, line and sinker.

It has helped me more than I can possibly say. I now realise I was as brainwashed as they were.

I was made to feel I was the lowest of the low, and it severely affected my confidence.

Realising that Roie had problems of which I was completely unaware has shattered their carefully constructed version of events. I now feel I never had the chance to get to know Roie as she really is.

I wish I could help her, but honestly believe, from what I do know of her, that she would never admit to having any problems. Margaret was the same. It took me ages to realise that. But it didn’t occur to me that Roie had problems, because she had two secure parents and a sibling, and therefore had not got such issues, I assumed. And also because I had never had the opportunity to get to know her.

Sheer curiosity means I would love to know how she is, and what she is doing! Maybe I have a sadly human desire to be told she is not doing very well, because of the way she – and they – treated me!

Many best regards to you, Lizzie, her sister, and the Twins,

Celia Gollin.


Working on this – it’s terribly interesting. Also, having some real life (if not, “real”, deceased) “Ghosts” to think about!
No one does not have some “trail” – they have tried to avoid this (massively). A most interesting aberration!
In all my experiments exploring the “constructs”, trying to keep up with the iGENS (my kids and younger friends).
Or, at least to have “some knowledge” & not “poo-pooing everything” in my older age, that for sure, will be a sign, of my increasing senility & decrepitness!

How do you move forward?
The important thing to remember is that when someone ghosts you, it says nothing about you or your worthiness for love and everything about the person doing the ghosting. It shows he/she doesn’t have the courage to deal with the discomfort of their emotions or yours, and they either don’t understand the impact of their behaviour or worse don’t care. In any case, they have sent you an extremely loud message that says: I don’t have what it takes to have a mature healthy relationship with you. Be the better person, retain your dignity, and let him/her go peacefully.

Don’t allow someone else’s bad behaviour to rob you of a better future by losing your vulnerability and shutting yourself off from another relationship. Keep your energy focused on doing what makes you happy. Know that if you are someone who treats people with respect and integrity – then the ghoster simply wasn’t on your wavelength and someone better is coming your way, as long as you keep your heart open and your focus forward

I’m sure that, eventually, all will be revealed, at least, I’m, an “open-book”. How horrible & very sad, it must be, not to “BE”; in this fascinating (electrified) modern world. All sorts of contention comes from my relationship with the Maxwell-Muller family. Thank goodness that we had no children, the marriage/breakup, no more, than a friendship ending. The sex & the “suppose-ed love”; no more than a (silly – childish) plaything (the world that they live in now, it seems)!

Many kind regards +++

Charlie & Family.

To Celia, – Falsely accused of rape or sexual assault? How dangerous is this (the – “scary – blame-game”)! You know who you are!

Life Begins At 40 (1992)! ZoZo “up, up, and away”! Eventing 1998 approx. A “good horse, nos 2, Fredy, the other nos 1”. All other horses that 1 owned (except, when very young, the Pony Club Days) were a complete & utter waste of my time & my money (including the people) – Rosemary G Williams, nee, Maxwell-Muller & Robert Pring, Dressage Training & Bob Mayhew WES, Western Riding. (Ref, Westbrook Hall Farm, RH12 3PT).

Zo Zo.jpg

Chrissie Arnac Mayhew- Thanks, Chrissie Arnac Mayhew for the “best-est of divorce’s ever” (life was becoming, more & more, of a “screwed up hell”, plus, the relationship between Ro Williams, & Mayhew, both, Ro & Chrissie, cornering vast amounts of dosh, with their “same-time” divorce ambitions 1991-1992)! Horses (Quarter Horses 2 or 3 purchased) Mayhew (WES) Western Equestrian Society & dogs, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers (2 purchased) Such fun 1991-1993 – Jilly Cooper – Wikipedia Riders and the Rutshire Chronicles. I knew that I had done my best – Who cashed in? The (unaware) “Ignorant Inscrutables”! You Know Who? – “Specific anxiety-raising situations can include using a computer or mobile phone, reading email, accessing the web, Facebook or other social media, but also being in open spaces, public transit, shopping malls, or simply being outside the home due to the risk of being photographed or otherwise Internet-logged in these situations.[1] Being in any of these situations may result in a “panic attack”.[3]” – “The cause of Internet phobia is likely to be a combination of environmental factors. The condition can run in families,[1] between friends or in other intimate relationships. Or perhaps they did some ashamed or criminal things which are not expected to be revealed. Perhaps they just experienced stressful events.”


Chrissie Arnac Mayhew – Thanks, Chrissie Arnac Mayhew for the “best-est of divorce’s ever” (life was becoming, more & more, of a “screwed up hell”, plus, the relationship between Ro Williams, & Mayhew, both, Ro & Chrissie, cornering vast amounts of dosh, with their “same-time” divorce ambitions 1991-1992)! Horses (Quarter Horses 2 or 3 purchased) Mayhew (WES) Western Equestrian Society & dogs, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers (2 purchased) I knew that I had done my best – Who cashed in? The (unaware) “Ignorant Inscrutables”! You Know Who? – “Specific anxiety-raising situations can include using a computer or mobile phone, reading email, accessing the web, Facebook or other social media, but also being in open spaces, public transit, shopping malls, or simply being outside the home due to the risk of being photographed or otherwise Internet-logged in these situations.[1] Being in any of these situations may result in a “panic attack”.[3]” – “The cause of Internet phobia is likely to be a combination of environmental factors. The condition can run in families,[1] between friends or in other intimate relationships. Or perhaps they did some ashamed or criminal things which are not expected to be revealed. Perhaps they just experienced stressful events.”

2017 A Very Shocking Letter Was Received. Emailed to “Charles & Lizzy, Christopher & Amelia” (other emails were “incidental & revealing” + my gentle replies).Tales

“VERY SCARY” (without children involved, not so scary, but enough to cause PTSD) “The Blame Game Divorce In The UK” (when adultery or abandonment is not present) Such very cruel & very many very silly people try out this “psychological abuse” & spread it around (lying) to their “cronies” & “friends” later, all in the thinking & belief & to gain some sympathetic reaction or a justification. And notoriously for money (bribery) – possibly, later on (backing up their (miserable) Case). NOT NICE!

Ref, (my) NHS Notes – A nights stay in a Hospital (was less than 24 Hrs) & being kept in a loving, caring environment as there was “no case for me to answer to”! This letter was received in 2017, delivered to Charles & Lizzy, Christopher & Amelia by Celia Gollin, Rosemary G Williams, nee, Maxwell-Muller’s, half-sister, 24 Yrs had passed, after the accusations against me & our (Lizzy & I) children were 18 Yrs old! “HOW SO VERY SAD IS THAT”?


The “Has-been’s” are busy – To Celia Gollin 29/01/2018 – She seems OK – the old friends are recognisable. (So, very, very, “BORING”!) Such fun 1991-1993 – Jilly Cooper – Wikipedia Riders and the Rutshire Chronicles

“Let sleeping dogs lie” for me is the best option! Ro Williams, Kingsclere, RG20 4SU.

My children are another matter, maybe?, depending on how they feel – they are very protective – ultra connective, so, on…!

I have “covered” the “shit” that she has thrown around (everywhere)!

With her low status/profile of friends; it is no problem.

Profile, “very weak”, but for the “out-of-touch-ness” of her generation (without, young ones) is understandable – we/family are so ultra communicative/interactive 24/7!!!

Many Regards+++

Charlie.… “Loneliness” (no family/friends, allowed, close too – so, on…) = “Freaked-out & Guiltiness” & “Barrenness” & “Psychotic & Paranoid” & “Talmudic (always right & obsessive) brand of cleverness” of “your stalkers” “The English Patient” (Film) – “Almásy: There is no God… but I hope someone looks after you.
Madox: Just in case you’re interested, it’s called the “suprasternal notch”. Come and visit us in Dorset when all this nonsense is over. The “sex was faulty”. [Heads away but turns back]
Madox: You’ll never come to Dorset.”

The “sex was faulty” (broken-up), at least by her & all her “sexy lies” that did lead him falsely on”! Ro Williams… Ro Williams, Kingsclere, Newbury, Berkshire.

“Escape To Manoel Island 1993” (Me, “Divorced” 1993 – PTSD “damaged & very broken hearted” 

Hi Charlie, 01/02/2018
Thanks for your two messages, and the Facebook link re Roie. Sorry for the delay in replying, I’ve not been at the Library for the past two weeks, for various reaons.
It would be very interesting to know Brian’s prognosis, but it is, understandably, probably not releasable, because of patient confidentiality, as you’ve said.
I’ve had a lot of chance to think about it all, and have come to the conclusion that Margaret had mental health issues. These were not obviously apparent, there was a very rigid ‘front’ – especially in public. I believe Roie inherited this. People with such issues affect those around them, and can only be helped if they choose to accept help. But Margaret and Roie were not able to admit to having any such issues. The behaviour of Roie’s you describe is clearly unbalanced. It only comes out around those close to them, in the way you and Roie were close. I never saw it. But I recognise it as being the same sort of behaviour I encountered from Margaret. She and Roie were so close, birds of a feather.
Roie would have learned it as a way to behave, as also that she could get away with such behaviour. The good thing about it is, just realising the behaviour was not normal meant I no longer had to try and reason it out.

It wasn’t my problem, and there was nothing I could have done to help, nor had I caused it in any way. I had just been the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It is just very sad. But we both managed to survive, and to go on to better things.

Very best regards,

Costly Shit 1993 – Consent Order Page 1&2&3 (so generous, due to the “Petitioners”, obvious ill-health). A “Quickie” is vital – “Blame Game Divorce”! “Honourableness&#8221; & “The Unofficial Sitting Tenant”! No recorded biological children, amongst this family of Maxwell-Muller, or any of their Cousins – the whole ‘line’, presumably, will soon die-out! Extraordinary, it is to contemplate, where all the “resources” will ultimately be “settled”!Rosemary Gillian Maxwell-Muller, was born on 4th April 1955 in Lambeth, Surrey, her father, Brian, was 33, and her mother, Margaret, was 36. She married Charles Anthony Leonard Williams in March 1983 and have no children and they were divorced in 1993. All, by Rosemary’s own very public instructions on the grounds of “bad behaviour” as any adultery in the marriage, was not presented to the Divorce Court. She has one brother, Ian Robert Maxwell-Muller, who was born in June 1959 in London, England, his father, Brian, was 37 and his mother, Margaret, was 41. He has no children in 2018 that can be seen. He has one sister, Rosemary, as above, and two half-sisters, one being deceased as below. Rosemary’s two half-sisters, Celia R Gollin was born in March 1946 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, her father, Edward Marcus Gollin, was 35, and her mother, Margaret, was 27. The other half-sister Merial Jean Gollin was born on April 3, 1944. She died as a teenager of pneumonia on 8 October 1957 in London. Charles Anthony Leonard Williams, then went on to re-marry in 1998, having their twin-children in 1999, a girl, and a boy, and is still very happily married in 2018, and lives in Dorset, England.Dinah Ashton, nee, Gibson, nee, Maxwell-Muller, was born in September 1948 in Northern Surrey. There are no records of any biological children.Josephine Ann Maxwell-Muller was born on September 8, 1944, in Hendon, Middlesex, England, her father, Leon, was 31, and her mother, Margaret, was 26. She married Anthony John G Heaton in 1974. She died on October 30, 2010, at the age of 66. There are no records of any biological children.

Mother’s Day 2018 (Family Pics of 2003 & before & later). How proud would have the “Ancestors” been!

Beware!, the (awfulness’s) “Green Goddess’s, Childlessness” (Hera had children though?). Celia Gollin (half-sister) & Letters from 2016. Ro Williams, nee, Maxwell-Muller @…
(Ian R Maxwell-Muller) & “Cronies”

A UNI check out for “Beany” (Amelia) – In the “MidlandsTriangle”! Daddy does a 600-mile round trip & is knackered!
Traveling past the – “Darkness’s & Tall Tales Of Calumny” on the A34. Ro Williams, Newbury Road, Kingsclere.
Photo “A Red Letter of 2017” Celia Gollin (is written to all our Family).

Brans Flat 8 Bransgore House, 140 Burley Road, Bransgore, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 8DA. The Bachelor Pad & Bransgore House, ‘Company Chairman’ – Calumny. Recovering From “Menaces & Thieving & Cheating & All The Ghastly Shallow People Of My Divorce”. The Pets Fiasco Ends & Good Karma Starts! The ending of all the “quagmirey thoughts & the ghastly clay soils”! “Honourableness” & “The Unofficial Sitting Tenant”! Summer 2018 (4)
I had no idea of being rich was Roie’s aim. I think there are people who are born rich, and those born poor, who then make money, but it doesn’t turn them into a rich person.
I think you and Roie had what is known as a ‘starter’ marriage, or words to that effect.
You then go on to find the right person, if fortunate! Which it appears you are! Very!
Many best regards,
to you and yours,
Celia Gollin.
A good point, one that I badly tried to make – “In the ancient world, the rich held themselves to very different standards from the poor. Not much has changed, argues classical historian Mary Beard.
Mary Beard, a historian that one can always have some time for  Mary Beard (classicist) – Wikipedia So much of the History that the kids learn is not really history at all, but history with squeamishness’s – squeamishness is a very modern invention. “Plastic”, as the old Hippies would say. Roie had great designs for lots of money, also, very prevalently, to get out of paying any maintenance for my parents who lived in Spain. She did not have much of an idea how really money worked or its relative importance to being happy and productive in a lifetime (at one’s funeral, presumably, there might be something to say). My grandfather did a generation skip and this retirement money only worked out to be over 10 years 1993 to 2004 the last survivor’s death at £60,000.00 each for my brother Len and I. Such a small amount considering, so that I left it out of our settlement, because I knew in her state of mind that her very public “Consent Order” would not get passed her, for our divorce, if it ever came into it. There was no offer from her and she fully realised that she was a total rat, ‘ratting on the honour of a past deal’, made in honour to my parents by us all! £60,000.00 was enough to me of having the great satisfaction of maintaining honour amongst my family and being able to bad-rubbish her (not that I had any time to do this or really wanted to, but now that I have some-time 25 Yrs. Later and with my age, the ghosts of the past are becoming, somewhat, more (very real) real (weird, age, is)!!!

It is all going terribly well, so far, with people coming out of the woodwork, so to speak, with lots of info – I will relay to you if there is anything more serious going on in Kingsclere, but I doubt it – a miserable life if you think about it. Not in any way like yours all amongst the Arts that was so important at the/our time, so that we could all break free of all the ghastly and dark conformity! Amazing revivals for you, all over the world, up to the present day!!!

I’ve got to go to do my Social Services volunteering, got to go!
Kind Regards+++++

Summer 2018 (5)


My fault, I missed your point, one that is often lost on those who think that making pots of dough turns them into the rich people they aspire to become, whereas in fact they just remain the same as before, but with more money.

What for me sums up Roie’s whole attitude was when she gleefully reported how Gran had been tricked into thinking she was going to go somewhere nice for tea – when in fact she was taken and summarily dumped at a nursing home.

Margaret reported how Roie refused to consider caring for Gran in her own home, once she began to need such care.

My feeling at the time was to have done everything possible to keep Gran living in her own home. I found Roie’s attitude repellent. Obviously, I did not know the exact circumstances, but Roie’s attitude was typically callous. No respect for Gran whatsoever. No caring. Just a ‘nuisance’ to be ‘dealt with’, in her view. Another incident also shocked me – in fact, two.

The first being when Ella killed a pigeon that had flown into the stables, again gleefully recounted by Roie, and when a little field vole came into the house and Roie thought it a great joke, to shut Ella in the room with the vole, to kill it.

No surprise, then, to learn of Roie’s attitude towards the payment of maintenance for your parents. It is often said everything happens for a reason, but it nonetheless seems a sad tale of “when bad things happen to good people.”

Affectionate regards,

Celia Gollin

Besides, “TOKOPHOBIA” this one, “The Revolving Door Syndrome”, looks like the thing that you describe, how awful!

Poor Margaret, what an appalling ‘object’ of a daughter to have!
I was best well out of the way, and whatever the costs that were involved with her ghastly public 1993 “Consent Orders” for the Chichester County Court, West Sussex – ‘The Quickie Divorce Section’!

I should have been much tougher, but I felt it was all a matter of honour too, also a ‘quickie divorce’ was imperative, as I could have been murdered whilst asleep, or something “very more ghastly” – all happenings on the Toy Farm (I must write it all up)!

Kind Regards++++


Common Symptoms of Phobias

Phobias can be divided into three types: specific phobia, social phobia, and agoraphobia. Although the symptoms of each type will vary, there are some symptoms common to all phobias. These include:

Terror: A persistent and overwhelming fear of the object or situation.

Physical Symptoms: Dizziness, shaking, palpitations.

Obsessive Thoughts: Difficulty thinking about anything other than the fear.

Desire to Flee: An intense instinct to leave the situation.

Anticipatory Anxiety: Persistent worrying about upcoming events that involve the phobic object or situation.

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Europe’s – The World’s: ‘Migration Crisis’ & ‘A Fraudulent Promise’. Hopefully, we will see how many millions want this barbarity to end and now, ‘copied and pasted’, for the ‘Paris Attacks’. Now we have the Belgian ‘soft targets’, yet another shocking barbarity!
“And yet life itself, the joy of living, was the target of Islamic extremists with a burning hatred for these very freedoms on Friday (Today) night, killing well over 100 people. They did not attack infrastructure, politicians, military personnel, or sites of historical or cultural significance. They targeted innocent people, going about their lives, trying (hard) to make it through this difficult and complicated world with a modicum of ‘fun and lightness’. Something we all aspire to. And,

Imagine an education in no subjects other than strict, dogmatic religion. Not even English and maths. For some Londoners, this is a reality.

Last week, the BBC’s Newsnight covered our investigation into North London’s illegal unregistered Jewish schools, helping to bring greater public attention to the issue.

British Humanist Association.


“The eminent Harvard political philosopher Michael Sandel is Radio 4’s “Public Philosopher.” Now, as America prepares for its Presidential elections, he and Radio 4 are going on the road in America with a unique mission to lay bare the deeper moral questions bound up in the noisy Romney and Obama campaigns. In this week’s programme, Professor Sandel visits the heartland of America’s deep south, hosting a public discussion at the University of Dallas in Texas. He challenges ordinary Texans to consider the moral issues raised when it comes to controlling immigration and deciding who should be entitled to citizenship. Texas has a long frontier with Mexico and the issue of immigration divides people sharply. A million people in Texas are “undocumented” living without immigration papers. Many Hispanic voters want immigration to be reformed and President Obama recently outlined initiatives aimed at this base. Mitt Romney, too, is reaching out to Hispanic voters but many in the Tea Party movement pull the Republicans in the other direction. They insist that the border must be closed and deportations must be stepped up. Against this backdrop, our public audience will be asked: “how far should an open society go on accepting outsiders?” Michael Sandel weaves through these issues with the help of philosophers past and present”. Producer: Mukul Devichand.

UK, ‘Brexit Voters’.

‘Behind a web of bottles, bales,
Tobacco, sugar, coffin nails,
The gombeen like a spider sits,
Surfeited; and, for all his wits,
As meagre as the tally-board,
On which his usuries are scored’.
— Joseph Campbell, ‘The Gombeen Man’.

“The industrial nations of the world and their governments have been swept forward by the pressure of invention, through a barrier they did not see, into a world they have not yet understood. As the resources of the earth become more depleted, populations more crowded and more deprived, the greater will be their effort to pass the problem on to the next generation. Self-deception will become more persuasive. Optimism will take hold.

The remedy for our ills is neither remote nor obscure. It is to recognize that the world is indebted to Europe for two great achievements, which have transformed human life in the last 500 years. One is the control of nature, which has led to our present crisis. The other is the understanding of nature and of man, which is our means of escape from this crisis. How you may ask, can the two things be separated? Europe forced them together on America, Asia, and Africa.

In the first place, let us imagine, what would have happened without that rough intrusion. The conditions of these continents could scarcely have changed in the last 500 years. China would still kowtow to the Son of Heaven and Japan would still be shut up in the Shogun’s Cage. India would still be the prey to warring Rajas. Along the road to Tripoli, Khartoum, and Zanzibar; Arabs would still profitably drive their caravans of castrated slaves. Cannibal flotillas would still block the cataracts of the Congo. On their remote islands, Maoris and Melanesian’s would still be consuming human flesh. No population problem would have disturbed any of these lands. Indeed, it might never have disturbed them until genetic or ecological decay overtook them.

We must put aside our moral indignation about what the Europeans did, and how, and why they did it. What matters are the results?

For the first result, was the liberation of Asia and Africa. The way was opened for processes of change, favoring the growth and the unity of all human understanding.

The second was the subjugation of the whole world to the European idea of progress, by the control and unlimited exploitation of nature.

This good and this evil having been done, we can assume that the rest of the world enlightened by Europe will accept the good and reject the evil. Hardly so! The evidence is that the rest of the world will not generally accept free speech, representative government, and human rights as they are known in our Western World.

But, they will generally accept all the means they can get for exploiting nature and destroying the resources of the earth. The problem therefore returns, what we have let loose on humanity returns to us. Our chickens come home to roost. It remains for us to use our understanding of nature and of ourselves to control the dangerous power. 

(How, wonderful, at last, a ‘true awakening’ – Why hasn’t this appalling-ness, in today’s world, with so many that have been impoverished and uneducated, come right out before & so seriously? Because, of the, ‘Global Gullibility’ (index) – the majority of me/us Humans, ‘just wish to live a quiet life’. No hiding now! And, And, – Classes of people especially vulnerable to exploitation due to gullibility include children, the elderly, and the developmentally disabled.[2].)

If we look back on the last 500 years, we see the Hebrew and Greek, and Christian confidence in man as the master of nature, orating the Protestant Ethic of industry, ambition, and self-reliance, whose success especially in the New World has created the profligate societies we know. These, are the societies whose fraudulent promise the Third World so greedily accepts.

The people’s of course, know nothing of what is happening.

By the time their rulers have led them to disaster these rulers will be elsewhere. In addition, the industrial nations will be having all they can do to save themselves, without helping anyone else.

Our remedy, then is a respect for nature, the practise of thrift and the restraint of greed, and self-indulgence, which need not be too painful if we undertake it soon. But the longer we postpone it the more painful will it be.

To any such reformation, any such changing of course, one grave obstacle at once appears.

All the great industrial nations would have to change course together.

In addition, we know that each will believe it can do better than its neighbours can and will try to prove it. But, in all these nations, now, there are a few people who take seriously the future of mankind its quantity and its quality.

They are the people who know that our past evolution has been governed by the needs of future generations.

They are the people who recognize that the race, class, nation or species, which rejects this principle is putting its own future at hazard.

They are the people who therefore ask themselves the practical question, “Do we want to expand, to multiply, and to consume the good things of the Earth without limit, and without regard, either to the earth itself or to the children who will inherit it? Are we willing to set ourselves a limit, to measure the capacity of the earth to support our descendants, and us, and to fit ourselves to that capacity”?

The attempt to study the whole of our little universe, to understand its connectedness with the past and the future, to see the value of knowledge will perhaps persuade our own generation to pause, before it plunges into the abyss”. Professor, C.D. Darlington FRS

The, ‘Knowledge of Relationships’, has come a long way, since, 1992. Thank goodness for my Divorce (‘volatile relationship’, ‘childless marriage’) the ‘Petitioner’, Rosemary Gillian Williams, nee, Maxwell-Muller, 1992 – ‘The Archers’ BBC Radio 4 . Knowledge :- “This study examined the relationship between coercive control and intimate partner violence (IPV) for men and women and for targets and perpetrators. One hundred and seventy-two participants (85 men, 87 women) recruited from three samples reported on their own and their partner’s behavior. IPV was measured using the Revised Conflict Tactics Scale (CTS2). Coercive control was measured using modified items from the Psychological Maltreatment of Women Inventory (PMWI). Coercive control was associated with IPV, and this relationship was similar for men and women across the three samples. In fact, coercive control was predominantly reciprocal in nature, with women and men reporting both receiving and perpetrating controlling behaviors. Overall, coercive controlling behaviors were characteristic of individuals within violent relationships, regardless of their physical abuse status. The experience of violence, rather than gender, was the best predictor of coercive control”.

And, ‘childless marriage’

• Primary tokophobia is the fear and deep-seated dread of childbirth which pre-dates pregnancy and can start in adolescence. This often relates back to their own mother’s experience or something they learned in school.
• Secondary tokophobia is due to previous experience of traumatic birth, poor obstetric practice or medical attention, postpartum depression or other such upsetting events.
A few reactions to childbirth include the following:
“The truth is that the very thought of having something almost alien-like growing inside me is disgusting.”
“It’s not too strong to say that the very thought of childbirth disgusts me in a big way.”
“It’s much more than an anxiety – I am actually physically repulsed by pregnancy and childbirth.”
“I even struggle to be around friends when they are pregnant and can’t bear to watch or listen to anything about the process of having a baby.”[9] And, quite beyond me, so complex and at this stage in life Tokophobia

“The body guarantees our privacy, that inmost privacy, which we must not attempt to violate under pain of betraying our manhood / womanhood”.

Aye free, aff han’ your story tell,
When wi’ a bosom cronie;
But still keep something to yousel’
Ye scarcely tell to onie. Burns.

‘Something, Grey’, and ‘Hot’.

The, ‘Petitioner’ (may only understand this), the ‘preposition’ was told by the ‘Petitioner’, was, for a, ‘more surprising and a somewhat violent form of sex’ (presumably, to achieve some greater satisfaction) and ‘talked about vividly’ at their ‘last love making session’, a few days earlier. A ‘verbal illustration’ was given, also, by the ‘Petitioner’ in the form of ‘being made love to by a third party’, in this case, by a visiting ‘Veterinary Surgeon’ to the Farm. When it comes to sex, women and girls sometimes ‘play hard to get’ and say ‘no’ when they really mean ‘yes’.
Fact: Everyone has the legal right to say ‘no’ to sex and to change their mind about having sex at any point of sexual contact; if the other person doesn’t stop, they are committing sexual assault or rape. When it comes to sex, we must respect the wishes of our sexual partner and believe what they tell us about what they do and don’t want.

This was respected, by the ‘Correspondent’ (belief; ‘in what they do and don’t want’, temporally, or permanently, was recognized as now ‘faulty’ by him) the complete change of mind by the ‘Petitioner’, after a brief lull, in the ‘prepositioned act’ that took place in a secluded and outside area of the ‘Farm’. No sexual penetration took place and was never allowed by the Petitioner again; this was respected, although they spent more the best part of 6 months living together looking after all the animals on the ‘Farm’ and ‘sorting’ out her ‘Petitioning’ for a ‘Divorce’. During this time, when somewhat violently, and being seriously ‘put upon’ by the ‘Petitioner’. The ‘Correspondent’ found out that by ‘baring himself’ (privately, to the ‘Petitioner’) it would cause the ‘Petitioner’ to fully retreat; this was found out to be, a most effective strategy, causing no harm, but caused the ‘Correspondent’, some very obvious, but ‘small embarrassments’! And, quite beyond me, so complex and at this stage in life Tokophobia

Narcissism – touching his/your/my reflection. Facebook, its amazing success. Professor Stephen Hawking “Technology is a vital part of human existence. They show us that the right tools in the right hands can help everyone, regardless of our frailties, to achieve our true potential and advance as a civilisation.” &, so very importantly ‘Reminiscence Therapy’ + ‘other advantages’ for those (older persons) with or without any (obvious) impairments!


‘The Tweseldown Flyer’. Autumn colours, are soon to arrive. This TB (Fred) horse had the colour of an ‘Autumn Leaf’ & still brings a tear to my eyes. 1995 approx.

eventing-013 So, very interesting to now ‘clear the air’ on Facebook ‘Life Events’ – The Farm 1988-1992. Just the ‘secluded spot’ for a ‘rampage’ and ‘dastardly deeds’ against a joint owner of the property – Tommy’s Insurance; Building Soc Book; ‘Incarceration’ being an attempted ‘Committal’ that did horrendously ‘backfire & so badly failed failed’ NHS notes are recorded; Shotgun (a very scary & illegal removal from me – no ‘party’, being given ‘it’, having any form ‘Certificate’, or a ‘Registration Document’, except for the Correspondent’s ie., the author’s); Mother’s Bracelet; some, attempted and violent ‘interferences’ with the driving of my car, so on… ‘The Lonely Pine’; ‘The Barren Lands’. A ‘Grey’ book to write! ‘The Escape’, from, ‘The Rats Nest’, to, ‘Manoel Island, Malta’.

Breathe And, Facebook And, Westbrook 1992 My Horses And Other Animals Tokophobia And, Robert Pring ‘Dressage Trainer’.

‘Skeletons In The Cupboard’. Some lovely nights in Vienna after skiing in ‘St Anton, Austria’ – ‘Andrea from Vienna’ (‘Texas Instruments’, I believe). Where are you now?, ‘you showed me the sites’ so in love with you, you could’ve come home with me! I found your contact lens in the snow. We danced in ski boots half the night, nearly every night (Keywords: First Two Weeks In St Anton; ‘Teppichswinger’; ‘Roman Siess’, ‘St Jakob’., might help). I can’t remember your surname?, silly me! Ref, St Anton Ski School (Teppichswinger Club) 1991 Schilehrer and Schifurhrer, ‘Roman Siess’ owner of the ‘Hotel Garni Siess’, St Jakob, Austria, 1990.

I have climbed up, various mountains in the ‘Arlberg Tirol’ region in Austria, including the ‘Scheibler’ (salt carrier) and skied down its glacier, opposite and higher than the ‘Valluga’ and next to the ‘Rendall’ in 3hrs 10 minutes (5hrs to get home) with ‘St Anton Ski Guide, Robert Birkl’. The ‘Teppichswinger’s’ seem to have been made quite famous by the book called ‘The Business of Alpine Tourism In A Globalising World’ written by ‘Jacqueline McGibbon’, New South Wales, Australia. We could look down on the ‘Motorway Skiing & Piste Skiing Ants’ that were ‘far below us’! And, Please let me go!, Whilst away, the ‘thieves and vagabonds’ were at large! (trouble is just about to ‘brew-up at the Mill’, ie, the, ‘Toy Farm’), the ‘ex didn’t like skiing , or much of anything, really; towards the very end of our relationship – thank goodness for that!

‘Collages’. Chris & Amelia, Daddy & Mummy. Grandpa, ‘Maurice’. How, ‘really proud’ would be all our ‘Ancients’!
I would not really like to be ‘looking over my shoulder’ myself, as the next generation develop and are looking into their parents, past history or heritage. If things are found to be amiss, no doubt, this will be thoroughly looked into and very closely at some time. I would make some serious amends (now that I have some time to write this). Twins: ‘Chris & Amelia’ DOB 19/04/1999. “Third, there are still massive taboos that exist around being a childless adult, whether that childlessness was chosen, or not. If we consider that there isn’t a single positive word in the English language to describe a woman without children (and not connected to children such as grandmother; maybe, a step mother; a ‘divorced person’ ref, source of ‘family capital’, whatever, the ‘perceived rights’ to the capital are; or aunt) past her childbearing years, you begin to see how deeply entrenched in our culture this goes. Most people have no idea what to say to a childless woman who, when you consider, it’s 1:5 women born in the 1960s and possibly 1:4 born in the 1970s, is pretty odd. For men, there are no statistics kept by the Office for National Statistics on fatherhood, which is a story in itself”
Superb TV – We go to the ‘Summer Solstice’ at ‘Stonehenge’ every year; we leave at 3.30 am. Looking forward to this year’s amazing sunrise!…/a-history-of-ancient-britain-series-…
A History of Ancient Britain –
Series 1: 3. Age of Cosmology
‘Neil Oliver continues his journey through the world of Ancient Britain as he encounters an age of cosmological priests and some of the greatest monuments of the Stone Age, including Stonehenge itself. This is a time of elite travellers, who were inventing the very idea of Heaven itself’.
“A man/woman should be aware of the minuteness of himself and his environment, in relation to the the world in time and space. He should see his own age in relation to the past and future. He should be conscious of the of the vastness of geological epochs and astronomical abysses, so on…” Russell.
And, Who Are We? ‘Love is the Mind Bomb’ Who Are We? ‘The Making of the Human Mind’ by Colin Renfrew, Baron Renfrew of Kaimsthorn, and the 5 sequential stages of human development, “a very persuasive one”. The first three stages are ‘unilineal’ (where the idea of memes or memetics of Richard Dawkins is found to be ‘a bit loose in its terminology’) as in the evolution to Homo sapiens from Homo erectus. Based on ‘Origins of the Modern Mind’ Merlin Donald 1991 and refined by Colin Renfrew and later accepted by Donald. 1) Episodic Stage – Primate cognition 2) Mimetic Stage – 4 million to 400,000 years (peaking with Homo erectus) 3) Mythic Stage – first use of complex language – 500,000 years to the present (peaking with Homo sapiens) 4) Material Symbolic Stage – Leslie White recognised this as defining the ‘importance in human culture’ (icons of religious faith, amongst the many other symbols – where ‘everyone’ was religious) 5) Theoretic Stage. Donald calls this ‘institutionalised paradigmatic thought’ (writing – ‘massive external memory storage’)…/robots-can-predict-the… A better and more detailed explanation can be found in Colin Renfrew’s fascinating book ‘Prehistory’.
The Anthropocene – a new geological time period that marks the “Age of man” – began in 1610, a study suggests (1492 Columbus). More interesting: “Humans are possibly the weirdest species to have ever lived. We have freakishly big brains that allow us to build complicated gadgets, understand abstract concepts and communicate using language. We are also almost hairless with weak jaws, and struggle to give birth. How did such a bizarre creature evolve?”…/20150311-the-15-tweaks…/index.html Danger –…/robots-jobs-employees…

The Unholy Trinity 

Philosophy Cigarettes Whisky 

‘I See No Radiant Tomorrows’
Vaclav Havel former President of Czechoslovakia 1989-92
& Czech Republic 1993-2003

MEETING Vaclav Havel in his fourth floor Prague apartment can be unnerving. In the era of glasnost, the bugged telephone, rings constantly. Cigarette smoke blues the air. Whisky glasses rarely stand empty. Policemen sometimes stand guard outside the apartment across the street, as in a Kafka novel. Mr Havel’s dog was shot dead by the secret police on the doorstep.

This atmosphere of state repression gets on my nerves, but Mr Havel is a calm and remarkable host. Short, slight and sandy-haired he is I described in police files as a “subversive” and an “anti-Socialist element”.

In reality, he is a courteous, shy, soft-spoken rebel with a democratic cause. He is also among the most brilliant European writers and public figures of our time.
Time is precious. We don’t waste it an small talk. Mr Havel begins to speak with measured passion. The problem of totalitarian power weighs most heavily upon him. He explains that regimes such as Czechoslovakia, Romania and East Germany are unique.

Using more sophisticated methods of control than the dictatorships of the Third World, they are all-embracing and soul-destroying, “Totalitarian regimes get under society’s skin,” he says.

His words against totalitarianism are matched by a deep suspicion of the West. He is not a professional anti-Communist. He tells me that both systems contain huge, faceless organisations which treat people as mere objects.

“The world is losing its human dimension,” he says. “Self-propelling mega-machines, large-scale enterprises, faceless governments and other juggernauts of impersonal power represent the greatest threat to our present day world: Totalitarianism is no more than an extreme expression of this threat”.

Havel reaches for more, whisky and cigarettes, Our conversation turns philosophical.
He is is against Utopian visions – “radiant tomorrows” as he calls them. Life is ever-changing and ultimately intangible. Attempts to master it fully, to clamp it down to a blueprint, therefore always end up strait-jacketing and destroying life.

Mr Havel sees a direct link between beautiful Utopias and the gruesomeness of concentration camps. “What is a concentration camp, after all, but an attempt by Utopians to dispose of those elements which don’t fit into their Utopia?” he asks. Pol Pot and Khomeini are on his mind.

His question reminds me why the Western enthusiasm for Mr Gorbachev is considered unrealistic, even disheartening for many people in the East. The disgust produced by failed Utopias is something that people, living in the other half of Europe feel acutely.

I remind him that in his play Temptation a character says: “l don’t give any specific advice, and I don’t fix anything or anyone. The most I do is to stimulate now and again.”

He agrees that that could be his credo as a playwright. Theatre, he says, should not try to thrill or charm playgoers or make things easier for them by providing positive heroes.

“l try to fling my audiences into the heart of problems that they can’t avoid,” says Mr Havel, pausing to light another cigarette. “I try to push people’s noses into our common wretchedness. Theatre should remind people that the time is getting on, that our situation is bad and that there’s no time to lose.”

He describes how he began working in the theatre as a stagehand and soon became literary adviser at the famous Prague Theatre on the Balustrades.
His first play, The Garden, Party, brought him overnight fame in the Sixties. Since then he has become known as a master playwright of the Theatre of the Absurd.
He has written more than a dozen important plays, not all staged in Britain. Among the best-known are The Increased Difficulty of Concentration, an adaptation of The Beggar’s Opera and Temptation, performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company at the Barbican last year.
He modestly forgets to add that he has received many awards, including the American Obie Prize for the best off Broadway play, the Austrian Award for European Literature, and the 1986 Erasmus, prize.

These brilliant accomplishments have their painful side. For more than two decades he has been banned by the, Czechoslovak authorities from directing his own plays.

Worse still, during the same none of his plays has been performed in his Country. The sole exception – an amateur production in 1975 of The Beggar’s Opera in a village near Prague – led to a police raid and to the interrogation of all those who took part in it. This clampdown visibly anguishes him.

Mr Havel, the playwright with an aversion to power – grabbing politicians; has been dragged into politics against his will. He has served three prison sentences in the past 10 years.
He tells me that politics “from below” is one of the few ways individuals can seek. meaningful existence in world threatened by impersonal organisations.

“Only by looking outward,” he says. “and throwing ourselves repeatedly into the tumult of the world, with the intention of making our voices count – only in this way do we really become human beings.”

Surrounded by police and constant threats of arrest and imprisonment, his personal courage is awesome. I now understand why the Czech authorities fear him.

Mr Havel appealed to Mr Tadeusz Mazowiecki, the Polish Prime Minister, and Mr Imre Poszgay, the Hungarian Communist reformer, to support two human rights activists imprisoned in Czechoslovakia.

By Professor Keane Director of the Centre for the Study of Democracy in London.

Don’t Panic – Any ‘angry pants & angry birds’ if there are any, none, as yet, but I know that I’m being watched, somewhat closely by the ‘unapologetic (hateful) scammers’. My desk & photo albums, all analogue photos/videos including, ‘Westbrook 1992 My Horses And Other Animals Tokophobia’, and all my paper filing (my tax returns, so on…) to do at sometime (but they think that I’m ‘totally bonkers’ and keeping it that way; the more silly they thus become, as so many, many, times before!; such great fun, but so very, very, time-consuming, also some of the past is, somewhat, ‘moderately emotional’; as it, can readily, be seen to be. Old life and (their, ‘lives’) should eventually disappear ‘off plot’, with all my current additions of so much new info: Celia Gollin, ‘Rosemary Gillian Williams, née, Maxwell-Muller’ Beginning to understand the conditions And, – half-sister is in (some) communications with me. The ‘heart of the problem’ kept very much in secret from me, was some very sad (possibly, very awkward, too) family history ‘Edward Marcus Gollin’ & ‘Meriel Jean Gollin’ (both deceased, sadly closely, Merial at 13 yrs old) & ‘Margaret Beryl’ (dec) & maybe Brian’s (dec, sadly, Parkinson’s) & Dinah’s (she must have been around too, at that time) & Ian’s. (in) Margaret’s behaviour, I always found her a most kind & lovely person that did suffer from so much in her life; I am sure that she wished, or did ‘pine’ for some grandchildren, and in her later years she worked part-time at a hospital weighing newly born babies! Summer is coming and I have so much to ‘look after’, but I will tackle this all ‘bit by bit’ on my return, then possibly, reveal some of this history, if it, would it not be, fully appropriate?, but it could have made ‘my life and my relationship’ greatly easier, of course, being in full knowledge of this past! April 2016

Ian R Maxwell-Muller, Temeside, Ludlow, SY8 1JW The cuddle hormone. Oxytocin is a powerful hormone released by men and women during orgasm – I always thought it was all ‘just chemical’, me & my poor old now ex-wife and all my old girlfriends; the past delusions of something much deeper; are now, fairly shattered.“>

Chris & Amelia’s Birthday is today! I’m ‘censored’ so no pictures, comments about them are allowed, due to my past and present, possibly, very likely future ‘inappropriate & unreasonable’ behaviour. I am very calm, due to taking my prescribed ‘cosh for oldies’ beta blockers (wonderful drugs, thanks, Doc), so happy and calm all of the time, which is I do admit ‘slightly’ worrying. Mummy, the kids; the neighbours & friends, seem to me to be OTT & quite hysterical – what ‘silly billies’.


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Civilization. ‘Newest Matrix’ UK. Science (Latin, for, ‘knowledge’, not to be confused with ‘technology’, which is the ‘application of science’). Social Ineptitude. Demystification.

Changed, about, luckyme0 (so easy to get carried away), Interests: History of ‘Cultural Religions’; Humanism; Psychology; Reading; Popular Science; School Ethos; Progressive Family Philosophy; History; Family; Parenting; Psychology; Horse Riding; Sailing; Rescue Boat Driver; Skiing (Teppichswinger); TV Documentaries; Motorbike Cross Country Riding; Volunteer Sports Stewarding; Writing; Primitive Man; Pre-history; Social Anthropology; British Humanist Association; BHA; Meaning of Life; The Big Questions; Where am I; What am I; Why am I; Knowledge; Education; Globalisation; Family History.

22 April 2016 Oh sh.t!, it’s ‘Earth Day’ – My son says, ‘Humans Need Not Apply’ And, Hollywood has most of the fundamental answers to most of the most fundamental questions, ref, The ‘Borg’, so on…
‘Perhaps that’s life. You are born to die; that’s a fact; when is not a certain; it’s what you do between that makes it yours!
Reply – Born to die, because we are biological (they/scientist reckon, now, that if we find any Aliens, they will be machines; death will be, shortly in geo time, overcome by humans). ‘Do between’ is a massive question, so is, ‘when is not a certain’ and ‘makes it yours’; is another one. You have, just about, ‘blown my fuse’!

Anthropology : – The horrific Paris attacks carried out by the Islamic State have signified the war with the jihadists has arrived in Europe. But how has the ideology of war and bloodshed infected the minds of people from Europe? What is the deadly allure of Islamic… Dr Scott Atran is on Sophie&Co. “And yet life itself, the joy of living, was the target of Islamic extremists with a burning hatred for these very freedoms on Friday night, killing well over 100 people. They did not attack infrastructure, politicians, military personnel, or sites of historical or cultural significance. They targeted innocent people, going about their lives, trying to make it through this difficult and complicated world with a modicum of fun and lightness. Something we all aspire to” the BHA.

“Civilization, we may say, has advanced (very slowly socially, if at all) only at the cost of a struggle between science (Latin for knowledge) and superstition (superstition, being: most religions, connected to government i.e., governments that are not fully secular by design, and its people that havn’t been ‘de-mystified’, ref, ‘Inside The Medieval Mind’ that is prevelant today, in many parts of the world @ ) working on the intelligence of the participants, a struggle of whose progress the legal status of torture and the social status of astrology (not, ‘astronomy’, some get confused with ‘astrology’, an ‘ignorant person’, on our TV the other night, educated, but very muddled), might serve as indicators” – Today, this really does include, a complete tolerance to any and all forms of sexual orientation, obviously, those people, and their countries, that may be trusted with modern weapons (nuclear weapons) have to show a ‘modicum, of some form of modernistic civilisation’, otherwise, they should not be trusted – Evan Davis and Shimon Peres BBC Newsnight 18/05/2015 40 minutes into the programme @ Evil can always come out to play, “Mr Nice Guy, or, even, Mr Average” – ‘The Gulag Archipelago’ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. ‘Inside The Medieval Mind’ – ‘To our medieval forebears the world could appear mysterious, even enchanted. Sightings of green men, dog heads and alien beings were commonplace. The world itself was a book written by God. But as the Middle Ages grew to a close, it became a place to be mastered, even exploited’

“Chomsky asserts that authority, unless justified, is inherently illegitimate, and that the burden of proof is on those in authority. If this burden can’t be met, the authority in question should be dismantled. Authority for its own sake is inherently unjustified” – And, “Violence is sometimes right, ‘respect’ for authority is always wrong”.

Great TV – I have rattled on about this (amazing pottiness) for years. We, UK, inherently, do ourselves down, as a people, and a nation! We could have become ‘cloned’ by the Americans, and, only just, avoided it, dare I say it, “With our past ‘greatness’ (‘owning’ most of the world, only,150 yrs ago) and our heritage and the ownership of the, fantastic, and imaginative culture, UK!”…/dominic-sandbrook-let-us-entertain-y… The making of steel (Midlands 1960’s ‘dystopia’) to ‘Heavy Metal Bands’ of the 1960’s, ‘you start ‘head banging’ and you feel OK’! Keep an eye out for this series, ‘something awesome’, in our age of:-… And, “Factors of instability for a disturbed population: Are Americans fukked?”

Years of campaigning and worry (argument and writing,, in my case, embarrassingly, to all my children’s school’s) for our children’s sake (dogma and charlatanism, fundamental religiosity) of ‘some’ religious teachings in our schools is now over at last! This should be the ‘norm’ worldwide, for the obvious reasons (dangers of ‘global gullibility’), but I do think; this will probably not happen tomorrow (Kansas, USA, and its, ‘Flying Spaghetti Monster’). Brainwashing of, ‘Creationism’, and the so called, nonsense of, ‘Intelligent Design’, also, banned in all ‘Science Classes’

“Teachers say they are seeing “Victorian conditions” with pupils arriving at school hungry and not wearing the right clothes needed for the weather. The NASUWT teachers’ union says schools and teachers are increasingly having to deal with the consequences of poor housing and poverty. Teachers reported bringing in their own food to school to give to children”

Awaiting – our ‘children’s exam results’ (I’m waiting for ‘Godot’, so I’m not very helpful) the ‘great start’ of the (massive) advantages of ‘multiple intelligences’ in all employment, hopefully! ‘Exams are a waste of time, they are always 20 years out of date’ Einstein. And, Tolstoy (a great educationalist), ‘When I reached the age of 35 yrs old, I realised that everything was bunkum and deceit’. My Dad, ‘Who would want to be a grown man and spend all day passing bits of paper to one another’.

“The Large Hadron Collider, the world’s most powerful particle accelerator, is being restarted, after a two-and-a-half year upgrade”

“For many years now, leading church figures have bemoaned the fact that in a country that is still officially Christian, with almost 60% of people identifying themselves as such in the 2011 census (although far fewer actually attend church services, or believe in God), the religious message of Easter has been drowned out by the secular festival of chocolate and shopping being celebrated at supermarkets across the country”

“We might call this “hard compatibilism,” hard because while it sees causal explanations and ascriptions of responsibility as compatible, it countenances no softening of our reactive dispositions (e.g., the desire to retaliate) that we ordinarily think might follow when we discover the full causal story behind behavior (what is?, ‘the full causal story behind behavior’, micro, or macro). Hard compatibilism is opposed to what seems to me the widely shared, natural inclination to moderate retributive responses (or effusive, fawning praise) directed solely at the individual when it is clearly seen that the causes for behavior lie in external circumstances, which if they had been different, would have made the behavior less likely”


“Increasing numbers of migrants are losing their lives as they make the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean to Europe, figures from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) show. More than 1,700 people are believed to have died this year so far, compared with 96 deaths up to the end of April last year. As many as 800 migrants are feared drowned after the boat they were travelling in capsized in Libyan waters south of the Italian island of Lampedusa on Sunday” And, Brilliant Documentary – ‘they run away from me’, she says, “For IS militants being killed by a woman means going to hell,” said Chichek, 16 years old. Daughters, ‘stand up for yourselves’, everywhere, and equal pay, so on..; very sad that the ‘richer’ Kurds don’t let their daughters join the YPJ, which is totally voluntary and to protect their homeland from ISIS: the poorest of the society having to do this unpleasant and dirty work. Also, Turkey takes some ‘unfair measures’ against the YPJ, when they are protecting Turkey, as well, from that ‘nightmarish outfit’ of IS

25 years of Hubble

Game Theory, “Nash, 86, and his 82-year-old wife Alicia were killed when their taxi crashed in New Jersey, they said. The mathematician is renowned for his work in game theory, winning the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1994. His breakthroughs in maths – and his struggles with schizophrenia – were the focus of the 2001 film”

Mind Control It’s for real!

“Modern humans and Neanderthals interbred in Europe, an analysis of 40,000-year-old DNA suggests. The study suggests an early Homo sapiens settler in Europe harboured a Neanderthal ancestor just a few generations back in his family line. Previous work has shown our ancestors had interbred with Neanderthals 55,000 years ago, possibly in the Middle East. The new results reveal there was additional mixing once modern humans pushed north into Europe. An international team of researchers has published its analysis of the ancient European genome in Nature journal”

“Storing information so that you can easily find it again is a challenge. From purposefully messy desks to indexed filing cabinets, we all have our preferred systems. How does it happen inside our brains”?,

“Insects solve some pretty wacky biological problems, says Dr Gregory Sutton. And he should know. For almost a decade, he has been using high-speed cameras to reveal the secrets of the most acrobatic of the world’s invertebrates. Along with his colleagues at the Universities of Bristol and Cambridge, he is working out how fleas, locusts and even praying mantises take to the air. He presented some of his latest work at the Society for Experimental Biology’s annual meeting in Prague on Thursday. Also, “As for Dr Sutton’s next video – he is currently trying to film the individual hairs on the bodies of bees, which they use to sense differentiate between flowers. “I just see life as a series of stories,” he adds” – maybe, if we all did see life, as this, there would be a lot less trouble in the human world (anyone, who does not see life like this [bigger than this, the religionists, especially], I do find, so very, very, annoying!, To clarify – 07/07/2005, My/your right to (some) ‘discernment’ – “I just see life as a series of stories,” he adds – maybe, if we all did see life, as this; there would be a lot less trouble in the human world. Anyone, who does not see life like this [‘somehow bigger than this’, the religionists, some ideologists, especially] I do find, personally, so very, very, annoying (stupid, even)!, And, “Tony Blair has issued a stark warning that the threat from Islamist terrorism has now reached “the edges of Europe”

“Storing information so that you can easily find it again is a challenge. From purposefully messy desks to indexed filing cabinets, we all have our preferred systems. How does it happen inside our brains? Somewhere within the dense, damp and intricate 1.5kg of tissue that we carry in our skulls, all of our experiences are processed, stored, and – sometimes more readily than others – retrieved again when we need them” And, Who Are We? ‘The Making of the Human Mind’ by Colin Renfrew and the 5 sequential stages of human development, “a very persuasive one”. The first three stages are ‘unilineal’ (where the idea of memes or memetics of Richard Dawkins is found to be ‘a bit loose in its terminology’) as in the evolution to Homo sapiens from Homo erectus. Based on ‘Origins of the Modern Mind’ Merlin Donald 1991 and refinedby Colin Renfrew and later accepted by Donald. 1) Episodic Stage – Primate cognition2) Mimetic Stage – 4 million to 4000 years (peaking with Homo erectus) 3) Mythic Stagefirst use of complex language – 500,000 years to the present (peaking with Homo sapiens) 4) Material Symbolic Stage – Leslie White recognised this as defining the ‘importance in human culture’  (icons of religious faith, amongst the many other symbols – where everyone was religious) 5) Theoretic Stage. Donald calls this ‘institutionalised paradigmatic thought’ (writing – ‘massive external memory storage’). A better and more detailed explanation, can be found in Colin Renfrew’s fascinating book ‘Prehistory’ – The Prehistoric Mind. How did Prehistoric Man Think? The Primitive Mind. Steven Rose: Can Genetics Explain Human Nature? 1/5 And, Researchers extracted DNA from a 4,500-year-old skull that was discovered in the highlands of Ethiopia. A comparison with genetic material from today’s Africans reveals how our ancient ancestors mixed and moved around the continents. The findings, published in the journal Science, suggests that about 3,000 years ago there was a huge wave of migration from Eurasia into Africa

But as you get older, you do it more, ‘more quality time’, looking back at the past, stories, so on.., time is much more available. ‘Narcissism’ can be a danger and is very addictive, so I do little ‘self reality check’ sometimes. Where ‘the stork has dropped you’, chance is terribly important, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to break completely free, see, ‘hard compatible-ism’ a social philosophy, then the Dr Milgram experiment of the 1960’s, the horrendous ‘human condition’, but knowledge (I think) is the key of this. And, ‘Mind Control’ ‘Trust Me I’m A Doctor’ – ‘The Brain A Secret History’

Narcissism – touching his/your/my reflection. Facebook, its amazing success. Professor Stephen Hawking “Technology is a vital part of human existence. They show us that the right tools in the right hands can help everyone, regardless of our frailties, to achieve our true potential and advance as a civilisation.” &, so very importantly ‘Reminiscence Therapy’ + ‘other advantages’ for those (older persons) with or without any (obvious) impairments!


Your duty, on religion, if educated: John Stuart Mill took this up in 1873: On religion in particular the time appears to me to have come when it is the duty of all who, being qualified in point of knowledge, have on mature consideration satisfied themselves that the current opinions are not only false but hurtful, and to make their dissent known […] The world would be astonished if it knew how great a proportion of its brightest ornaments – of those most distinguished even in popular estimation for wisdom and virtue – are complete sceptics in religion. (Autobiography).

Searching for alien life

About right!, Samuel Beckett, Philosophy, human lives for the ‘aged’ in BBC ‘Education & Family’, ‘Why are we still waiting for Godot?’ Life being this ‘waiting game’.

Dismaland, ‘Dismaland’ is situated on the seafront in legendary Weston-super-Mare, Weston-super-Mare, England, UK – Brilliant, and (seriously) amazing! I’m just hanging in there, where are you kids to sort this out?, your ‘peers’ can’t, or, will not. Down the pan first, we slide. Whose for a day out to ‘Weston-Super-On-Mud’, only a few weeks to go?, @

A triple whammy, of some, no nonsense – ‘popular education’, from the BBC – two programs from BBC Horizon, ‘life to computer software to life’ and then the ‘multiverse senario’ @ taken very seriously; following this the Open University @ the beginning of which shows the mostly unknown nonsenses that lies behind the suppression of women and the wearing of the (Muslim & Christian) veil, or head covering.

Why is everything else so bloody boring?, step by step, they are getting there, “CERN has no special events planned for the end of September. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will be running at its usual collision energy of 13 teraelectronvolts (TeV).
The LHC has been running at this collision energy since 3 June 2015 and had already delivered some 28,000 billion collisions to the large experiments by mid-August. Throughout the rest of 2015, CERN aims to gradually increase the number of collisions, while remaining at the same energy. Read more about gradually increasing the intensity of the proton beams”

“It is a feeling we all know – the moment when a light goes on in your head. In a sudden flash of inspiration, a new idea is born. Today, scientists are using some unusual techniques to try to work out how these moments of creativity – whether big, small or life-changing – come about. They have devised a series of puzzles and brainteasers to draw out our creative behaviour, while the very latest neuroimaging technology means researchers can actually peer inside our brains and witness the creative spark as it happens. What they are discovering could have the power to make every one of us more creative”

“Without us noticing, modern life has been taken over. Algorithms run everything from search engines on the internet, to sat navs and credit card data security – they even help us travel the world, find love and save lives. Mathematician Professor Marcus du Sautoy demystifies the hidden world of algorithms. By showing us some of the algorithms most essential to our lives, he reveals where these 2,000-year-old problem solvers came from – how they work, what they have achieved and how they are now so advanced they can even programme themselves”

Freaked out –

Water on Mars

Nice to of been around ‘then’ & being alive ‘now’ – ‘something’ really started; there was real change in ‘attitudes’.

Those that find it hard, to not live with a surreal – ‘Something’ (God, ‘perhaps’) may find comfort in Aldous Huxley’s favored, open minded, approach, to life of, ‘Atheistic Mysticism’. Any One There? Stuck into, a ‘trip’, we have to ‘go on’ further – ‘The Doors of Perception’ Aldous Huxley for many explanations – this record got stuck repeating, or I got very stuck?, and, WOW!: Synesthesia – “A condition in which a person quite literally tastes a shape or sees a colour in a sound or number. This is not just a way of describing experiences as a poet might use metaphors. Synesthetes actually experience the sensations. There are more synesthetes around than you would think, wealthy and in great positions of power”. Learn to see sounds and hear colours…/dn16537-genetic-roots-of…

Temporal lobe epilepsy – “A condition which may produce a heightened sense of self and which has been linked to religious or spiritual experiences. Some people may undergo striking personality changes and may also become obsessed with abstract thoughts. One possible explanation is that repeated seizures may cause a strengthening between two areas of the brain – the temporal cortex and the amygdala. Patients have been observed to have a tendency to ascribe deep significance to everything around them, including themselves” Vilaynur Ramachandran. “Your words are saying far more than you think”!…/mg21128211.600-kiki-or…
Warning, possible (too-much!) – (temporary) total seizure – the ‘overload of sensory impressions’! Far too dangerous to try out today, but was, ‘no problem’, for the, ‘1960’s Hippies’!


We have only just got high speed broadband, such a bonus, as all this was not really possible! ‘Brave New World’, ‘Utopia’, Aldous Huxley (further reading to do, on, ‘How The World Works’ Chomsky). Interesting link -,


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Je Suis Charlie – Charlie Hebdo

A very ‘second hand’ contribution – Words from Je Suis Charlie, ‘Without free speech it would be like living like a rat’ Cartoonists from all over the world mourn in the wake of a Paris shooting that killed as many as 12 people, many of whom are members of Charlie Hebdo.

Acromegaly What a lot of shit, from so many people! Is it possible to forgive them? I’ve at last, ‘come through’ being told so much rubbish, esp, by (some) Doctors; Teachers; Politicians; Peers; Parents; Relations; Loved Ones; take control of your condition, we all have one, or a (dreadful) something. Take time to have ‘the last laugh’, and so feel better, telling the know all, and the bossy ones to f… off!

‘Young minds understand ‘infinity’, older minds find it much more difficult’! Some quite marvellous and physically impossibly stories that deserve our utmost scrutiny. Most of these have been scrutinised by people for many centuries, including cartoons of Mohammed and pictured by faithful Moslem’s – it is only very recently that these have been considered in any way to be blasphemous (blasphemy; modern times: immaterial, and has only a medieval relevance)! An End To Blasphemy Laws In Europe And,

Not a political point; a global statement – What is (now) not acceptable (a past bad example to all, and very especially to all young people) in this very new era of ‘Global Consciousness’ (The BBC are now updating their website on their past ban on publishing any cartoons and depictions of the prophet Mohammed, brought on by Je Suis Charlie)  – “Religious/Denominational” – Mass, ‘Labelling of Children’
“Many of the church schools offer higher priority in their admissions policy for
applications made on religious/ faith grounds. For details of the evidence you
need to supply in order for your application to be considered under this criteria,
please check the admissions policy of the school you wish to apply for.
Admissions policies are available to view on-line at”: specific to my area, you may have this in your area, or not And, “We urgently need to raise consciousnesses on this issue,” said Richard Dawkins, Vice President of the BHA, President of RDFRS, and co-sponsor of the campaign. “Nobody would seriously describe a tiny child as a ‘Marxist child’; or an ‘Anarchist child’; or a ‘Post-modernist child’. Yet children are routinely labelled with the religion of their parents. We need to encourage people to think carefully before labelling any child too young to know their own opinions and our adverts will help to do that” And, from the BBC coverage of the Paris March ‘Je Suis Charlie’ 11/01/2015, “No one (should) care what particular religion you are, or have none; never ask this question, as it should (to anyone) never matter!” And,


“2014 was the warmest year on record, with global temperatures 0.68C (1.24F) above the long-term average, US government scientists have said” “The missing Mars robot Beagle2 has been found on the surface of the Red Planet, apparently intact”. “The European Space Agency needs to find a new way for images and other data acquired by its science missions to come out into the public domain”.

‘No Government’; ‘No People’; ‘No Religion’; ‘No Ideology’; has any ‘credibility’, at all, with this going on in the World. Probably, this the best thing you will ever do – join! Ref, ‘The Global Gullibility Index’, are you a part of a statistic for this index? One of the 1% (richest – ‘Sovereign Wealth Fund’) said, “The ‘pitchforks’ are coming if we don’t change our ways, immediately!” Islam and Money: Davos; Oxfam vs Inequality (the worst figures ever, in our human history) – The vast amounts of wealth (the most expensive houses in England, with cellars stacked with gold) stored up by the ‘oil rich’ Arabs, over 50% (Asia) of their poorest can’t read or write; the Sovereign Wealth Funds are vast! ‘Muslims believed that gold and silver must circulate, and this circulation, called rawaj, was a social and religious duty. Hoarding gold and silver was forbidden by the Qur’an’: “Those who store up gold and silver and do not spend them in the way of God, tell them of a painful chastisement!” The cosmographer al-Qawini, writing only a decade or so after the minting of the first florin, says: “Gold is the noblest of the blessings of Almighty God upon his servants, for it is the foundation of the affairs of this world and brings order to the affairs of mankind…. With silver and gold coins, everything can be bought and sold. They must circulate, unlike other forms of wealth, for it is not desirable for anyone to accumulate silver and gold…. Anyone who stores them up destroys the wisdom created by God, just as if one imprisoned the qadi of a town and prevented him from carrying out his duties toward the people.” How ‘two faced’ is this? “The British Humanist Association presents internationally renowned philosopher, writer, psychologist, and American Humanist Association’s 2011 Humanist of the Year, Rebecca Newberger Goldstein for an intimate discussion on her newest book, Plato At The Googleplex: Why Philosophy Won’t Go Away”. And,

#Davos2015 ‘Get Real’ all of the ‘apologists’ for (the useless – to the people) Nations; Economics; Ideologies; Gods

Holocaust Day – To be silent about it, ‘you are (become) complicit’!
“Fascist ideology has its roots in the writings of Rousseau, Fichte, and the quiet Professor Nietzsche (1844-1900). Nietzsche wrote “The object is to attain that enormous energy of greatness, which can model the man of the future by means of discipline, and also, by means of the annihilation of millions, and which, can yet avoid going to ruin at the sight of the suffering created thereby, the like of which has never been seen before… A new vast aristocracy based upon the most severe self-discipline, in which, the will of philosophical men of power and artist-tyrants will be stamped upon for thousands of years”.
Adolf Hitler thought it great stuff and modelled his life on it, “If men will read my works” Nietzsche wrote, “A certain percentage of them inspired by my philosophy, can preserve and restore ‘Aristocracy’, with themselves as ‘Aristocrats’. In this way they will achieve a fuller life than they can have as servants of the people”. It is evident that some ambitious and intelligent men did indeed read his works and were inspired by them, and put theory into practice. From the 1967 to 1974 ‘The Era of the Greek Colonels’, to the present rulers of many modern states. I submit to you that the philosophy of Professor Nietzsche of Basel is still alive and well! Some, ‘religionists’, ‘companies’, and ‘political leaders’, and some of our ‘teachers’, love this ideology, and the harsh self-discipline that goes with it. Today! “An ancient solar system similar to our own has been discovered by scientists. Studying data from the Kepler telescope, the team, led by the University of Birmingham, found a star orbited by five planets similar in size to Earth. The system, 117 light years away, is the oldest known of its kind, formed 11.2 billion years ago”.

Two brothers, off across the Atlantic on a very small yacht. I couldn’t go due to an urgent hospital operation I would of liked to of gone, taking on the impending and inevitable fact, for all, of getting older by doing some of this!

“The capital amassed in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries through various forms of slave economy is still in circulation, said De Jong, still bearing interest, increasing many times over and continually burgeoning anew.”
― W.G. Sebald. Is there ‘no escape’ from all the iniquities (immoral & unfairness) of our history? My (very) personal answer, “Only in our science (Latin for knowledge)”.

“Scientists on Europe’s Planck satellite say the first stars lit up the Universe later than was previously thought. The team has made the most precise map of the “oldest light” in the cosmos. Earlier observations of this radiation had suggested the first generation of stars were bursting into life by about 420 million years after the Big Bang. Planck’s new data now indicates this great ignition was well established by some 560 million years after it all got going. “This difference of 140 million years might not seem that significant in the context of the 13.8-billion-year history of the cosmos, but proportionately it’s actually a very big change in our understanding of how certain key events progressed at the earliest epochs,” said Prof George Efstathiou, one of the leaders of the Planck Science Collaboration”

Twitter: ”Prince Charles, UK, GB, Chieftain of aristocracy, visits Jordan. Educated in ignorance, mythology & superstition; wonders why?, radical Brit’s Jihad’.

“Only ‘useless knowledge’ is capable of exposing the purpose and nature of the machine to rational enquiry about the life support machine in which he/she and his children live, breathe, and have their being” Bertrand Russell “all else (is mostly) bunkum and deceit” Leo Tolstoy after he had ‘grown up’, and realised the monstrous God’s!

At last, their iron grip, is somewhat being diminished, at last –

“Scientists say they have gained new insight into what lies at the very centre of the Earth”

Large Hadron Collider – “A senior researcher at the Large Hadron Collider says a new particle could be detected this year that is even more exciting than the Higgs boson. The accelerator is due to come back online in March after an upgrade that has given it a big boost in energy”

Supposed to be the best article –

European Commission re-opens investigation into whether UK ‘faith’ school laws break European employment laws as UK Government shifts position
The European Commission has re-opened its case into whether ‘faith’ schools break European employment law by giving ‘preference’ to teachers of a particular religion even when religion is not a genuine requirement to do the job. The law is fairly cut-and-dry at European level and we’re hopeful that this will go our way and bring real change to the discrimination we see across the ‘faith’ school sector.

Humanist blogger Avijit Roy hacked to death by Islamic fundamentalists in Dhaka

Humans back 400,000 years And 1) Episodic Stage – Primate cognition 2) Mimetic Stage – 4 million to 400,000 years (peaking with Homo erectus) 3) Mythic Stage – first use of complex language – 500,000 years to the present (peaking with Homo sapiens) 4) Material Symbolic Stage. Leslie White recognised this as defining the ‘importance in human culture’ (icons of religious faith, amongst the many other symbols) 5) Theoretic Stage. Donald calls this ‘institutionalised paradigmatic thought’ (writing – ‘massive external memory storage’). A better and more detailed explanation can be found in Colin Renfrew’s fascinating book ‘Prehistory’.

“Lord Dobbs of Wylye – Michael Dobbs, creator of House of Cards – examines the UK’s tradition of public service broadcasting (BBC), and asks whether in a rapidly changing broadcast market, public service broadcasters will continue to play an important role in our culture and society into the future” If we got rid of the BBC, something like it, would be set up again, at a much greater cost to all of us!

The Anthropocene – a new geological time period that marks the “Age of man” – began in 1610, a study suggests (1492 Columbus). More interesting: “Humans are possibly the weirdest species to have ever lived. We have freakishly big brains that allow us to build complicated gadgets, understand abstract concepts and communicate using language. We are also almost hairless with weak jaws, and struggle to give birth. How did such a bizarre creature evolve?”

I know, I was one of the first people on the dial up internet. It is our duty to fill it up – why?, “Global interconnectedness is lethal against mass religion, nationalism, racism, and other destructive memeplexes. Let us connect everybody they hate it in restrictive regimes”

BHS – “We were also very lucky to have worked with Terry on a range of issues. As our patron he lobbied with us against ‘faith’ schools, filmed videos about Humanism for teachers to use in schools, and, after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he became a public face for our longstanding campaign to legalise assisted dying for the terminally ill and incurably suffering.
Just last year, he took part in our open letter to the Prime Minister, rebuking him for his damaging assertion that Britain was a ‘Christian country’. He also submitted testimony in favour of assisted dying as part of our intervention at the Supreme Court case of Tony Nicklinson and Paul Lamb, making a powerful plea for the right to die.
Truly, Terry was someone who lived a good life, spreading a great deal of joy and happiness, even transforming his own suffering into a cause for the betterment of all society. We are eternally grateful for all his work, and can only say that we will miss him and that our thoughts are with his loved ones”. Pratchett

(Dorset) RE, 'Search'. The latest from: 'The Agreed Syllabus' (PC Series), SALED, SACRE, NASACRE, QCA, Ofsted (and, the myriad of) Quangoes of Religiosity. UK. Accord Coalition.

Your Country Needs You

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World Education: ‘global consciousness’ & ‘cosmic consciousness’.

This is hitting me hard, when I watch the News (today), “Culture change strategists all agree about the urgent need to promote, “global consciousness” or “cosmic consciousness” — a broad world-view with a high level of awareness of the interrelatedness and sacredness of all living things. It is thought that such a universality of mind leads not only to intellectual illumination, but also to heightened moral sensibilities, compassion, and greater community responsibility” And, Why do I get a ‘cold shiver up my spine’ when one sees the ‘elite’ and the ‘religionists’ (the, ‘great and the good’) that are gathered all together, maybe, its not the kind words that they offer to us, which cost them nothing (paid to do so), but in the actions that they can ‘sponsor’, turn a blind eye, and have done so, so appallingly; in ‘real time’. Evil can always come out to play, ‘Mr Nice Guy, or, even, Mr Average’. Scary! The Queen, may have got it right, in ‘quiet contemplation’, for the day. And, Of course, for whatever reasons, those people involved must be prosecuted – see, as well ‘The Gulag Archipelago’ (‘young people’ should be responsible for making very sure that this happens) “Civilization, we may say, has advanced only at the cost of a struggle between science and superstition, working on the intelligence of the participants, a struggle of whose progress the legal status of torture and the social status of astrology (not – ‘astronomy’), might serve as indicators.
Advanced societies, therefore are so stratified as to keep the ‘primitive mind’ in a subordinate position. In this way individual responsibility and the rules of evidence, allow with fluctuating success the development of law and the organisation of knowledge and all that follows from these practises”. ‘The Little Universe of Man’ Professor C.D.Darlington. And, ‘The Six Conditions For Thought Reform’ Dr Margaret Singer – Religions And Cults (not much difference in most parts of the world). And, Interesting

I keep falling asleep after only a few pages, but what a good idea – “My challenge for 2015 is to read a new book every other week,” Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post, “with an emphasis on learning about different cultures, beliefs, histories and technologies.” I’m reading old Sci-Fi, ‘Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep’ and, next, ‘The Time Travellers Wife’: not quite so demanding, as Zuckerberger’s choices! I wonder what reads, and he is a with followers of 800,000 or so?!

Not good! When will we learn, to take on ‘uncomfortable truths’ (violence, can, perpetuate violence, so on…)? Western countries complicit in torture and rendition add to the causes of jihad beheading amongst other atrocities. Staying silent is not an option!…/guardian-myth-religious-violence Jesselyne Radack 16 Minutes in to Larry King ‘Politicking’.

“There are still many children who do not even get to start education – with Unesco reporting that there are about 58 million children who should be in primary education but who have no access to school”

Stupid, dangerous, and ruinous – “As many as three quarters of a million young people in the UK may feel that they have nothing to live for, a study for the Prince’s Trust charity claims” “The trust says almost a third of long-term unemployed young people have contemplated taking their own lives”.

Think about it?, what are they are doing to our young people and families the making of a new elite!


About right? –…/going-unde…/210963-uk-economy-osborne-banks/

4,000,000 people in the UK’s 60,000,000+ people have used Food Banks Camp Bastion, Afghanistan £36,000,000,000.00 + and many lives lost. What other appalling ‘wastes’ do we have? History – 30% of British people below the bread line at the start of the First World War 1914-1918.

‘Never Ending War On Terror’ – should include, the massive, ‘Banking Fraud’ that has been ‘brushed over’ and continues in denial so casually, causing; 400 million people of Europe to be on the poverty line, including many UK families. 33% were below the poverty line, starving, and not franchised (women) before the 1st World War 1 in England We let it carry on through ignorance, and the ‘rose coloured glasses’ in the perceiving of our heritage, that was, for most, an appalling, and so utterly degrading – this is getting much worse, by the day, and with so little outcry.

‘The Four Horsemen’…/doc…/186572-global-economy-new-paradigm/

Oh, ‘What A Lovely War’. More is spent lately, than in both world wars; combined – we really don’t want to know, because it may make us feel very uncomfortable! And, The only person talking any sense about the Middle East, and beyond – “Abby wraps up by doing an interview with UK politician George Galloway, discussing the violence in Gaza and the latest air strikes the US military has launched against Islamic militants in Iraq”…/breaking…/179148-ebola-gaza-us-military/ Stupid, ‘silly-billies’, lost their weapons and dosh and much more! How did they do this, and manage to be so stupid? If it was you ,or I, we would be ruined, or at least, not trusted ever again –…/bd050770-fbda-11e3-932c…

Fabulous, News reporting, and discussion, ‘Why There Is Some Hope’ – “On GPS this Sunday: First, the latest on Iraq and the advances made by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, as well as the U.S. military’s response. Also, Fareed offers his take on what the United States should be doing and why bolstering the Kurds is the key to success. Then, Fareed will speak with counterinsurgency expert David Kilcullen before hearing from Ambassador Peter Galbraith, author of The End of Iraq: How American Incompetence Created a War without End, and the London School of Economics’ Fawaz Gerges about what we might be able to expect next. Next, Fareed will be joined by The Atlantic’s Peter Beinart and Wall Street Journalcolumnist Bret Stephens about U.S. policy over Iraq and Gaza. Also, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium, discusses the state of the U.S. space program”

“It may be said that men, broadly speaking – inhabit two worlds. World One – Comprises their private thoughts, personal goals, and actions; in order to achieve them. World Two – Consisting of the Nation State in which they live. The State impinges on their lives, by making the laws they must obey, and deciding policy towards other Nation States. Internal laws and external policy, are mostly determined on a day-to-day basis, and without consulting the individual. Constant referendums or elections, whether genuine, or rigged, are impractical. This is the world of political philosophy, and philosophers are responsible for it. It is true that men of action have performed the labour of creating it, done the dirty work, if you like, to put it that way, but their bosses have been the philosophers. To think of the philosopher scribbling away in his study, as being a harmless word spinner, is as manifestly untrue, as it is naive. He is the most formidable person and the unacknowledged legislator of humankind, for good, or for evil. All educated people should be interested in what he writes, for his words will dictate the kind of world their children will live in. He is scribbling away now in Europe, America, Russia, and China, quietly determining the future. He does not appear on television to peddle his wares. He lights a slow paper fuse, which cannot be extinguished, and the bomb explodes after he is dead. There is, also, however, a more personal answer, “Science (esp, ‘anthropology’) tells us what we can know, but what we can know is little, and if we forget how much we cannot know, we become insensitive to many things of very great importance. Theology, on the other hand, induces a dogmatic belief that we have knowledge, where, in fact, we have ignorance, and by doing so generates a kind of impertinent insolence towards the universe (my note: an, appalling, selfishness, i.e., most religion). Uncertainty, in the presence of vivid hopes and fears is painful, but must be endured if we wish to live without the support of ‘comforting fairy tales’. To teach how to live without certainty, and yet, without being paralysed by hesitation, is perhaps the chief thing that philosophy in our age can still do for those who study it.” For youth, “There is not much time for political pursuits and your time maybe wasted, but to, ‘add a little knowledge to the world, should be your goal'”. Some notes @ ‘Lecture on Philosophy’ (Dad’s). ‘History’s Age of Hatred’ Niall Ferguson – Era, more like, & disgraceful – The USA, & Europe, the worst of all, for all their moral high ground propaganda, would love more wars. Totally bananas!…/blood-money-uks-123bn…

The Government has issued more than 3,000 export licences for military and intel See More We were jammed packed, for days, on a small patch on the ground. I hope that my kids do the same, but there is something, quite absurd (disgraceful, in some cases), that any kids, should follow their parents, in ideology, or religion (most). The ‘desert herder’ (desert gods, dogma) mentality – a, ‘dreadful, dark cloud’ of static-ness, for the ‘progress of knowledge’ and ‘society’: for all of humankind. See, Disc 4 ‘The Ascent of Man’Jacob Bronowski ‘The Long Childhood’ — at Bath, ‘Festival of Blues and Progressive Music’.

‘DNA neither knows, nor cares, and we dance to its music’, R Dawkins (to think otherwise, has to be a form of madness, psychosis, or neurosis). “Less than 9.5 percent of human DNA is functional, according to Oxford University researchers. This overturns the mainstream theory that 80 percent of the human genome is of some biological importance. The study published in the journal PLOS Genetics reveals that at present, a total of 8.2 percent (7.1 – 9.2 percent) of the human genome is functional – “more than three times as much than is functional and shared between human and mouse.” And even within that small percentage, some DNA can be found that performs more significant tasks”

‘The Triumph of Triviality’ Gaza, ‘Until All Gods Sleep’ –  The Promised Land. ’The Poison Of Holiness’. ‘Jerusalem Sadness’. A citizen of Jerusalem, a ‘religious souvenir trinket salesman’, “Without war, sectarian violence, sectarianisms, religion, and arms trading, we would have no money; stirring it up is great for business”. Ref, The Self Harm Of Our Children (1in10!) – Irrational Beliefs – Depression and Sadness – Building Jerusalem, ‘In Our Green and Pleasant Land’ – United Kingdom…GB, “Koestler ‘Bricks to Babel’ – Koestler, claim to fame, had his books burned twice, and once by the Nazis. “However, my job demanded that I live in Jerusalem, and thus to suffer those periodic bouts of depression to which its citizens seemed to be prone – I called it the ‘Jerusalem Sadness’. ‘Jerusalem Sadness’ is a local disease, like Baghdad Boils, due to the combined effect of the tragic beauty and inhuman atmosphere of the city. It is the haughty, desolate beauty of a walled-in mountain fortress in the desert. The angry face of Yahveh is brooding over the hot rocks, which have seen more holy murder, rape and plunder than any other place on this earth. Its inhabitants are poisoned by holiness. Josephus Flavius, who was a priest in the city and suffered from Jerusalem Sadness, has this strange phrase: “The union of what is divine and what is mortal is disagreeable.” The population of the city is a mosaic; but every portion of it is disagreeable. Perhaps the most disagreeable are the clergy, Muslim, Christian and Jewish alike. The Muslim clergy in my time used to call on the average twice a year for a holy blood bath. A peaceful Arab landlord would joke with the family of his Jewish tenants some Friday morning during the Ramadan, go to the Mosque, listen to the Imam, run home and slaughter tenant, wife and children with a kitchen knife. The Greek, Latin, Syriac, Coptic, Armenian and other Christian clergy would come to blows over such questions as to “whether the Greeks had a right to place a ladder on the floor of the Armenian chapel for the purpose of cleaning the upper part of the chapel above the cornice in the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem”; and “whether the Greeks must attach their curtain tight or in natural folds to the lower Nail No.2 at the foot of the pillar which lies south-east of the left-hand set of steps leading to the manger” (both examples are authentic, and I may add to them the regulation “that the Latins should have their curtain fall naturally down the same pillar, leaving a space of sixteen centimetres between it and that of the Greek Orthodox”). The Jewish clergy was engaged in feuds with the Muslims about rights of way to the Wailing Wall, and among themselves about the correct method of ritual slaughter; they also encouraged their orthodox disciples to protect the sanctity of the Sabbath by beating up the godless who smoked cigarettes in the streets and by throwing bricks at passing motor cars. The political atmosphere was just as poisoned. The Husseini clan murdered members of the Nashashibi clan; during the riot season they both murdered Jews; the Jewish Parties hated each other, the British, and the Arabs, in that order; the British sahibs, here called hawadjas, behaved as British sahibs used to do. There were no cafes or night clubs, no cocktail parties, and no night-life of any kind in Jerusalem. People kept to themselves, their church, clan or party. It was an austere, pharisaic town, full of hatred, distrust and phony relics. I lived at No. 29, Street of the Prophets, at five minutes distance from the Via Dolorosa, another five from the Mosque of Omar where for a shilling you are shown the Archangel Gabriel’s footprints on the rock. I have never lived at such close quarters with divinity, and never farther removed from it. The whole unholy history of the city, from David to Herod, from Pilate to the Crusaders, from Titus to Glubb, is an illustration of the destructive power of faith, and the resulting unpleasantness of the union of the mortal and the divine. It is this awareness of defeat, driven home by the haughty silence of the desert, of dry watercourse and arid rock, which causes the Jerusalem Sadness. Sadness apart, I grew increasingly tired of Palestine. Zionism in 1929 had come to a standstill. Immigration had been reduced to a mere trickle. Nazism, which was to turn it into a flood, was still a monster being hatched in the womb of the future. I had gone to Palestine as a young enthusiast, driven by a romantic impulse. Instead of Utopia, I had found an extremely complex reality which both attracted and repelled me, but where the repellent effect, for a simple reason, gradually gained the upper hand. The reason was the Hebrew language. It was a petrified language which had been abandoned by the Jews long before the Christian era-in the days of Christ, they spoke Aramaic – and had now been revived by a tour de force. By making Hebrew its official language, the small Jewish community of Palestine seemed to have turned its back on Western civilisation. I felt that to undergo the same process would be spiritual suicide. I was a romantic fool, in love with unreason; but I knew that in a Hebrew-language environment I would always remain a stranger; and at the same time gradually lose touch with European culture. I had left Europe at the age of twenty. Now I was twenty-three and had had my fill of both Arab romantics and Jewish mystique. I was longing for Europe, thirsting for Europe, pining for Europe. *Arrow in the Blue, ch. xxii. I asked the Ullsteins for a transfer, and had the good luck to be assigned to Paris. In subsequent years my interest in Zionism faded; it was reawakened, with a vengeance, thirteen years later, when the gas chambers went into action.” Koestler ‘Bricks to Babel’. Dr Margaret Singer, ‘Six Conditions For Thought Reform’ – ‘The Perfect Cult’ (Isil) And, Baghdadi And, And, Science & Anthropology (‘love, bonding’, hormone)

Don’t forgive, or forget, the ‘peers’ that educated / taught us, and made us do the rubbish, lessons/morals, parts of – religion/sex disinformation/morals, at school, in 1950’s, 60’s, especially! It goes on today, but mostly, and only for a very unfortunate few; in the privacy of the home environment. Ignorance is no longer an excuse! Lab Ghosts conjured up by scientists, but they were all in the mind (the, ‘Holy One’) ‘Have you ever wondered if there is a god? Then this book is for you.When people talk about “Christian children”, “Muslim children”, or “Hindu children”, they usually mean children of Christian, Muslim or Hindu parents.But all people are born with a brain of their own’. Check out – ‘children following beliefs of their parents’ The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (Official) & ‘The Long Childhood’ Jacob Bronowski

You may not think  that you are being selfish, but you really are, and on a global (Global religious/ideological ‘Gullibility Index’) scale! Tony Blair, George Bush, Hamas leaders, so on… “It is unthinkable in the twentieth century (21st!) to fail to distinguish what constitutes an abominable atrocity that must be and what constitutes that past, which ought not to be stirred up! We have to condemn publicly, the very idea that some people have the right to suppress others. In keeping silent about evil, in burying so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it and it will rise up again a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby, ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations. It is for this reason and not because of the weakness of indoctrinational work that they are growing up indifferent. Young people (people in power) are acquiring the conviction that foul deeds are never punished on earth and that they always bring prosperity. It is going to be uncomfortable, horrible, to live in such a country!” An extract from, The Gulag Archipelago, Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn. Nobel Prize in Literature 1970. (The problem of evil is that it refuses to stay in its box marked, evil. It keeps on coming out to play Mr Nice Guy, or at least – Mr Average). Problem in our country is, “That this country is run by crazy people. Remember what they have to do to get where they are. Their perspective is so narrow…so brief. A few years. In the best of them a few decades. They only care about the time they are in power”. Carl Sagan, ‘Contact’. And, American Atheists – “Americans in the US are rallying together, launching a new TV programme and providing support for those who go public with their beliefs” I think, the writer chose the wrong word beliefs!

The Daily Telegraph, Tuesday, December 6, 1932. Note, ‘Reds Under The Beds’!


002 (2)

Pretty boy faces, bling eyes, a ‘pushy’ and ‘over the top’ confident demeanour, specially trained, in the art of politics – (Public School). Why do we (always) get fooled again, and again, voting for, ‘big party, big money, politicians’, in our regions; for people we don’t know, and will never do, and never have, done any of us much good? Sanctions, against Russia, what a fiasco! And, the, ‘Rotten Borough’, of Rotherham, and others, no doubt, to, ‘Dorset’, and to the, ‘Westminster Parliament’ – ‘shoot them all in the foot’ – “The UK is “deeply elitist” according to an analysis of the backgrounds of more than 4,000 business, political, media and public sector And, “A record five million UK workers are now in low-paid jobs, research from a think tank suggests. Those earning less than two thirds of median hourly pay – equivalent to £7.69 an hour – rose by 250,000 to 5.2m last year, the Resolution Foundation said”

“Modern humans and Neanderthals co-existed in Europe 10 times longer than previously thought, a study suggests. The most comprehensive dating of Neanderthal bones and tools ever carried out suggests that the two species lived side-by-side for up to 5,000 years”

“Documentary which follows six scientists during the launch of the Large Hadron Collider, marking the start of the biggest and most expensive experiment in human history”. Super Symmetry or Multi-verse, which is it – indications is that the Higgs Boson does both at ‘120’ or so…?

On, Portland, we all should visit! “Life is a cosmic rarity. Though we have looked into the far reaches of space, it is here on Earth that all known life is to be found. The totality of this glittering web of life is known as ‘biodiversity’. We are a part of it, depend upon it in our every endeavour. But it is now under great threat”. Very slight adjustments, from whatever source, could be our species (life on Earth) total demise – like 99% of all living things (past). Edward O Wilson, visiting the UK, said “He has no problem with religion, just the (blind faith, creation stories, and the like…) faith and belief in it. Richard Dawkins is more a journalist than a (pure) scientist, but he has no (particular) disagreement with him. Next overall ideology of humankind, is now (somewhat) and will be ‘Scientific Philosophy’ for all!”

Going in the wrong direction, ‘inadvertently’ –  (In a cramped living room in southern Turkey, a 13-year-old boy is training to join Islamic State. As he welcomes us in, he appears a regular, happy-looking child: his hair is ruffled, his smile beaming, he wears a grey, hooded sweater. But as we sit down to talk, he heads next door to change, returning in a black balaclava and military-style camouflage top. He wants to be known as “Abu Hattab”.) – How interesting! Can we (all) easily relate to this 13 yr old boy, when we were young?, we were all a captive audiences (mostly, at our schools, by a ‘strong authority’) for ‘indoctrinated superstition’, repetitive Lords Prayers, and the meal time ‘repetitive’ Graces. “You can’t be a member of my School Class, unless you believe in God, and some dreadful, very silly, powerfully administered, compulsory, in-doctrinal, ‘Assembly Lectures’, all with the ‘smatterings’ of (some) Nationalism, even, Royalism’s. Seems to be, a, ‘Then (as) Is Now’, scenario, for all kids in the UK – Shame on the UK for its ‘Faith Schools’ addiction, they are supposed to be the best schools, but sometime it is imperative to make the jump to Scientific Philosophy ref, Edward O Wilson.

“The war in Iraq; the broken commitments; the expenses scandal, (banking fraud) and the more recent “Sexminster” allegations have created an impression in some people’s minds that MPs’ sole purpose in life is to deceive voters, pick the public pocket and sleep with their assistants”

Stunning! What we should be doing as ‘Humankind’ – exploring, instead of making stupid wars, and building political and financial barriers! I notice that all the churches, the ‘great and good’ are still in the ‘dark ages’, using the term ‘Mankind’ at ‘our’ Remembrance Services, yesterday –

Reasonable things just don’t work! “For me, it is so reasonable to assume that the photons in those experiments carry with them programs, which have been correlated in advance, telling them how to behave. This is so rational that I think that when Einstein saw that, and the others refused to see it, he was the rational man. The other people, although history has justified them, were burying their heads in the sand. (for ages, 20 years plus) … So for me, it is a pity that Einstein’s idea doesn’t work. The reasonable thing just doesn’t work”

Can’t do the yoga positions, now, but can still sit with my eyes closed. Doctors say its (Yoga) really good for you Why don’t we have time for ourselves (or any others)? No more room on ‘Our Shelves’ – modern communication and complexities. Got to, ‘Go Back To The Garden’ (Joni Mitchell), at sometime, I think – The ‘Quantum World’, where things are only their/there, when we look at them, weird The ‘Quantum World’, where things are only their / there, when we look at them, weird! A ‘Spiritual Healer’ @ And, “Physicist Jim Al-Khalili routinely deals with the strangest subject in all of science – quantum physics, the astonishing and perplexing theory of sub-atomic particles. But now he’s turning his attention to the world of nature. Can quantum mechanics explain the greatest mysteries in biology? His first encounter is with the robin. This familiar little bird turns out to navigate using one of the most bizarre effects in physics – quantum entanglement, a process which seems to defy common sense. Even Albert Einstein himself could not believe it. Jim finds that even the most personal of human experiences – our sense of smell – is touched by ethereal quantum vibrations. According to the latest experiments, it seems that our quantum noses are listening to smells. Jim then discovers that the most famous law of quantum physics – the uncertainty principle – is obeyed by plants and trees as they capture sunlight during the vital process of photosynthesis. Finally, Jim asks if quantum physics might play a role in evolution. Could the strange laws of the sub-atomic world, which allow objects to tunnel through impassable barriers in defiance of common sense, effect the mechanism by which living species evolve?” And,

1932 – A Joke.

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Some: ‘Old’ & ‘New’ (writings) @ Daddy’s Space ‘The Gutter Or The Stars’.

I don’t think any ‘aliens’ would take up the offer, but I could be wrong!

utm_source=browser&utm_medium=aplication_chrome&utm_campaign=chrome Also the ‘great’ alien explorer of the universe/cosmos

Alien Baptism! “Pope Francis would welcome Martians to the church”. Note, ‘The problem of evil is that it refuses to stay in its box marked evil. It keeps on coming out to play ‘Mr Nice Guy’, or at least, ‘Mr Average’ ‘The Gulag Archipelago’ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Superb TV –…/the-search-for-life-the-drake…BBC iPlayer – The Search for Life: The Drake Equation – Signed
Film about the equation used to estimate the number of extra-terrestrial civilisations.
  • E (energy)=M (matter) xC (speed of light) squared i.e, Cx2 – The two (above) equations, probably, the most important cosmological ones, I can think of. ‘The Republic Of Plato’ Chapter X1X p,184, 1941 Edition ( Philodoxical – ‘Mankind’ or ‘Humankind’)“But what of those who contemplate the realities themselves as they are for ever in the same unchanging state? (regarded as static in Plato’s time) Shall we not say that they have, not mere belief, but knowledge”? “That too follows”. “And, further, that their affections goes out to the objects of knowledge, whereas the others set their affections on the objects of belief; for it was they, you remember, who had a passion for the spectacle of beautiful colours and sounds, but would not hear of beauty being a real thing”.“I remember”.“So we may fairly call them lovers of belief rather than that of wisdom – not philosophical, in fact, but ‘philodoxical’ (now, philological?). Will they be seriously annoyed by that description”? “Not if they will listen to my advice. No one ought to take offence at the truth”.The Four Stages Of Cognition. Highest to the lowest. ‘The Structuralised Levels of Consciousness’, or, ‘The Structuralized Levels of Consciousness’. Ref, ‘The Proper Structuralised View of the World’, or, ‘The Proper Structuralized View of the World’ Erich Fromm. And, ‘The Structural World View’ Dawkins.

    Ofsted, SACRE, NASACRE – Education For ‘Extremism’ In The UK – A National Disgrace, “Dispatches goes undercover to question the role of faith communities in our schools. The programme hears from those at the heart of the ‘Trojan Horse’ controversy in Birmingham, and films undercover in a primary school where clapping and whistling are described as ‘satanic’ practices. But this is an issue that isn’t just about Islam; elsewhere Dispatches uncovers a network of illegal schools where more than 1000 boys are being taught suspicion of the outside world, and the only subject is religion” And,

    Getting, on the ‘route’ to a ‘Progressive Family Philosophy’; the way for your children, as they grow up, from the ‘State Indoctrinated Religion’: especially, in our Nursery Education, to that of Humanism (atheism & secularism) The “Playground” For Faith and Belief. Religion UK. ‘The War for Children’s Minds’ Stephen Law – “Pupils are not being protected from extremist views at a Birmingham school named in the Trojan Horse inquiry, according to leaked Ofsted reports. Golden Hillock School in Sparkhill was described as inadequate by inspectors. Another leaked report claims the governing body at Saltley School “paid private investigators to interrogate the emails of senior staff”. Ofsted began inspections after claims that hard-line Muslims were trying to take over Birmingham schools. The inquiry has sparked a government row in Cabinet between ministers about how extremism in schools is handled” ‘We are (all) in the UK Cultural Christians’ Richard Dawkins – My opinion, ‘So long, as it is not done, with (captured/compulsory) ‘great authority’, as in, our ‘State Religion’ in UK Schools/Churches/Homes. Lots of time, when ‘grown up’ to realize, all is, ‘mostly bunkum and deceit’, the (psycho) shock shouldn’t be too bad, for anyone; it is when not realised, by some people, and authorities, that it can cause so much trouble, or taken in, ‘a light hearted manner’: tepid enthusiasm, maybe, is the answer’. “Richard Dawkins: Telling kids about Christmas could damage them, claims Richard Dawkins (Daily Mail)”. Lots, of his ‘stuff’ is taken out of context, for sensation, mostly, his books, if you read them, are (scientifically) quite brilliant! What is really damaging, and is potentially so very dangerous, are this lot, of our own ‘home grown extremists’ – too many have died already! And, “I wonder what we shall learn about the curriculum. Was evolutionary biology taught? Were any dancing or singing classes allowed? Were classes sexually segregated, with girls at the back, not allowed to ask questions? How were non-Muslim teachers, parents and pupils treated? Were there cultural exchange visits to Mecca and did these exclude non-Muslim pupils? Were religious education classes on Christianity contrived specially for external visitors. We have now become accustomed, unfortunately, to the painful discovery that children were abused in the state system – in some schools, hospitals, children’s homes. When these things are exposed, we all agree how disgraceful it was that the authorities turned a blind eye. The danger from Islamist extremism is comparable. It too is an abuse of children, and yet we still dare not face it” And, And, My own @ How appalling, and terrible, even, terrifying at times, it must be, to bring up a secular, and humanist family; with Britain’s (UK) (past, ‘heritage and tradition’, this in itself, pretty appalling; hopefully, now, is the beginning, of the ending of [fundamentalist] Religious School Ethoses, Faith Schools and Church Schools, in ‘The Playground For Faith And Belief UK / GB’). I know so personally, from my children, being threatened, with, ‘if they both, the twins, did not believe in ‘God’ (Christian) that ‘they could not be a ‘member’ of, their present School Class: the one Class that they were so devoted to’; heartbreaking, at that young time, they are older now, and so am I. Unfortunately the UK / GB is still growing up (slowly), as they have had a very big shock. “A culture of fear and intimidation has taken grip” in Birmingham schools caught up in the Trojan Horse claims, says Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw. Head teachers have been “marginalised or forced out of their jobs”, said Sir Michael, as he delivered his findings on claims of hard-line Muslim takeovers. The Ofsted chief said there was evidence of an “organised campaign to target certain schools”  They are at it again, in your/children’s ‘playground’ SACRE! ‘The’ Philosophy, if you like Appalling, ‘brainwashing’ of our children, ‘The school taught Accelerated Christian Education (ACE), a curriculum imported from the USA, which is taught in about 50 independent schools across the UK’ – 50 schools are signed up to this ‘rubbish’ in Britain Creationism (Creation Myths, taught as a real fact) in ‘Science Lessons’ to be made illegal in Britain UK  Humanism / Atheism, to be included all schools, as an alternative to religion, for, to include, ‘non-believers as equals’, by Law – about time! And, “The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) is holding a “replenishment” summit in Brussels on 25 June, where it will ask world leaders to provide funds for another four years. It has become one of the most influential international education organisations – channelling billions of dollars from more than 20 donor countries to support education systems in 59 developing countries. Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia and now chairwoman of the GPE, will be pressing the message that it is enlightened self-interest to invest in education. Her “hard-headed argument” will be that anyone who is serious about wanting to promote economic growth and to tackle extremism should start by building classrooms and training teachers”

    “In the modern world of drones (mechanical killing, with a less than 2% success rate, the 98% are civilians, women, and children) nuclear warheads, and the huge growing apparatus of destruction, peace is a necessity for humanity. The people of the world rightly want peace, but the United States and its allies will simply not allow it” And, “It is a more general uprising by large groupings of disaffected communities throughout north-western Iraq and a product of years of social exclusion, poor governance and corruption by the Iraqi government.

    Iraqi volunteers wearing their new uniforms on 16 June 2014 in the central Shiite Muslim Shrine city of KarbalaISIS militants have consistently out-performed more established military forces in IraqOn the military front, the key giveaway is the relatively strong performance of Isis militants against more established military forces. Officials I have spoken to in the Kurdish Peshmerga forces have indicated that the level of training is high and that their own forces have at times struggled to hold key positions around the city of Kirkuk. “For the most part we’ve been able to hold our positions, but it hasn’t been easy. They [Isis] are well armed and well trained,” one Kurdish security official told me on Tuesday. And, Or, our countries UK GB ‘clubtocracy’ – This must make you really ‘sick’, to your heart; children, living in an area scared out of their minds (and without this toy), playing with this doll (the plastic face peels down to reveal a frightening, middle-ages type ‘demon’), and for you/me, to even, possibly, think again, when an/the ‘Election’ comes around, most people, wont though. So, we/you have paid for the War in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in ‘Other Theatres’, some with their lives; trusted our Governments, and not ‘thrown’ them out, even after Snowdon’s and all the Wiki-leaks revelations. Sat-back, and not caused any real trouble. Seen most of our ‘countries wealth’ go to bailing out the ‘gambling bankers’ – this beats the lot – the ‘Osama Doll’ ‘On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin remarks on the CIA’s ridiculous plan to work with toy-maker Hasbro to create a Bin Laden action figure with a removable demon face”…/breakin…/167468-bin-laden-democracy-cia/
    “There is a new class of planet out there that astronomers are calling the “mega-Earth”. It is an object with a hard surface like our own world but much, much bigger. The necessity for the new designation follows the discovery of a planet which has a mass some 17 times that of Earth. Known as Kepler-10c, it orbits a star about 560 light-years away. Scientists described its properties at an American Astronomical Society meeting in Boston”

    “Some 23 million light years away, a nearby spiral galaxy is spinning like a pinwheel in space, putting on a fireworks display of truly galactic proportions. The galaxy NGC 4258 (also known as Messier 106 or M 106) is much like our galaxy, with the addition of two extra spiral arms that glow in X-ray, optical and radio light. These features, rather than aligning with the galactic plane, intersect with it, giving it an anomalous shape”

  • Objects States of Mind
    The Good!
    Intelligible World Forms Knowledge*
    Mathematical objects Thinking
    Visible Things Belief
    World Of Appearances Imagining
    *”The Being of Platonic philosophy – except that Plato seems to have made the enormous, the grotesque mistake of separating Being from becoming, and identifying it with the mathematical abstraction of the Idea” (‘poor fellow’)” Huxley. (Becoming human is a process, not some event.) And, Tolstoy – “As soon as man reaches the highest degree of development (in Tolstoy’s case it was just 32 years of age), he sees that all is bunkum and deceit; and that the truth, which he values above all, is terrible: that when you look at it well and clearly you awake with horror”.

    Who, and whom, we all should be ‘boycotting’ – Lets all, ‘boycott’, to bring in ‘Inclusive Capitalism’ – ‘We do have the power, we just have to use it’ – “In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss all systems fail due to too big to jail as the governor of the Bank of England claims jailing banksters won’t stop them from committing crimes in the future. Max also tells John Kerry to get his swift boat out. In the second half, Max interviews investment activist, Ronnie Moas, about the six companies in the S&P500 that he is blacklisting”. Also, If you/we haven’t the time; just a quick read will do. Spread it around!  RT – and its ‘short-cut’: the very best news service, with some really amazing, and young reporters that are outside the ‘club-tocracy’ and the ghastly current ‘klept-tocracy’, of the UK, Euro-land, USA, and so on… At last, and some fun news. Left to hang; Y fronts required, or ‘fair game’, for the ‘purity-leaguers’? And, ” The policy of the emperors and the senate, as far as it concerned religion, was happily seconded by the ‘reflections of the enlightened’, and by the habits of the superstitious part of their subjects. The various modes of worship which prevailed in the Roman world were all considered by the people as equally true; by the philosopher as equally false; and by the magistrate as equally useful. And thus toleration produced not only mutual indulgence, but even religious concord”. Edward Gibbon, ‘The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire’.

    “A new theory suggests that our male ancestors evolved beefy facial features as a defence against fist fights. The bones most commonly broken in human punch-ups also gained the most strength in early “hominin” evolution. They are also the bones that show most divergence between males and females. The paper, in the journal Biological Reviews, argues that the reinforcements evolved amid fighting over females and resources, suggesting that violence drove key evolutionary changes” And, “Diet has been suggested as one of the reasons for the Neanderthals’ extinction, some 30-40,000 years ago. As meat-eaters, the explanation goes, they were out-competed by the more adaptable Homo sapiens”

    “A scientist who predicted the Higgs boson – and another who helped to find it – have been knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list. Prof Tom Kibble of Imperial College London was one of six researchers whose work in the 1960s led to the eventual discovery of the Higgs. The elusive particle was finally detected in 2012 at Cern by two giant experiments – Atlas and CMS. CMS was designed by Prof Tejinder Jim Virdee, also of Imperial”

    ‘Huge amounts of water found under the Earth’s mantle’

    ‘In The Garden – A Moth On A Wild Patch. My Reply To A (younger) Lady – A Date Declined’. “Oh no; completely, utterly, heartbroken. And, I’m an ‘old-hippie’, as well; willing to run off, into a “patch” of wildness. I must get some much better credentials, but I’m, probably, barking (mad – it’s the ‘blooming’ time of year, is it not?) up the wrong tree. For a most ‘attractive lady’ (that will do me know good), maybe, ‘bright lady’ (could help). You have no sympathy, for pathetic, boring, old gits; like all the ‘young ones’ (that could help: a lot!). A new poem by Dylan Thomas, has just been found; the master of bawdy-ness, emotion, and love. Amelia and Christopher, think poetry boring, aren’t they doing any ‘good stuff’ at School, at least something to stir their blood – how very silly schools are (today). The Greeks, were really great, at my Prep School, with all those suitors being murdered, so on…, suppose, it’s not really, quite, PC today. Might, end up with them challenging the status quo; like we (all) did, in the 1960’s. Or, Plato (4th Century BC?); ‘corrupting’ the youth of Athens, no mean feat, in those times, and in Athens. Mediocrity, and conformity; the ‘enemies of all mankind’. The Government, wants our schools to follow, all the awful ghastliness of the schools in China, and some of the dreadful Asian schools – the last ‘bloody’ thing we want, but the kids won’t revolt – mine are ‘completely stuck’; so very saddening. Try And And, My comment – All our kids, turning to the ‘right’, ‘towing the line’ and Status-quo, of ‘government propaganda’, true, or false; to survive (demo’s, are out) – how pathetic, for our generation, to behold; but so very much easy/easier for parents, and for now: how long will this/it last? Conservative youth, Y Generation, and, Kirsty Walk BBC News Night

    The Summer Solstice at Stonehenge GB, UK – Any one else going? Off your asses, all you ‘young parents’? We are leaving at 2.30 am, Sunrise at 4.50 am, perfect weather, for (us) heathens/sun worshippers, and Pagans. Taking cameras, and a bunch of teenagers; how exciting! Notes – Latest science – 9,000 yrs ago (they) started building on the Stonehenge site, then BC 2,300-1,900 as a principal (healing) attraction for the people of Europe and possibly much further afield; blue stones, the small ones, could be chipped (with permission from the ‘guards’, one possible young thief, was found with several arrow marks on his skeleton, and buried with 3 blue stone amulets, around 2,000BC) to make (healing) amulets. Why? “In every primitive (anthropological anomie/anomy – anomic, bricoleurs or Bricolage and pre-logical) tribe we find the medicine man in the centre of society and it is easy to show that the medicine man (sometimes: a leader, politician, doctor, celebrity, or royal, or as; the ‘archer’s’ body and came from the Alps, uncovered at Stonehenge, he recovered from a nasty tooth abscess, was close to death, thus; could show ‘others’ the way to healing; he was buried with the ‘full honours’, with some beautiful grave goods, maybe, people with deformities, could hold the same power over others – ‘one who knows what is best for all others’) is either, a neurotic or a psychotic or at least that his art is based on the same mechanisms as a neurosis or a psychosis. Human groups are actuated by their group ideals, and these are always based on the infantile situation. The infancy situation is modified or inverted by the process of maturation, again modified by the necessary adjustment to reality, yet it is there and supplies those unseen libidinal ties without which no human groups could exist. The medicine men are the leaders in this infantile game and the lightning conductors of common anxiety. They fight the demons so that others can hunt the pray and in general fight reality.” Dr Geza Roheim, ‘The Origin and Function of Culture’. And, the progress/history of humankind – 1) Episodic Stage – Primate cognition 2) Mimetic Stage – 4 million to 400,000 years (peaking with Homo erectus) 3) Mythic Stage – first use of complex language – 500,000 years to the present (peaking with Homo sapiens) 4) Material Symbolic Stage. Leslie White recognised this as defining the ‘importance in human culture’ (icons of religious faith, amongst the many other symbols) 5) Theoretic Stage. Donald calls this ‘institutionalised paradigmatic thought’ (writing – ‘massive external memory storage’). A better and more detailed explanation can be found in Colin Renfrew’s fascinating book ‘Prehistory’. Writing this to try and clarify it in my own mind, as it must be (and in my great ignorance), the ground breaking formation of a basis (and) origin for (all our own) leaning! – stunning! ‘Lucy’ our ancestor – at more than 3 million yrs, ago. And, “Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss the Sun. The object that gives the Earth its light and heat is a massive ball of gas and plasma 93 million miles away. Thanks to the nuclear fusion reactions taking place at its core, the Sun has been shining for four and a half billion years. Its structure, and the processes that keep it burning, have fascinated astronomers for centuries” With, Carolin Crawford-Gresham Professor of Astronomy and Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Yvonne Elsworth-Poynting Professor of Physics at the University of Birmingham. Louise Harra-Professor of Solar Physics at UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory. Producer: Thomas Morris.

    Charles Williams's photo.
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Wake Up! ‘Reptilian Brain Theory’; ‘Reptilian Society’; ‘Reptilian Government’; ‘Reptilian Religion’; ‘Reptilian Groups’; ‘Reptilian Culture’?

‘The Reptilian’s Pacts’ (Humans Species). ‘Wake Up!’ And, The ‘great’ Carl Sagan (‘The Demon Haunted World’); his ashes were sprinkled into Space! And, Dr Timothy Leary a hero of my generation. “Seven grams of Leary’s ashes were arranged by his friend at Celestis to be buried in space aboard a rocket carrying the remains of 24 others including Gene Roddenberry (creator of Star Trek), Gerard O’Neill (space physicist), and Krafft Ehricke (rocket scientist). A Pegasus rocket containing their remains was launched on April 21, 1997, and remained in orbit for six years until it burned up in the atmosphere”. ‘Will you be a chosen one’? And, Superb TV (Carl Sagan SETI)

‘Living In A Dream Bubble’.  “The oldest known survivor of the Nazi Holocaust, Alice Herz-Sommer, has died in London at the age of 110. Born into a Jewish family in Prague in 1903, Ms Herz-Sommer spent two years in a Nazi concentration camp in Terezin”.

Looking forward to the ‘School Lecture’, given by, Prof Richard Overy, tonight, who has written many books on the WWII Holocaust. Were the Germans ‘involved’, driven by ‘ideology’, and were they; ‘only, just, ordinary people’; like you, and I? How did they keep on killing, and at ‘close quarters’, not, over just a few days, but week, after week, year, on year (for some); keeping up daily, this horrendous moment-on! The/his angle on this all, and the motivation for killing; from the Historians, and the Psychologists, point of view! I hope that he includes the Anthropologists; in all this ‘hard work’; and to the many, who do, and very much prefer, to live behind the ‘veils of illusion’; about our very own species genealogy that did come off the ‘human evolutionary line’, from the Reptiles, more than a few hundreds of millions of years, ago!

Brilliant, I can’t get this documentary out of my mind! Over, half of our family, wiped out, or damaged; like many other family’s. Disaster, for years after it, when they (the people) were all promised so much! A very ‘dodgy’ world, we live in, we had better make the most of today, as tomorrow, could (easily be, suddenly) a complete disaster! The little problems in our lives, pale to insignificance, (again, for me) after watching this prog! Notes (whilst, I have some time): ‘Miligram Test’; Don Mclean ‘Reptillian Brain Theory’; ‘Veil of Illusion’, Amartya Sen ‘The Violence of Illusion’; ‘Mirror Neurons’ & ‘The Emerging Mind’ Vilayanur Ramachandran. ‘The Long Childhood’, in the ‘Ascent of Man’ BBC series, Jacob Bronowski; Margaret Singer ‘The Six Conditions for Thought Reform’; ‘Reality Check’ & ‘Update & Blogroll’, luckyme0, www.charleslizzy.com And, ‘The Global Gullibility Index’. “The peninsula of Crimea in southern Ukraine is at the centre of what is being seen as the biggest crisis between Russia and the West since the Cold War. Troops loyal to Russia have taken control of the region and the pro-Russian parliament has voted to join the Russian Federation, to be confirmed in a referendum” For some ‘greater’ information at RT TV

Bored (leaders), with the ‘failure’ of the Euro (15 yr old promises broken, of prosperity and wealth, for ordinary people, and full employment); bored with the failure of USA’s foreign policy, and the ‘rip-off’ banking crisis and lack of ‘face’; failure of the world-wide (government’s) ‘youth un-employment policy’, leading to ‘far right’, or left-wing gangs, ‘Hitler Youth’s’, or the, ‘equivalents’; Bored, with corruption, and non-payment of tax, by the ‘multi-nationals’, and the hoarding of wealth in ‘Sovereign Funds’ by a few; bored by inequality and the picking on the vulnerable, as an excuse, for ‘Austerity’s Policy’s’.
‘War Never Changes And Young Gentlemen Forget’ – ”In that cavalry mess I heard queer conversations. Those officers belonged to the old families of England, the old caste of aristocracy, but the foul outrage of the war, the courage against all ideals of civilization had made them think; some of them for the first time, about the structure of social life and of the human family. They hated Germany, as the direct cause of war, but they looked deeper than that and saw how the leaders of all great nations in Europe had maintained the philosophy of force, and had built up hatreds and fears, and alliances, over the heads of the people’s whom they inflamed with passion or duped lies. “The politicians are the guilty ones”, said one cavalry officer. “I am all for revolution after the bloody massacre. I would hang all politicians, diplomats, and so-called statesmen with strict impartiality”. “I’m for the people”, said another. “The poor bloody people who are kept in ignorance and then driven into the shambles, when their rulers desire to grab some new part of the earth’s surface or to get their armies going because they are bored with peace”. “What price Christianity?” Asked another, inevitably. “What have the Churches done to stop war or preach the Gospel of Christ? The Bishop of London, the Archbishop of Canterbury, all those conventional, patriotic, cannon-blessing, banner baptising humbugs. God! They make me tired”! The Same Words – Strong words to hear in a cavalry mess! Strange turmoil in the souls of men! They were the same words I heard from the ‘London Boys’ in Ypres (slang -“Wipers” 1914-18 World War 1) spoken just as crudely! But, many young gentlemen, who spoke those words have already forgotten them, or would deny them”. ‘Realities of War’ Philip Gibbs, Volume 1, P.244. WW1 WAS STARTED FOR A LOT LESS THAN THIS!, Marching towards a Third World War?

‘The battles of this century are less likely to be the product of extreme political ideology – like those of the 20th century – but they could easily be fought around the questions of cultural or religious difference.’ Tony Blair, 25 January 2014 – “The US Strategic Command, the agency responsible for country’s nuclear arsenal, will hold large-scale war games this week that will include 10 B-52 Stratofortresses and up to six B-2 Spirit bombers, along with other military and government agencies. The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is a long-range, subsonic, jet-powered strategic bomber built to carry nuclear weapons”. Just what we don’t want, or need (at this time). This lot, playing silly-buggers, with us, and others, in NATO; including the Germans. The Eastern Ukrainians don’t like the Germans, with fire-power, at all, and with some very good reasons. Most Germans, don’t want this either, nor do most people, with very good reasons too. Stupidly, we are ‘upping the anti’, because our leaders are ‘bored’ (failures). Failure at home UK, with the EU (German, dominated) policy – UKIP likely to win the coming elections, too.

Am I a ‘safe citizen’? I maybe not, but I know a few? Hitler (Nazis) banned this book, you can see why! Something, I have been reading – Getting, fed up and tired out, with all the ‘power politics’? The News, in general? Life, even? ‘Go back to the Garden’, at least, in your mind, and with a very good book, of any sort. ‘ On the first days of these new wanderings, the first greedy tumult of new-won freedom, Goldmund had to learn all over again to live the homeless, timeless life of the roads. The homeless live the lives of valiant children, obeying none, their only lord the changing sky, with no aim before them, and no roof over them, owning nothing, ready for any hazard – their beggarly and stalwart lives. The are Adam’s sons, who was turned forth, and brothers of the innocent beasts. From the hand of God, from hour to hour, they take whatever He may send them, sun, rain, mist, snow, heat or cold, famine or bellyful, and never notice how time goes, or consider the future, or man’s history. For them there is no striving to be great; they have no knowledge of that strange idol called well-being to which the owners cling so fervently. A vagrant may be savage or gentle, skilled in his life or slow to cope with it, valiant or cowardly, he is a child. He lives for ever in the Garden before the coming of wars and cities, his steps guided on for ever by a few simple needs and longings. Cunning or slow of mind; feeling in the depth of his heart how brittle and fugitive is all life, how meagely and fearfully living things carry their spark of warmth through the icy universe; or else a poor gluttonous simpleton going in the wake of his gnawing belly – either of these is the deep implacable enemy and deadly rival of safe citizens. They dread him as they dread to be reminded of the running away of all that is, the eternal withering out of warmth and joy into chill inescapable death, which lives in the air and eats up all men’. ‘Narziss and Goldmund’, Hermann Hesse (1877-1962).

“Finding a virus still capable of infecting its host after such a long time is still pretty astounding – but just how long other viruses could remain viable in permafrost is anyone’s guess. It will depend a lot on the actual virus. I doubt they are all as robust as this one. “He added (Prof Claverie): “We freeze viruses in the laboratory to preserve them for the future. If they have a lipid envelope – like flu or HIV, for example – then they are a bit more fragile, but the viruses with an external protein shell – like foot and mouth and common cold viruses – survive better”

Have you been to, or even, thinking, of sending your children, to a Prep School; Public School; Separating; Divorcing; Living on your own, so on?.., maybe, think hard about it. Have some ‘back up’ hydrocortisone, or get tested; later in life, up to 60 years later; when you really might not feel so good!
“We are social creatures. Cortisol has also been linked to various types of separation. One widely studied form of separation is maternal separation. Following maternal separation, there is a significant increase in cortisol among both the mother and the infant. These changes are due to dysfunctions in the Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis during a critical period in childhood. One study found that cortisol levels significantly decreased in peer-reared Rhesus monkeys in comparison to mother-reared monkeys at the age of two years. This difference was significant at the mark of two years, and remained significant when tested again at three and a half years.[14] This study marks the importance of maternal care, showing that despite being raised by a large support group, Rhesus monkeys experience high increases in cortisol when raised without their mother.
These effects of maternal separation on cortisol also continue much later in life. One study which examined mid-aged men and women and found that separation lasting 1 or more years during childhood is associated with decreased levels of cortisol secretion, possibly symbolizing a diminished activity of the HPA axis.[15] Another study examined adults who were put in to foster care during World War II. Those separated from both of their parents had higher levels of cortisol in comparison to those who were not separated. These effects were seen more than 60 years after the childhood separation had occurred. This study also found that the length of separation did not affect hormonal responses. .[16]
These studies mark the importance of maternal care and its effect on cortisol levels not only during childhood separations, but also cortisol levels later in life. More research is needed in this area to be sure of the definite cause of different HPA axis functioning later in life. Also, future research is needed to be sure there is indeed a critical period for maternal separation and its resulting decrease in cortisol. .[15]
Aside from maternal separation, studies have found that increases in cortisol levels are also associated with romantic partner separations. These increases in cortisol were more commonly found when the partner who was left for a period of 4 to 6 days has a high attachment anxiety. This could be due to increased stress when their partner was away. But, further evidence is needed to identify the relationship between romantic separation and cortisol”. And,

‘Silly-Billies’, of the, ‘European Politico Class’, Vote UKIP

“The evidence for an “ocean” of water under the surface of Saturn’s moon Enceladus appears to be overwhelming. The little world has excited scientists ever since jets of icy material were seen squirting into space from a striped region at its south pole. Now, exquisite measurements using Nasa’s Cassini probe as it flew over the moon have allowed researchers to detect the water’s gravitational signal”

“Members of a group are more likely to lie after they inhale the “love hormone” oxytocin, a study has found. This hormone is known to be released during close bonding between groups, and mothers also release it during childbirth and breastfeeding. The results suggest that individuals in closely bonded groups are more likely to lie when it benefits the group than when it only benefits the individual”

Getting on with it, whatever that may be?

Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer spoke of the subject in 19th century: “And as the capacity for believing is strongest in childhood, special care is taken to make sure of this tender age. This has much more to do with the doctrines of belief taking root than threats and reports of miracles. If, in early childhood, certain fundamental views and doctrines are paraded with unusual solemnity, and an air of the greatest earnestness never before visible in anything else; if, at the same time, the possibility of a doubt about them be completely passed over, or touched upon only to indicate that doubt is the first step to eternal perdition, the resulting impression will be so deep that, as a rule, that is, in almost every case, doubt about them will be almost as impossible as doubt about one’s own existence.”—Arthur Schopenhauer, On Religion: A Dialogue. Several authors have been critical of religious indoctrination of children, such as Nicolas Humphrey,[4] Daniel Dennett[5] and Richard Dawkins.[6] Christopher Hitchens and Dawkins use the term child abuse to describe the harm that some religious upbringings inflict on children.[7][8] Dawkins has written a children’s book that seeks to convince them of what he deems to be the fallacy of various religious teachings[9] and states that he is angered by the labels – “Muslim child”, or, “Catholic child”. He asks how a young child can be considered intellectually mature enough to have such independent views on the cosmos and humanity’s place within it. By contrast, Dawkins points out, no reasonable person would speak of a “Marxist child”, or a “Tory child.”[7] He suggests there is little controversy over such labeling because of the, “weirdly privileged status of religion”. On several occasions Dawkins has also made the controversial claim that sexually abusing a child is “arguably less” damaging than “the long term psychological damage inflicted by bringing up a child Catholic in the first place”[7]  “The former national head of counter terrorism is to lead an inquiry into 25 Birmingham schools over allegations of a hard-line Islamist takeover plot. But the appointment of Peter Clarke, an ex-deputy assistant commissioner of the Met, was described as “desperately unfortunate” by the chief constable of West Midlands Police, Chris Sims. The Department for Education (DfE) has appointed Mr Clarke to review evidence. Birmingham City Council said it had more than 200 reports over its inquiry”

Easter Truth’s. Married life; what (very important) things men have to think about, such as: the latest discovery of a ‘look alike world’ billions of miles away; midnight ramblings with a wife or partner; the ‘late night conversations’ or ‘the early morning ones’, when (all) the kids are asleep, so on… “It is not surprising that husbands and wives seem so little part of one another. It is surprising that there is so much love as there is. For there is no food for it. What does it live upon – what nourishes it? Husbands and wives never seem to have anything to say to one another. What do they talk about? Not about any great religious, social (sexual), political questions or feelings. They talk about who shall come to dinner, who is to live in this lodge and who in that, about the improvement of the place, or when they shall go to London… But any real communion between husband and wife – any descending into the depths of their being, and drawing out thence what they find and comparing it – do we ever dream of such a thing? Yes, we may dream of it during the season of ‘passion’, but we shall not find it afterwards. We even expect it to go off, and lay our account that it will. If the husband has, by chance (or study), gone into the depths of his being, and found there anything unorthodox, he, oftenest, conceals it carefully from his wife (the rest of the world, in my own private opinion as well), – he is afraid of ‘unsettling’ her opinions”. Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) book called, ‘Cassandra’; not published at that time, as was advised, by her male friends. What have you found out, guys, but you can’t tell your wife (partner)? And, working on – “Why is thought, being a secretion in the brain, more wonderful than gravity and the property of matter? It is our arrogance…our admiration of ourselves” Charles Darwin (1809-1882).

Oh Dear! Corporate spies, means-testing depression, & self-UNemployed [E105]AFP Photo / APN

Afshin Rattansi goes underground in the booming sector of corporate surveillance. Journalist and comedian Mark Thomas discusses his personal experience of being spied on by one of the largest corporations in Britain, and the ‘domestic extremist’ …

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